Why Can’t Babies Look in the Mirror?

In this article, we will discuss why babies can’t look in the mirror. Different cultures have different beliefs that they follow because they do not want bad luck and misfortune to happen. Many superstitions surround babies and mirrors. But are these superstitions true? How does looking in a mirror affect a baby? Let us learn more about this topic below.

Why can’t babies look in the mirror? According to beliefs and superstitions, a baby should not look in a mirror because they can remember their past births which will affect how they will grow up and their lives as well. Aside from that, if a baby looks in the mirror, it is believed that the baby will experience many illnesses such as tummy ache, toothache, and many more.

Are you planning to build a nursery or a playroom for your baby and wondering if you should place a mirror in the room? A mirror has many benefits for the room because it can make it look more spacious and also reflect more light. On the other hand, there are some things that you need to consider before placing a mirror in your baby’s room.

Why can’t babies look in the mirror
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What is the Reason Why Babies Can’t Look in the Mirror?

Babies cannot look in the mirror because it can disrupt their sleep. This is because babies are attracted to movements and when they see their reflection in the mirror, they will play with it which can disrupt their sleep. It is recommended that if you install a mirror in the nursery; make sure to place it away from the crib or bed where the baby sleeps. This way, the baby will not get distracted from the reflection of movements in the mirror and have a good night’s sleep. We have also shared this article titled, babies and mirror superstition: a complete guide. You can check out the article for more tips and information.

What are the Reasons Why Babies Can’t Look in the Mirror According to Superstition?

According to superstition, babies should not look in the mirror because it can cause illness and their souls can be taken. The belief varies from culture to culture. Let us find out more about this below.

It Can Cause Illness

It is believed by some cultures that if a baby looks in the mirror, it can cause illnesses such as toothache and tummy ache. If the child is teething, is also believed that looking in the mirror can lead to twisted teeth.

Their Souls Can Get Taken

In some cultures, it is believed that a baby should not look in the mirror because their souls can get taken. For instance, in Greece, their culture believes that a child should not look into the mirror until it is christened so that his or her soul would not be taken.

Is it Bad Luck When a Baby Looks in a Mirror?

In some cultures, it is believed that when a baby looks at a mirror and sees his or her reflection, it is bad luck. Bad luck and misfortune can happen depending on each culture. For instance, some believe that a baby can die when he or she looks in the mirror because the soul can get trapped. Moreover, some culture believes that a baby should not look in the mirror because it has a bad effect on their psyche.

What are the Dangers of Placing a Mirror in the Nursery?

Mirrors are dangerous because they can break and the broken pieces can cut through the skin. Depending on the size of the mirror that you want to place in the nursery, they can be heavy which can be dangerous in the nursery. As babies grow, they become more and more interested in their reflection in the mirror. If the mirror is within reach, they will crawl to see and touch it. If the mirror is not firmly attached to the wall, it can fall and cause accidents.

The good thing is that there are mirrors that are made of plastic rather than glass. Plastic mirrors are an ideal option for the nursery because they will not break. Moreover, there are acrylic mirrors that are 17 times stronger as compared to glass. Acrylic mirrors are also lightweight and easier to hang. You can also check out this article that discusses why you should cover mirrors at night. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

Should You Install a Mirror in Baby’s Room?

There are pros and cons to installing a mirror in the baby’s room. The pro is that a mirror has some developmental benefits for the child while the con is that mirrors can cause accidents that can endanger the child. Be careful when hanging heavy and large mirrors into the room because they can fall off and can hurt your child. See to it that you install the mirror properly and securely.

Why Do Babies Love Looking at the Mirror?

Babies love looking at the mirror because they love to interact with the reflection. They see their reflection as a friend that they can play with. For instance, babies 6 to 12 months usually think that their reflection is another baby and would like to make friends. Children 13 to 24 months may feel a bit uncomfortable looking at the mirror because at this stage, they cannot identify with their reflection. Children 20 to 24 months, on the other hand, recognize their reflection in the mirror.

Is Looking at the Mirror Harmful for Babies?

Looking at the mirror, contrary beliefs and superstition are not harmful to babies. There are many benefits that a baby can get when looking in the mirror. Below are some of the reasons why babies can look in the mirror.

Babies Love Looking at their Reflections

Babies cannot recognize their reflection when they look in the mirror until around 18 months old. However, they still love looking in the mirror. They are entertained that their reflection copies their movements. You will also notice babies crawling to the mirror, touching it, and even kissing their reflection.

Placing a mirror in the nursery is a good source of entertainment for babies. However, you need to be careful in installing the mirror. Secure the mirror into the wall so that it will not fall or break when the baby touches it. It is also recommended that you use a plastic or acrylic mirror that is more durable and will not break.

It Helps the Babies’ Development

Mirrors are also great for babies’ development. They help develop the mental and physical abilities of babies. The mirror’s reflective surface is interesting to babies and always catches their attention. The longer a baby focuses on the mirror, the more his or her attention span will develop. Aside from that, when babies look at their reflection, they will notice how their body moves which helps the baby’s visual tracking.

✅ Video – Parents’ Guide to Mirrors with Baby

Pathways shared the video below on YouTube. It talks about a parent’s guide to mirrors with a baby. Mirrors help develop the physical and mental growth of babies. If you are introducing mirrors to your baby, you can watch the video below for some tips.

Are Mirrors Bad for Babies?

Mirrors are not bad for babies. Some cultures believe that looking in the mirror is bad for babies but there is no proof of this. According to studies, mirrors are beneficial for the growth and development of babies. Aside from being a source of entertainment because babies love to look at themselves in the mirror, it also helps strengthen the visual development of babies.

Do Babies Love to Play in Front of the Mirror?

Babies love to play in front of the mirror. People recommend allowing babies to play with their reflection in the mirror as compared to buying expensive electronic gadgets. Babies love to look at human faces because the expressions caught their interest. A mirror allows babies to gaze at themselves and see their reflection.

Can Babies Recognize Themselves When They Look at the Mirror?

Babies cannot recognize themselves when they look in the mirror until about 18 months. Babies that are younger than 18 months consider dancing and pressing their heads into the mirror as a social activity. While they do not recognize themselves, they will think of their reflection as another friend and they will interact with it. Looking at mirrors is a good playtime for babies while also developing their social skills. You can also read this article that discusses how many mirrors you should have in a room. We have shared helpful information that you can refer to.


In this article, we have discussed why babies can’t look in the mirror. We have found out that some cultures have superstitious beliefs when it comes to babies looking at a mirror. These superstitions vary from culture to culture. On the other hand, these remain superstitions and in reality, some studies said that looking at a mirror can help in the mental, physical, and developmental growth of a child. Thank you for reading!

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