What to do if You Break a Mirror

In this article, we will discuss what to do if you break a mirror. According to superstition, breaking a mirror can cause bad luck. This belief originates from the idea that a mirror is a projection of one’s appearance and soul. Thus, breaking a mirror also breaks the soul into pieces. A mirror is made of glass, fragile, so it will inevitably break. Broken mirrors have always been considered unlucky. So, what can you do when you accidentally smash a mirror? Check out the rest of this article for the answers.

What to do if you break a mirror? Different cultures practice different solutions to ward off bad luck from a broken mirror. Some believe that you can take the shattered pieces and bury them in the light of the moon. The early American slaves believe that bad luck can be washed away by holding the broken glass pieces in a south-flowing river for seven hours. However, a broken mirror is a dangerous thing because it can cause injury, so you should sweep up the sharp pieces from the floor. You can also attempt to fix the mirror if the damage is minimal.

What happens if you accidentally break a mirror? According to superstitions, how can you avoid bad luck from a broken mirror? What can you do to a broken mirror? These are some of the things that we will answer in this article. If you are a superstitious person or are simply curious about beliefs surrounding a broken mirror, you can read the rest of the article below.

What to do if you break a mirror
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Things to Do if You Break a Mirror According to Superstition

Some of the things you can do to avoid seven years of bad luck from breaking a mirror include throwing salt over your left shoulder and spinning in circles three times. Others believe that grinding the broken mirror into a fine powder or tossing it into a south-running stream will ward off bad luck.

Throw Salt over Your Left Shoulder

It is said that throwing salt over your left shoulder as soon as possible wards off the devil that lurks there. The French throw a little salt behind them to hit the devil in the eyeball giving them some time to get away. In the U.S., many people even crawl under the table after throwing the salt and come out on the opposite side to avoid bad luck.

Spinning in Circle Three Times

Some people believe that spinning three times in a counter-clockwise direction to avoid bad luck will confuse the spirits. However, make sure that you only do this when you’ve just broken a mirror because doing so on its own can bring bad luck.

Tossing the Mirror into a South Running Stream

It is said that by tossing the broken mirror pieces into a south running stream, you will wash away the bad luck in only seven hours instead of seven years. If you live far away from a river or stream, you can run the shard under a faucet.

Blacken the Mirror with Fire

With the use of flame, blacken the mirror fragments and bury them exactly one year later. You can use a candle, match, stove, or lighter to create a flame.

Touch the Tombstone with One Glass Shard

This method is supposed to lift the seven-year curse immediately. Take a single piece of the broken mirror and touch it to a tombstone. On the other hand, if you do not want to visit a tombstone, you can wait for the full moon and take the glass shard to reflect the moon. It is said that when you gaze into it, your bad luck will ease. Make sure to keep the piece of broken mirror or bury it, but do not throw it away.

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What to do with a Broken Mirror?

A broken mirror is dangerous because the shards are sharp, and it can cause a nasty cut when you step on it or touch it with your hands. You can clean and remove it, fix it, or reuse it. To avoid injuries, remove the broken shards from the floor immediately. If the damage to your mirror is minimal, you can attempt to fix it. On the other hand, if your mirror has a few cracks, you can create amazing crafts from it.

Remove the Mirror

Sweep the broken shards from the floor, making sure that you remove every piece of broken glass. You can use a vacuum to make sure that your floor or carpet is free from the tiny shards that can easily cut the skin. Place the broken mirror in a trash bag and throw it away.

Fix the Mirror

If there are a few cracks in the mirror, you can try to fix them. Many companies offer to fix mirrors at a reasonable price. If the damage is minimal, you can also try to fix it yourself. You can find many video tutorials on how to fix damaged mirrors online.

Transform and Reuse the Mirror

If you are interested in crafts, you can reuse the broken mirror and transform it into art. You can find many DIY options for broken glass. One way to do it would be to create a mosaic effect to add some flare into your décor. You can check out online craft videos for more tips and ideas.

What Happens if I Break a Mirror?

Breaking a mirror does not only cause a mess, but it also stirs up beliefs for those who are superstitious. The Romans believed that the soul regenerates every seven years. When you break a mirror, you are waiting for a new soul to remove the bad luck. Some superstition also claims that if the mirror breaks into small shards, your bad luck will be smaller.

Others believed that mirrors are devices of the Gods, and breaking them would anger them. The Gods would then torment the person whose last reflection appeared in the mirror. In both Russia and India, looking in a broken mirror is considered bad luck. To lose the bad luck, you can bury the shards under the light of the full moor or wait seven hours before you touch it. In this day and age, a broken mirror means that you have to clean and dispose of it to avoid injuries. The bad luck is that you need to get a new one.

Is Breaking of Mirror Good or Bad?

A broken mirror does not always mean bad luck, as some cultures consider it a good sign. The Romans, Chinese, Greeks, Indians, and Africans believed that the mirror had the power to take away a part of a person’s soul. If the image were distorted due to the broken mirror, the person’s soul would become trapped in the world that the mirror represented. This can lead to broken health and unhappiness.

On the other hand, the Egyptians and Arabic considered broken glass as good luck. They might have a flurry of activity to celebrate the breakage of the glass while wishing away any bad luck that might come from it. Breaking of glass is also a famous part of Jewish wedding ceremonies meant to honor the memory of the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem thousands of years ago.

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Related Questions

How Many Years of Bad Luck Comes from a Broken Mirror?

It is said that a person suffers seven years of bad luck from breaking a mirror. This belief comes from the ancient Romans. It originates from another Roman lore, which states that life would renew itself every seven years, and any broken parts of your life would be fixed.

Can You Keep a Broken Mirror at Home?

You should never keep a broken mirror at home because it is dangerous and can cause accidents. Aside from that, it can also trigger negative energy, affecting the house and the people living there. If a mirror is accidentally broken, clean the shards and throw it immediately. You can also check out this article about the broken mirror symbolism. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic,

What Happens if You Break a Mirror?

If you break a mirror, then you will have to clean and replace it. However, if you believe in superstition, breaking a mirror can cause seven years of bad luck and a bad omen. There are many rituals that you can do to reverse the spell of bad luck. Different cultures provide different solutions to solve this problem.


You have reached the end of this article that talks about what to do if you break a mirror. If you are the superstitious kind, then there are many things that you can do to reverse the seven years of bad luck from breaking the mirror. However, if you do not believe in superstition, the first thing you need to do if you break a mirror is to clean it and throw it away. You can also try to fix it or transform the mirror into a stylish craft that will add flair to your home decoration. Thank you for reading!

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