Does Exposed Brick Add Value?

Are you wondering if exposed brick adds value to your home? Exposed brick walls are popular when it comes to interior design. The bricks provide a warm and inviting ambiance into the room. Moreover, the bricks make the decor look authentic, timeless, and natural. On the other hand, the maintenance and installation of exposed bricks can be costly. In the end, is it worth having exposed brick walls and does it add value to your home? Let us learn the answer below.

Does exposed brick add value? Exposed brick can add value to a home. However, installing it can be more expensive. Moreover, it is not always a guarantee that someone will purchase your home for a higher price because of the installed brick wall, and appraisers will not likely raise the value of your home based only on the exposed brick wall.

Even if the exposed brick wall will not raise the value of your home, the beautiful design and warm ambiance that it provides to your home are considered a good investment. How does exposed brick add value to your home? What are the advantages of having exposed brick walls? Can you build exposed bricks? How do you remove the plaster to expose brick walls? Learn the answer to these questions and more below.

How Does Exposed Brick Add Value to Your Home?

Exposed bricks add value to your home by making it look more attractive, appealing, and charming. It can provide your home with a warm and cozy ambiance that a lot of people love. A brick wall also adds a timeless look to the room. Let us delve more into how exposed bricks can add value to your home below.

They Make the Room Look More Attractive

Exposed brick walls can add value to your home by making the room look more attractive. It can make dull space into something that is warm and inviting. An exposed brick wall in your living room will make a good backdrop and also highlight the designs that you would like to display. Exposing bricks to older properties can bring out the historical feel of the home.

They Can Make Your House More Appealing

Having an exposed brick wall that is well-maintained can make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. Because of this, your home will be easier to sell. While it is not guaranteed that people will purchase your home because of the brick wall alone, it can add value to your home and it will certainly appeal to those who prefer to have a warm and comfortable space without plaster or drywall. We have also shared this article that discusses if the exposed brick is trendy, or out of style. You can check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

They Add Charm into Your Home

An exposed brick wall makes a stunning focal point in a room. The natural and raw look of the brick will make the room more charming. Moreover, the flaws and chips on the bricks add a certain history timeless look into the room. You can also read this article that we have written that discusses if exposed brick looks good. Check out the article for more information about the topic.

What Are the Pros of Exposed Bricks?

One of the pros of having exposed brick walls is that they can provide contrast into space. You can complement the look of the bricks using glossy and mirrored finishes. Moreover, exposed brick walls also add texture to space which makes it look more interesting. When bricks are exposed, it can make the room look warmer and homely. Another advantage is that exposing bricks is not as expensive as compared to other wall finishes. Using the right equipment, you can do the job by yourself. Furthermore, well-maintained exposed bricks are durable and can last for a long time.

Removing Plaster to Expose Bricks

Removing plaster to expose bricks is not as difficult as most people might think. All that you need is the right equipment, time, and patience to finish the job. While the job is not difficult, it can be messy. The plaster that comes off from the wall can cause dust and debris to float in the air. Make sure that you isolate the room and protect the furniture. Use a spatula to remove the paint and the plaster from the wall. Once you have exposed all the bricks, apply a sealer to protect them from dust, humidity, and moisture. You can also paint the bricks for a unique and intriguing look.

What are the Alternatives to Bricks?

If you do not have a brick foundation and would love to have a brick wall without constructing a wall from scratch, you can use alternatives like brick veneer, tiles, and wallpaper. These alternatives are easy to work with and look like real bricks. Using these alternatives, you do not need to dig and fill in a foundation because you can easily add them to the wall. Let us learn more about them below.

Brick Tiles and Veneers

Among the alternatives that you can use are brick tiles and veneers. These are more affordable options and are available in a wide array of sizes. If you do not have a brick foundation, you can use tricks and be as creative as you can to disguise it as such. You can find brick tiles that measure at least 1 square meter surface. They also come in various patterns. The good thing is that any walls can be clad in brick tile or veneer to give it a rich and more authentic look.

Brick Wallpaper

You can also use brick wallpaper for a fast and easy installation. You can find good-quality wallpaper that imitates the texture of a brick. There are is a wide array of colors, patterns, sizes, and textures of brick wallpaper that you can choose from. As a matter of fact, there is 3D brick wallpaper that looks exactly like real bricks. You will not know the difference unless you take a closer look at it.

✅ Video – Brick Wallpaper Laying

Interior Decors shared the video below on YouTube. It shows how to hang brick wallpaper. You can watch the video below for tips and ideas on how to properly lay wallpaper on walls to achieve an exposed brick look.

Is Exposed Brick More Expensive?

Exposed bricks are not as expensive as most people would think. Of course, the cost of having exposed brick walls depends on the materials and labor that are required. The wider the brick wall is, the more expensive it will be. However, an advantage to this is that exposed brick walls do not need plastering and painting. Hence, it will cut costs. You can choose from a wide array of bricks that you can use for the wall. Compare prices so that you can get the best deals.

Is Exposed Brick Energy-Efficient?

Unfortunately, exposed brick is not very energy efficient. Take note that most brick walls are covered with plaster or drywall not only to give them a finished look but also to provide insulation and minimize drafts that seep through the gaps in the mortar. Having a brick wall will not affect your electric bill that much. On the other hand, exposing a large wall or many walls will reduce the energy efficiency of your home.

Can You Build Exposed Brick?

You can build an exposed brick wall from scratch. However, it is not always a practical choice. The good thing is that you can still get the same effect using alternatives such as wallpaper or veneers. These alternatives are available in a wide array of patterns, colors and. They are a more affordable option and also easy to install. You can also check out this article that discusses if you can have exposed brick in a bathroom. We have shared the pros and cons of having exposed brick walls in bathrooms.

How Do You Make Exposed Brick Look More Modern?

To make the exposed brick look more modern, opt for sleek brick panels that are used to cover exterior houses. You can also paint the bricks with bright colors for a Moroccan-style interior. The rough texture of the brick makes it look more interesting and adds warmth to the room. We have also shared this article titled, what can you do with exposed brick? Check out the tips and ideas on how to decorate exposed brick walls.

Are your walls are suitable for stripping back to brick?

Finding out if your walls are suitable for stripping back to brick depends on various factors like how old your property is. Aside from that, the condition of the bricks should also be considered. Make sure that you check the bricks if they are in good condition to be exposed. Sometimes, you have to deal with missing, chipped, and cracked bricks. These should be repaired so that the exposed brick wall will not only look good but also stay durable as well.

How Should You Seal an Exposed Brick Wall?

Use the right sealer when sealing an exposed brick wall. The first thing that you need to do is to clean the bricks to make sure that they are free from dust, stain, and debris. Let the bricks dry completely. Once they are dried, you can apply a high-quality sealant to the bricks. Choose a long-lasting brick sealer that is made from polyurethane or acrylic. You can also check out this article that we have shared that discusses if brick sealing is necessary. We have shared the advantages that you can get from sealing exposed bricks.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses if exposed brick adds value. We have found out that exposed brick does add value to a home. However, you cannot guarantee that people will purchase your home just for the exposed bricks alone. The good thing is that having exposed brick walls is a good investment that will make your home look more attractive and charming. Thank you for reading!

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