What’s the Meaning of Mirror Breaking by Itself?

Breaking a mirror is considered bad luck, but what does it mean when a mirror breaks by itself? Will you also suffer bad luck from it? And what will you do with the broken mirror? Many superstitious beliefs come from mirrors, and there is always a meaning behind them. This article talks about the meaning of mirror breaking by itself. Read the rest of the post below for more information.

What’s the meaning of mirror breaking by itself? It is said that when a mirror breaks on its own, someone in the house will die soon. Others believe that if a mirror unexpectedly breaks without assistance, the owner of the mirror will lose his or her best friend. However, if a mirror suddenly falls to the ground but does not break, good luck will come.

As we go on, we will discuss why breaking a mirror is considered bad luck. We will also talk about how to reverse bad luck by breaking a mirror. Different cultures have different beliefs, and most of the superstitions about mirrors are about misfortune. Other than that, we will also discuss the scientific meaning of why a mirror breaks on its own.

What’s the meaning of mirror breaking by itself
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What Does it Mean When a Mirror Breaks?

Broken mirrors are always associated with bad luck. If a mirror falls from the wall and breaks on its own, it is said that someone in the house will die soon. However, it is not all about misfortune or death as some people believe that when a mirror breaks suddenly, a big threat or problem that was about to affect the family has now escaped.

Why is Breaking a Mirror Bad Luck?

If you break a mirror, it is said that you will suffer seven years of bad luck. This myth started with the Romans who believed that the soul regenerates every seven years. Hence, when you break a mirror, you will have to wait for a new soul to get rid of the bad luck. If a mirror broke and your image was the last thing that is reflected, you will endure seven years of misfortune before the curse is lifted and your good luck is renewed.

This superstition also comes from ancient myths and philosophy. Before mirrors are created, it is said that all the reflections of humans including in ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water were part of one’s self and represented the soul. When these images are observed, any distortions or movements could result in a bad omen. When mirrors were created, superstition led to the belief that breaking the mirror by purpose or accident can cause bad luck. You can also check out this article about broken mirror symbolism for more information.

What’s the Meaning of Mirror Breaking by Itself
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How to Reverse Bad Luck from Breaking a Mirror?

Do not throw away the broken mirror but turn it into a fine powder. This will prevent the mirror to show any reflections, then get rid of the powdered mirror shards under a full moon. Another method that you can easily do and does not include grinding mirrors is to spin around three times in a counter-clockwise direction to confuse the spirits, giving you time to escape, and reverse the hex.

Below are some of the ways to reverse bad luck from breaking a mirror.


Throwing salt over your shoulder is said to reverse bad luck from breaking a mirror. In some cultures, salt is considered a symbol of good luck. If you broke a mirror, you should throw a handful of salt over your left shoulder using your right hand. Make sure to throw the salt over your left shoulder as it is said that throwing it on the right shoulder can cause more bad luck.


It is believed that using one of the pieces of broken mirrors to see how the moon is reflected into it can get rid of bad luck. It should be done on the first full moon after you have broken the mirror and is believed to lower bad luck

What’s the Meaning of Mirror Breaking by Itself
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Another way to get rid of bad luck is to use gemstones or amulets. Wearing them will ward off bad luck and protect you from incidents like the breaking of a mirror. Some of the most popular charms that are used today are four-leaf clovers, gemstones, rabbit’s tails, and horseshoes.

How Do You Fix a Cracked Mirror?

There are many ways to fix a cracked mirror depending on the type and severity of the crack. If there is a minor crack, you can repair it. On the other hand, if there are many cracks in the mirror, you should replace it to avoid accidents. To repair minor cracks, you can use a repair kit that includes resin adhesive and a stabilizer. You can always get in touch with a professional to repair your mirror.

Is Cracking a Mirror the Same as Breaking It?

When you crack a mirror, it is considered as accidentally breaking it and you will suffer seven years of bad luck according to superstition. You might have accidentally hit the mirror with your hand and as it fell to the ground, it does not shatter but there are cracks. If this happens, you will need to practice the methods that we have shared above on how to remedy or ward off bad luck because cracking a mirror is still considered as breaking it. You can also check out this article that discusses what to do if a mirror is broken in a home. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

What’s the Meaning of Mirror Breaking by Itself
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What does it Mean When a Mirror Cracks on its Own?

