How Do You Fake Exposed Brick?

Do you want to have a fake exposed brick wall in your home but do not know where to start? Exposed brick walls are very versatile and can be used for almost any space. They are also very easy to install and are usually less expensive than real brick walls. If you want to have a brick wall but you do not want to remove plaster or drywall from your wall, you can settle for a faux brick wall. In this article, we will discuss DIY ideas for fake exposed brick walls that you can do for your home.

How do you fake exposed brick? You can fake exposed bricks with the use of wallpaper. There is a wide array of faux exposed brick wallpaper that you can choose from. Another method that you can use is brick paneling. Both options are ideal if you want to have an exposed brick without removing plaster or drywall.

How do I make my wall look like a white brick? Does faux brick look good? How do you make fake exposed brick? Is faux brick expensive? These are some of the questions that we will discuss in this article. If you are renting and you cannot break through the plaster to expose the bricks in a wall, there are alternatives that you can do to achieve an exposed brick wall design in your home. Let us take a look at these alternatives below.

How Do You Make Fake Exposed Brick?

You can make fake exposed brick by using brick wallpaper, brick paneling, brick drywall, brick veneer, and brick stencil. Exposed brick walls provide a warm and cozy ambiance to any room. If you have wanted to have an exposed brick wall but do not have a brick foundation in the first place, you can use these alternatives.

Brick Wallpaper

One alternative that you can use is brick wallpaper. Using brick wallpaper can make you achieve the brick look at an affordable price. While exposed bricks are appealing, not every home has one. By using wallpaper, you can have a quick and easy way to add an exposed brick wall into any room without the hassle of construction work. You can choose from a wide array of colors and designs of fake brick wallpaper that are available. We have also shared this article titled, what is exposed brick? Check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

Brick Paneling

Another alternative that you can use is brick paneling. The brick panels are quick and easy to work with and they are available at hardware stores. Brick panels can be availed in large sheets and painted with any color that you prefer. If you want to add brick to your home, then these faux brick panels are your best choice. These are made from brick texture, so they don’t appear as fake as most wallpaper would.

Brick Drywall

You can also choose to have brick drywall. However, it is a detailed project that is created from the drywall mud and takes more time and effort. Drywall or plasterboard refers to the panel that is made of gypsum plaster. It is usually used for interior walls and ceilings and is considered a quicker alternative as compared to plaster.

Brick Veneers

Another option that you can choose to achieve the look of exposed bricks is the use of brick veneers. The brick veneer is made up of a single layer of full-sized bricks that are installed adjacent to the exterior wall. The inner wall of a structure is not the weight of the brick but rather the weight of the structure.

Brick Stencil

A quick and easy option is to use a brick stencil. All that you need to do is to paint a brick pattern with the use of a stencil and paint. You can create a realistic wall mural stencil that features geometric brick shapes painted on the walls. There are plenty of color options that you can choose to make your wall unique. You can paint the wall in the brick color and choose another color for the lines between the bricks.

How Do I Make My Wall Look Like White Brick?

To make your wall look like white bricks without actually having bricks in it is to use brick paneling. There are bricks that have been treated so that it turns white. While most people choose to have actual bricks installed on their walls, others opt for an affordable and quick option which is brick-patterned wallpaper. Another option is to use brick paneling. Below are the steps that you can follow to install white brick panels into your wall.

Prepare the Wall

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare the wall. Use a stud finder to locate and mark the studs across the wall. Next, line up the panels so that they fit into the wall. See to it that you also mark the cutouts that are needed for the outlets and switches. Then, cut the wood panels to fit outlets and switches. If the panels stick out, remove them.

Install the Panels

Once you have prepared the wall, the next step is to install the panels. Start by lining the panels along with the ceiling and secure them into the wall with a nail gun.  Next, cut excess panels to fit any space near the floor. After installing the panels, caulk the seams to unify them.

The next step is to cover caulk lines across each panel with the use of a spackle so that they blend into the existing wall. You can sand the spackle to achieve a clean look or leave the texture on if you want to have an exposed finish. Using a nail gun, install the new baseboard to the bottom of the panels.

✅ Video – Faux Brick Accent Wall

Bobs Two Car Garage shared the video below on how to make a faux brick accent wall with the use of faux panels. Faux brick panels are a realistic and durable option for a faux brick wall. It can be used for both interior and exterior walls. Watch the video below for the demonstration.

How Do You Make Paint Look Like Brick?

There are a few steps that you need to do so that you can create a fake exposed brick wall with the use of paint. It is an easy job that requires the right tools and painting skills. Below are the steps that you can follow to achieve a fake brick wall by painting your wall.

Step 1

Paint the surface of the wall with the use of a roller. Choose a neutral color of paint for the background.

Step 2

Create a darker color by pouring a few drops of acrylic paint into the bottom part of the base paint. With the use of a sponge, apply the color across the surface of the wall to create texture. Let it dry for at least an hour.

Step 3

Make a brick stamp with a knife to cut synthetic sponges to a brick size. Arrange the sponge bricks into a pattern that you would like to have for your walls. Next, use craft glue to set the sponges into the plywood to create the stamp.

Step 4

Thoroughly paint the stamp with brick-colored paint with the use of a roller. Next, place the brick stamp on the surface of the wall and make sure to press firmly. Repeat this process until you achieved the pattern of bricks that you want for the wall.

Step 5

Create a color that is slightly darker by mixing a few drops of acrylic paint into the brick paint. Mix the paint and apply the mixture over the bricks using a single brick sponge to create texture.

Does Faux Brick Look Good?

Faux bricks look as good as the original ones. There are many alternatives that you can choose if you do not have original bricks in your home. Using brick wallpaper or brick stencil will create a stunning brick pattern on your wall. Brick is a material that looks good in any area of your home. If you want to add exposed bricks to your home without additional construction, the faux brick alternatives are a great option. They are easy to install and are more affordable. You can also check out this article that discusses why exposed brick is good. We have shared the benefits that you can get from exposed bricks.

Is Faux Brick Durable?

Faux brick is not as strong or durable as compared to real brick. On the other hand, they are more affordable. If you cannot afford to have real bricks or do not have the time to wait for the construction, you can choose faux bricks that are easier and faster to install. For instance, you can use brick panels that are made of thin layers of real bricks. Some are made of plastics and synthetic materials that are molded so that they look like real brick.

Is Faux Brick Expensive?

Faux brick is affordable as compared to real bricks and they are also cheaper to install. For instance, faux brick veneers and panels cost around 9 to 15 dollars per square foot. They are available in different materials and sizes. Because faux brick veneers are made of thin and lightweight material, they can be installed quickly.

Is Brick Veneer Cheaper than Brick?

Brick veneer is a lot cheaper as compared to a real brick but they can get the look and feel of solid brick. Generally, a brick veneer can cost about 4 to 10 dollars per square foot. Because brick veneer is easier to install than solid brick, you can also save up on the installation cost.

Can You Paint Over Faux Brick Panels?

You can paint over faux brick panels to give it a new and modern look. You can add texture t an otherwise dull looking wall by installing faux brick paneling. By doing this, you can preserve the texture of brick and also hide the fact that it is not real brick. We have also written this article that discusses if exposed brick adds value. Check out the article to find out how exposed bricks can affect the value of your home.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses how to fake exposed brick. If you want to have the look of stylish brick in your home, but want to avoid the demanding restoration project, you can choose from the different fake exposed brick alternatives. There are many ways to fake exposed brick walls using affordable materials. Thank you for reading!

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