Does Exposed Brick Look Good?

You might be thinking about redesigning your home and are wondering if exposed brick will look good on your walls. Exposed brick is a good design option for your home because it provides character, texture, and also creates a focal point in the room. A lot of people are wondering if exposed brick walls are good for their home and will sit the current theme that they have. Let us learn more about exposed bricks and how they can make your home look good below.

Does exposed brick look good? Exposed brick looks good and can also make a room attractive, warm, and inviting. It is suitable for any part of your home as it can provide an industrial and modern look. Older homes with exposed brick walls can bring out the historical feel of the home. Aside from the standard red brick walls, you can also choose to repaint the bricks with a different color to achieve the look and design that you want.

More and more people are being fascinated but the rustic and industrial charm of exposed bricks. One of the reasons for this is that the colors and textures of exposed bricks add a unique character to any structure. Read the rest of the article below for more information about exposed bricks and how they can change the look and ambiance of the room.

Does exposed brick look good
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Exposed Brick Wall Decorating Ideas

When decorating exposed brick walls, you can use open-backed shelving, greenery, large accents, and even paint the bricks. Once you have exposed the bricks on your walls, the next step that you need to do is to think about creative ideas to decorate the wall. Below are some ideas that you could try to accent the wall for a more interesting look.

Open-Backed Shelves

One way to decorate an exposed brick wall is to use open-backed shelves. You can use the shelves to display your book collection. Rather than using large bookcases that can cover the whole area of the brick wall, you can use open-backed shelves for a more stylish background. Furthermore, you can choose shelving that suits the industrial style of the exposed brick wall

Colorful Accents

Another way to decorate exposed brick walls is to add a splash of color to them. Use colorful accents to brighten up the look of the wall. One way to do this is to use colorful artwork or you can also place a vibrant piece of furniture piece against the wall.

Add Plants

Greenery can look good against the wall. Add potted plants that will look good with the raw look of the exposed brick wall. You can use green vines that can pop against the red or orange color of the brick wall.

Use Dark Wood

You can also use dark wood to elegantly combine with the color of the exposed bricks. Use dark wood accents like tables, ladders, chairs, and headboards. If you are aiming for a farmhouse or Mediterranean vibe, you can choose heavy wooden pieces for decoration.

Decorate Using Large Accents

When decorating an exposed brick wall, the size of the decoration matter. Using large accents like an oversized mirror can provide an interesting visual effect. You can also use large picture frames or posters for a unique look.

Painting Exposed Brick Wall

Painting an exposed brick wall will create a dramatic ambiance for the room. Take note that color plays a vital role in the vibe of the room. There are many options that you can choose from. Consider your preferences as well as the type of look that you want to achieve before choosing the color of the paint. If you want to have a distressed look that is similar to an industrial warehouse, choose a mix of colors. For the kitchen, white and gray tones look appealing. On the other hand, it is ideal to choose vibrant hues for the living room for a bright and cozy ambiance.

✅ Video – How to Paint Exterior Brick Walls

BritishPaints shared the video below on YouTube. It discusses how to paint exterior brick walls. Watch the video for the simple preparation and application steps that you need to do when painting the bricks.

Exposed Brick Wall Advantages

One advantage that you can get from having exposed brick walls is that they provide a warm and unique look for your home. You can also have a wide option when it comes to decorating exposed brick walls. Furthermore, exposed bricks show a lot about the history of a home. Bricks are durable and can be able to stand the test of time. You can also arrange exposed bricks in an artistic way so that you can create different stylish patterns. We have shared this article titled, why is exposed brick good. You can check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

What Color Goes Well with Exposed Brick?

Some of the colors that go well with exposed brick include red, soft green, mint, neutral tan, orange, and white. Exposed brick walls are popular because they provide a natural look into a home. While the unique and raw look of exposed brick walls can make decorating a bit intimidating, there are many vibrant color options that you can choose from to complement the look of exposed brick. Let us learn more about these colors below.


The color red adds warmth to the wall. You can pair the red bricks with vibrant red paint. When you do this, the rich hue will pair up nicely with the varying natural red tones in the bricks. As a result, the monochromatic color scheme exposes the neutral tone of the room for a natural and modern ambiance.

Soft Greens

Another color that will look great with the red of the exposed brick wall is soft greens. The cool color of soft greens will add brightness to the earthy tones of the bricks. Using the right soft green shade will make the exposed brick wall look fabulous.


Neutral colors can complement the color of the red bricks. Choosing earthy browns and yellows can make the exposed brick look beautiful and warm. When painting the wall, look for a warm tan that can bring an inviting feel to your home.


While pairing red bricks with orange hues can sound like a strange combination, the colors actually look great together. The color orange provides a deep warm ambiance to the space that can make your kitchen or living room more vibrant looking and warm.


Choose the color white for a modern look that will complement the exposed brick wall. White shades look pleasant against the warmer tones for the red bricks. The color white provides a crisp and clean feel that balances the edgy and industrial look of brick.

Should You Seal Exposed Bricks?

It is very important that you seal exposed bricks. Sealing the bricks will protect them from moisture and humidity that can get easily gets through the bricks and damages them. This is especially true if you have rooms in your house that are humid. On the other hand, sealing the exposed bricks will change the color of the brickwork and ruin the original look. This is because sealers come in a wide array of finishes such as matte and glossy. Furthermore, there are instances wherein sealing the bricks can trap moisture inside and cause problems.

How Do You Protect Exposed Brick Walls?

In order to protect exposed brick walls, you need to put a sealant or a coat of acrylic paint on them. By doing so, you can protect the bricks from moisture and dirt. Bear in mind that brick, as well as the mortar between the brick, is a porous material. If you do not take the necessary step of sealing them, they can easily absorb moisture which can lead to mold as well as other problems. You can also check out this article that discusses how to fake exposed brick. We have shared different methods that you can try for your home decoration.

Which Brick is Used for Exposed Brick Walls?

The common brick that is used for exposed brick walls is burnt clay bricks that are used in general work. These bricks are without special attractive appearances. Laying the bricks in the wall will require plastering or rendering. Another common kind of bricks that is used is sand lime bricks. These types of bricks are made by mixing sand, fly ash, and lime. It then undergoes a chemical process during wet mixing. We have also shared this article that talks about what exposed brick is. You can check out the article to learn more about exposed bricks and their benefits.

Does Exposed Brick Add Value to a Home?

Exposed brick does add value to a home because it makes a room more appealing for buyers. On the other hand, the cost of installing an exposed brick wall into an already finished residence is expensive and considered as more than the expected return on investment. Take note that adding an exposed brick wall to your home will not guarantee an additional value. Moreover, appraisers are not likely to add thousands to the value of your home based on exposed brick walls alone. We have also written this article that discusses if exposed brick adds value. Check out the article to find out how exposed bricks can affect the value of your home.


In this article, we have discussed if exposed brick looks good. We have learned that exposed brick walls can change the look of the room as it adds a beautiful design element. Furthermore, we have shared ideas on how to decorate your exposed brick wall to make it more attractive. We have also discussed different paint colors that will look great with the natural color of the exposed bricks. Thank you for reading!

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