One of the reasons why a mirror cracks on its own is that the mirror is old and has not been properly annealed. Aging can play a role in cracks that appears in the mirror. Also, the mirror glass can crack due to temperature changes. You need to immediately deal with the crack on the mirror because when exposed to cold or heat, the glass expands and contracts to make small cracks bigger. Call an expert to handle and repair the cracks immediately to prevent them from getting worse.

Why Does Glass Break Suddenly?

Spontaneous glass breakage is a phenomenon wherein a glass suddenly breaks without any apparent reason. This only occurs in tempered glass. This has nothing to do with spiritual beings or other supernatural occurrences. A glass suddenly breaks for many reasons which include minor damage to the edge of the tempered glass, or a small chip in the surface of the glass caused during transport or installation.

Video – Experts Explain When, Why Tempered Glass Can Randomly Explode

WMAR-2 News shared the video below on YouTube. It discusses why tempered glass can randomly explode. It has happened many times that a glass window or door suddenly breaks. Why and why does this happen? What is the reason for this? Watch the video below for an explanation from an expert.

What are the Causes Why a Mirror Crack or Breaks by Itself?

Stress, exposure to sunlight, impact, and clumsy hammering are some of the causes of why mirrors crack. Have you experienced a mirror in your house creaking or having cracks even if it does not fall into the ground? There are many causes why it can happen. Let us learn more about these causes below.


One of the common causes why a mirror cracks or breaks by itself is because of stress. This might be because the elasticity of the glass has been exceeded by some source of internal or external stress. The common cause of stress is a warped frame or impact.


A mirror can also break or crack without falling dues to impact. This type of crack happens when an object gets in contact with the mirror.

Accidental Hammering

Another common cause of mirror crack is accidentally hammering it in a brand to secure the mirror. This can be avoided by using flat framing points rather than brands or nails.


Too much exposure to sunlight can also cause the mirror to crack or break without falling. When the temperature changes, it will affect the mirror. For instance, if you have a mirror near the window that is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, it might one day crack because it can no longer tolerate extreme sunlight.

Can Temperature Crack or Break a Mirror?

Extreme heat and cold will break or crack a mirror. Take note that while mirrors are made to be sturdy, they can get affected by changes in the temperature. At specific temperature exposure, it can break.

Heat Temperature

A mirror that is exposed to extreme thermal variations can break or crack. Mirrors cannot handle extreme heat and they will get stressed and eventually crack.

Cold Temperature

When the temperature drops, mirrors become more brittle. As a result, they have a greater risk for cracks and breakages. Do not leave the mirror outdoors during the winter because it cannot handle the extreme cold and will easily break.

Should You Keep a Cracked Mirror at Home?

Never keep a cracked mirror at home because it does not only cause bad luck, it can also cause accidents. According to superstition, you should not throw broken mirrors away but you can grind them into a fine powder and get rid of them under the full moon. If you do not believe in superstition, you need to clean the area where the mirror breaks to remove shards. Tape the mirror together or wrap it in a cloth or trash bag before throwing it away. We have also shared this article on how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck. Read the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

What to Do When You Broke a Mirror?

If you broke a mirror, clean the area where it shattered immediately. Wear safety goggles and gloves when cleaning mirrors because the shards are sharp and can easily puncture your skin. Use a vacuum to remove small pieces of broken mirrors. Next, dispose of the mirror properly by wrapping it in a cloth or trash bag.

According to superstition, taking a piece of the broken mirror and gazing at the reflection of the full moon through it will ward off the seven years of bad luck caused by breaking the mirror. Other ways include grinding the mirror into a fine powder and taking a piece of the broken mirror and touching it into a tombstone. You can also check out this article titled, what to do if you break a mirror for more information.

Is a Mirror Breaking Good Luck?

Broken mirrors are said to be bad luck. According to superstition, you will suffer seven years of misfortune when you broke a mirror on purpose or accidentally. However, there are rituals that you can do to prevent bad luck. We have mentioned a few at the beginning of this article. On the other hand, breaking a mirror can also mean bad luck because you will have to clean the shattered fragments of glass on the floor and purchase a new mirror.


In this article, we have discussed the meaning of mirror breaking by itself. According to superstition, it can mean different things and most of them are bad. On the other hand, a mirror can break by itself due to old age and temperature changes. Either way, you will have to clean and get rid of the mirror. We have learned that eventually, mirrors break by themselves and the cause is not always supernatural. There is a phenomenon known as spontaneous glass breakage which explains why glass breaks suddenly without interference. Thank you for reading!

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