The Broken Mirror Symbolism

Are you wondering about the symbolism of the broken mirror? In this article, we will discuss what a broken mirror symbolizes. Some many beliefs and superstitions surround mirrors, and it is said that if you broke a mirror, you would suffer bad luck for seven years. Seeing a broken mirror in your dreams can also lead to different symbolism and meaning—the symbolism changes according to cultures, beliefs, and traditions. If you are the superstitious kind and want to know more about this topic, check out the rest of the article for more information.

What do broken mirrors symbolize? A broken mirror symbolizes misfortune, and you will suffer seven years of bad luck. This originates from the ancient Roman belief that it took seven years for life to renew itself. If the person looking into the mirror has bad health, their image would break the mirror and experience bad luck for seven years. After seven years, the curse would end, their life would be renewed, and their body would be physically rejuvenated.

Physically, mirrors reflect light. Hence, they reflect the world around us. Spiritually, light has a symbolic attachment to awareness, illumination, and wisdom. When it comes to spiritual symbolism, mirrors reflect the truth. They have many facets, so they have many variations of the symbolization process. What does a broken mirror symbolize spiritually? Why are mirrors symbolic? Is there any connection between the soul and the mirror? These are some of the questions that we will talk about in this article. We hope it will help you learn more about broken mirrors and what they symbolize.

The Broken Mirror Symbolism
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What Does a Broken Mirror Symbolize Spiritually?

Spiritually, a mirror symbolizes spiritual reflection. The spiritual mirror reflects the consequences of both positive and negative actions. It is said to reflect the life that a person creates. Ancient Romans believed that mirrors have special powers and can catch a part of a person’s soul. This superstition comes from the fact that a person sees their face in reflecting the mirrors. The eyes, which are believed to be the windows of the soul, are also reflected.

If you break a mirror, a part of your soul will remain trapped inside that mirror. Ancient Romans also believed that it takes seven years for a human soul to renew itself. Hence, if a part of your soul remains trapped inside the broken mirror, you will have to spend seven years without it.

What Does a Broken Mirror Symbolize in Literature?

In literature, mirrors are often used to symbolize the truth about something because a reflection cannot be changed. They are often symbols and carriers of truth and reflect what the truth is. You can find many magic mirrors in literature, from the ancient tale of Narcissus, who fell in love with himself by looking at this reflection in a pool of water, to the Queen in the story of Snow White, who had a magic mirror.

Why is Mirror Symbolic?

In the past, mirrors have been used for many purposes, from being a medium to tell the future to performing magic tricks. This is why mirrors are both mystical and symbolic. Mirrors have been the focus of myths and folklore over the years. Today, we use them for practical purposes like doing makeup or for checking our appearance.

Fragments of highly polished obsidian are found in Turkey and are believed to be some of the first man-made mirrors. Back then, if a person glimpsed their reflection, they believe that what they are seeing is their soul staring back at them. They also believe that causing any damage to the reflection would cause damage to their soul.

Some cultures and religions believe that mirrors are linked with the soul. In Judaism, if someone passed away, all of the mirrors in the house are covered throughout the mourning period. This is said to prevent the spirit of the body from getting trapped inside and not reaching the afterlife. Other cultures even bury their dead with mirrors to prevent their spirits from rising from the grave.

In ancient China, mirrors are said to bring good luck and were used as powerful talismans to ward off evil spirits. Other cultures also believed that they could bring love and prosperity. If a couple first saw each other reflected through a mirror, then it is said that they were destined for a long and happy relationship.

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Does a Mirror Symbolize the Soul?

Mirrors are considered to be the windows of the soul and have a strong connection to the concept of the soul. This results in many superstitions. For instance, breaking a mirror can cause seven years of bad luck. This originates from the belief that the soul regenerates every seven years and shatters with the broken mirror. Also, vampires who have no souls are not visible to mirrors. You can also check out this article that discusses how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck. If you are superstitious, we have the right tips for you.

What Does a Broken Mirror in Your Dreams Symbolize?

If you have dreamed of a broken mirror, it symbolizes coming failures and hard days. It implies the collapse of your plans and hopes for the future. According to Nostradamus’s dream book, the mirror symbolizes mystery, duality, or duplicity. Breaking a mirror in a dream means a discovery of a mystery that is shocking to the dreamer.

If a young woman dreams about a broken mirror, the image promises a bad choice of a friend or partner. It is important to analyze your relationship with this person and assess your future together. Seeing a broken mirror in your dream can also mean a betrayal of someone close to you.

If you dream about holding a broken mirror in your hands, you need to consider what is reflected in the mirror. Seeing your reflection where you are smiling or rejoicing means that important changes will happen in reality. However, a sad or frightened face symbolizes disappointment and bitterness.

Dreaming about seeing or using a cracked mirror can symbolize having a bad self-image or not seeing yourself truthfully. Maybe you see yourself worse or better than what you ate. It can also symbolize underestimating yourself and not appreciating your good qualities. Moreover, seeing a broken mirror in your dream can also signify the potential of being betrayed or cheated by someone.

Dreaming of a broken mirror can also mean that you have gotten past the phase in your life where you find yourself unattractive and lacking. It could also symbolize that you do not feel as if you need others’ approval to live your life. You are ignoring critiques regarding your attractiveness and ignoring self-image. It can mean that you are trying the world to see you how you want them to see you. It signifies that you see yourself as to how you want without being tainted by the mirror.

Related Questions

Is it Bad Luck if You Break a Mirror?

Breaking a mirror is considered bad luck, and it is said that you will suffer for seven years. According to the magical interpretation of mirrors, they can reflect other worlds and realms. Mirrors are also believed to be portals and storehouses of people’s thoughts and deeds. If a mirror is broken, those thoughts, deeds, and energy entities that dwell on the other side can pass through and enter our world.

We have also shared this article that discusses what to do if you break a mirror. You can check out the article for more tips and information.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Glass Breaking?

In spiritual terms, broken glass is considered as bad luck. This is derived from the belief in breaking a glass mirror. If you accidentally break a glass, it can symbolically mean that you will meet someone and do a good deed for you. On the other hand, a broken glass mirror means bad luck. Glass symbolizes fragility, brittleness, and vulnerability. It has a dual symbolism. It represents fragile things but also things that are strong and protective. Glass can symbolize invisible protection, but it can also symbolize a brittle one.

What Does a Broken Mirror Mean in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, broken mirrors are considered bad luck because there is a distortion of energy that causes a bruised or broken surface. It is not advisable to display distorted or broken mirrors to avoid seven years of bad luck and prevent negative energy from entering the house. Beveled mirrors are also not advisable like those with lines on the surface that produce duplication or cuts in the images. You should settle for a simple and clear mirror. You can also check out this article titled, what’s the meaning of mirror breaking by itself? We have shared interesting meanings and interpretations about the topic.


Thank you for reading this article that talks about the broken mirror symbolism. The mirror has always been a subject of superstition and symbolism. In ancient times, it is used for magical and mystical purposes. Mirrors have a distinct connection to the soul and the spirits, leading to many superstitious beliefs that some practice even today. Mirrors are considered as the windows of the soul, so they symbolize truth. Hence, a broken mirror can symbolize mistrust and broken promises. It has much symbolism depending on different cultures and beliefs.

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