Do You Really Need a Laundry Sink?

If you want to know whether a laundry sink is necessary for the home or not, you should read this post. We will tell you what we think about this. But we will go further to present both sides of the argument to you. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether to install a laundry sink in your home or not.

Do you really need a laundry sink? You don’t necessarily need a laundry sink, but it would help a lot if you have one in your laundry room. The laundry sink can serve many purposes that the bathroom sink cannot. More so, you can use it to hand wash delicate clothing materials or clothes with tough stains. What’s more, laundry sinks are not important when it comes to resale value. Most buyers do not watch out for a laundry sink when they’re checking to buy a home.

There are many reasons to consider a laundry sink as a necessity. But then, there are a few reasons to think otherwise too. As you read on, we will show you the arguments for and against laundry sinks.

Do You Really Need A Laundry Sink
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Why Do You Need a Laundry Sink?

You need a laundry sink to make your home more functional and convenient. You can use the sink to hand wash clothes, as well as bathe your pets. You can also clean your washer’s drawer in it. The laundry sink is also a good place to filter lint and hair from the laundry machine from going into your sewer. What’s more, a laundry sink is necessary if you want a modern home, furnished with the latest accessories and fittings.

In the sections that follow, we will tell you what a laundry sink is. Then, we will show you the different benefits that a laundry sink could serve in your home. You can then decide if a laundry sink is necessary for you or not.

What is a Laundry Sink?

A laundry sink is a wider and deeper sink than the regular bathroom or kitchen sink. They have a larger capacity and can accommodate larger items. These multi-functional sinks are also referred to as utility sinks. They are often situated in the laundry room, but many homeowners also install a laundry sink in their basement.

Why is a Laundry Sink Necessary?

The following are the pros of installing a laundry sink in your home

Laundry Sinks are Useful and Versatile

Laundry sinks are useful fixtures that come in handy for several utilities in the home. You can clean different kinds of dirty and grimy objects in them. You can also use them to wash your clothing articles by hand. What’s more, you can fill up your laundry sink with grunge to avoid filling your kitchen or bathroom sink. You can also check out this article that we have written titled, what is the purpose of a laundry sink? We have shared the many purposes of having a laundry sink at home.

If you have guests in your home regularly, you can store party drinks with ice in the laundry sink. This saves you the stress of emptying melted ice. You only need to unplug the sink’s drain, and the water will go down the sewer.

Laundry Sinks are Good for Convenience

Convenience is another advantage you get when you have a laundry sink. You may choose to soak clothes in your bathroom or kitchen sink for some hours. But for as long as the clothes are there, you would not be able to use these sinks. For instance, you would have to wait until the sink is available before you can brush your teeth.

Laundry sinks, on the other hand, are not high-use sinks. So, you can disable them for as long as you need to soak your clothes. This will save you and your family members from the inconveniences of disabling the bathroom or kitchen sink. 

You Can Wash Large Objects in Laundry Sinks

A laundry sink will allow you to soak and wash large objects, as well as many items at once. They are large, so they can accommodate much more than the regular bathroom or kitchen sinks can accommodate. 

For instance, you may need a laundry sink to wash large roasting pans. Kitchen sinks are also usually too small to wash large pots, which are often used to cook during the holidays. If you regularly entertain many guests at once or you have a big family, a laundry sink might come in handy for you.

Why Should You Not Get a Laundry Sink?

There is no reason not to install a laundry sink in your home. But some situations make it more difficult or almost impossible to get one. If you have no extra space in your laundry room, installing a laundry sink there might be almost impossible. Also, depending on the size of your home, you may be violating building codes if you choose to install a laundry sink.

Building Codes

If there is no extra space in your laundry room, there is no way you will install the laundry sink. More so, installing a laundry sink in a small-sized room might be violating building codes.

Plumbing Concerns

You also need extra plumbing to install a laundry sink. If your house doesn’t have a good drainage system with a vent, you would need to install one. This may require you to break out walls to create a passage for the pipes. This will cost you a lot.

Electrical Code

You must comply with the electrical code for homes if you want to install a laundry sink. The code prohibits installing a tub or a sink close to any electrical panel. If the space in your laundry room is tight, you may not find a spot for your laundry sink that’s far enough from the electrical panel.

What Type of Laundry Sink Do You Need?

The type of laundry sink you need depends on the installation style and material that fits your lifestyle and utility. The different installation options available include drop-in, wall-mounted, floor-standing, portable, and under-mount sinks. The different types of laundry sink by materials include stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, and porcelain. We have also written this article that discusses how big should a laundry sink be. Check out the different sizes of laundry sinks that you can choose from.

✅ Video – Utility Tubs & Laundry Sinks | The Home Depot

In this video, one of the associates at The Home Depot highlights different types of utility tubs and laundry sinks. You will see some of the really wide and deep laundry sinks they have available. This video will give you an idea of the various things you can do with different laundry sinks.

The kind of laundry sink you choose should fit your needs and be durable. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. Heat-resistant materials are also good for the laundry room and utility, but they are not a necessity.

What is the Purpose of a Laundry Sink?

The primary function of a laundry sink is to soak clothes. But you can also use them to hand wash clothes and clean diverse objects. You can use them to wash items that are not related to clothing too. These include large pots, pans, pots, paintbrushes, and plant pots. They are very versatile, large sinks.

Can I Put a Utility Sink in My Laundry Room?

You can put a utility sink in your laundry room so long as you have the budget and there’s enough space to accommodate it. Also, make sure that drainage and water supply are accessible. What’s more, be sure not to violate electrical and building codes. You can also check out this article titled, what is the best material for a laundry room sink. We have discussed the different kinds of laundry sink materials that you can choose from.

How Deep is a Laundry Sink?

Small laundry sinks are only about 10 inches deep. But there are larger laundry sinks with more depth; as deep as 25 inches. In any case, laundry sinks are deeper than the regular bathroom or kitchen sinks, which are usually only 6-8 inches deep.


A laundry sink can add so much convenience to your daily living and make your home more functional. You can use it to treat stains, hand wash clothes, and clean up different materials. Just make sure there’s enough space and you are not violating building codes or electrical codes. And if you decide on installing a laundry sink, check through the different installation styles, materials, and sizes available.

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