How Can I Make My Utility Room Look Nice?

Your utility room should look nice, just like every other part of your home. But this area sees so many activities, that people wonder if it can ever be made to look nice. We have written this post not only to assure you that this is very possible but to also show you how to.

How can I make my utility room nice? You can make your utility room nice by applying a great color scheme to brighten the room. Maximizing storage is also essential to making your utility room nice. If you install water-resistant flooring in your basement laundry, it will look even nicer. Then, you can design the laundry room with wall arts, woven baskets, wooden furniture, among other decorative touches. What’s more, your utility room will look nice if you have nice-looking worktops, a washing machine, and a utility sink in it.

The utility room (sometimes called basement laundry) is where you perform the most boring chores. You can’t afford to do these boring tasks in a boring space. So, how do you make sure the basement laundry is not boring? Read on as we share ideas and tips for you to apply. 

How Can I Make My Utility Room Look Nice
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Utility Room Design Ideas To Make Basement Laundry Look Nice

Color scheme, storage space, and flooring are the three basic things to focus on while designing a nice utility room. Use a color that will add brightness to the room, maximize the available space, and install stylish flooring that won’t look messy when wet. 

As you read on, you will find inspiration and suggestions on nice designs that will beautify your utility room. We will share some stylish and cool design ideas that can help transform and upgrade your basement laundry.

Basement Laundry Colour Schemes

The basement can be quite gloomy and dark because there is usually no window there. This can make the utility room a very boring and quite depressing space. But you can brighten it up by choosing a bright color theme.

You should use colors like white, pale grey, yellow, or other clean-feeling brightening colors. These colors make the room feel fresh and soothing. You can also experiment with any color that suits your taste. Whether cool or jazzy-looking, what matters is that the room is bright and looks nice. 

Basement Laundry Storage Design Ideas

Utility rooms are highly functional, so storage plays a vital role in keeping the room neat and organized. If your basement laundry will look nice, you should have enough laundry baskets to keep the space tidy. Open shelving and a cupboard will also help you keep things organized.

Just do all you can to make sure nothing clutters the room. If different objects are scattered all around the room, it won’t look nice at all.

Utility Room Flooring Design Ideas

Your utility room will not look nice if the floor is always messy. And this is almost always the case because moisture is constantly present. That’s why you should think well about flooring materials for your utility room.

Don’t attempt using carpets because water will ruin them in no time. Dirt and dust will also build upon the carpet. Another option to avoid is laminate flooring. Laminates are nice-looking and they are not difficult to maintain. But moisture damages laminate underneath and makes them start warping.

You Can Use Rubber Tiles For Your Utility Room

The best bet is to use rubber flooring for your basement laundry. Rubber flooring can hold up to water, and you can wipe them easily. What’s more, rubber flooring will muffle the noise and vibrations of your washing machine.

You Can Use Ceramic Tiles For Your Utility Room

Another great option is to use ceramic tiles. This type of flooring is also water-resistant and nice-looking. They are resistant to chemicals too. If you are using ceramic tiles, ensure that the flooring is level. Otherwise, operating your washing machine will be excessively noisy and may damage the tiles. We have also shared this article that discusses the best material for a laundry room sink. You can check out the article for more information about the topic.

What Should I Put In My Utility Room To Make It Look Nice?

Your utility room will look nicer if you install a utility sink and worktops. You should also consider installing a freestanding or integrated washing machine. These fixtures are not only good for aesthetic appeal, But they are also necessary for utilities. They will make your basement laundry more functional and convenient.

Install A Freestanding or Integrated Washing Machine

If you don’t mind your washing machine being on the show, you should install a freestanding washing machine. There are many options you can choose from. More so, they are usually very cheap and easy to install. But if you want your washing machine to be ours of view, buy an integrated washing machine instead. 

Integrated washing machines usually sit within an enclosed unit, with a door guarding them. They typically cost more than freestanding washing machines. And their installation is more technical too. 

Install A Utility Sink

Utility sinks make the laundry room more functional, look nicer, and more spacious. The utility sink is useful for soaking clothes, washing mucky hands and boots, and many other purposes. Keep the sink close to your washing machine to make the room look even nicer. Deep sinks are much better because they will reduce water splashing as you wash various items. Check out this article titled, what is a laundry tub? We have discussed what a laundry tub is and its uses.

Install Worktops

The work surfaces in a utility room take lots of knocks. So you should choose durable, water-resistant, and low-maintenance work surfaces. The best and nicest looking options are granite, Corian, and hardwood. They are great, water-resistant, and come in various colors. You can also check out this article that we have shared titled, can you store food in a laundry room? We have shared the pros and cons of storing food in the laundry room.

✅ Video – Interior Design Tips: Laundry Room Must-Haves

Unlike a few decades ago, today’s homeowners invest in having s nice-looking utility room. Watch this video to see some of the items you can put in your utility room to upgrade it. These items will make your utility room more beautiful and more functional at the same time. Do you want to know what these items are? Click the play button now.

Utility Room Decoration Ideas

You can decorate your utility room with wall art or wallpapers and add other decorative touches. Woven baskets will also look nice in the utility room if you use them for hampers. What’s more, you can make a decor statement with wooden furniture.

Utility Room Wall Arts And Wallpapers

Wall arts and wallpapers will be nice improvements for your utility room. You can purchase nice-looking wallpapers and wall arts from any home improvement store. There are many cute and cost-effective options for you to choose from.

Wall arts and wallpapers will help pull the space in your basement laundry together and give it a complete feel. It is also very helpful for decorating unfinished basements.

Add Little Decorative Touches To Your Utility Room

Add little decorative touches that will remove any rustic vibe from your basement laundry.  You can add clear jars to use for both decoration and storage. Wicker baskets and wooden accessories are also great items for decorating the utility room. 

Other items you could add include:

  • A few flowers and plants to keep the room nice and fresh.
  • Wooden furniture (cabinets) to make a great decor statement

What Is The Best Color For Laundry Room?

The best colors for laundry rooms are those that liven up the room. These include colors like white, yellow, and blue. You can also liven up the laundry room with dynamic citrus colors, such as lime green or orange. Many decor experts, however, prefer to use white because it also gives the laundry a clean and fresh feel.

Does A Utility Room Add Value To Your Home?

A utility room will indeed add value to your home. Nice-looking utility rooms are part of the modern-day trends in home design. Adding a utility room to your home before resale is indeed a worthwhile remodeling investment. It will attract more buyers, help you close the deal faster, and increase the sales value of the house. You can also check out this article that we have written titled, do you really need a laundry sink? We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

How Do I Brighten My Laundry Room?

You can brighten your laundry room in two ways – paint the walls with bright color and/or install mirrors in the laundry room. Bright colors, like while, will make the laundry room brighter. Mirrors also reflect light and make the room brighter and look bigger. 


A well-designed utility room will make those boring chores more enjoyable and easier to do. We have shown you several design and decoration ideas in this post. This guide has covered all the basic tips and tricks to make your utility room nicer. Start implementing the ideas one by one and see your utility room transform into a very nice space. 

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