Which Wallpaper is Best for Bedroom?

Are you decorating your bedroom and is wondering which wallpaper is the best to use? Installing the right wallpaper into the bedroom will help you achieve the look and ambiance that you would like to have in the room. There is a wide array of wallpaper available on the market which makes it challenging to choose the one that suits a bedroom style the most. To help you get started, we have shared tips and ideas on how to choose the best wallpaper for a bedroom.

Which wallpaper is best for bedroom? The best wallpaper for a bedroom is the one that suits the existing theme of the room. Nowadays, vinyl based wallpaper is a popular choice because it is versatile, easy to install, remove, and clean. Moreover, this type of wallpaper comes in a wide array of styles to suit your preferences and budget.

Should I wallpaper my bedroom? How to use wallpaper in the bedroom? What are the different bedroom wallpaper ideas? How to choose wallpaper for a bedroom? These are some of the questions that we will discuss. Read the rest of the article below for more wallpaper bedroom tips and ideas.

Which wallpaper is best for bedroom
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How do I Choose Wallpaper for My Bedroom?

When choosing wallpaper for your bedroom, you need to consider a few factors which include the existing theme of the room and the look that you would like to achieve. If you want to highlight an area in a room, you can opt for bold and dramatic patterns. On the other hand, there are also simple designs and patterns that will blend in with the style of the room. If you want to have a glamorous and classy ambiance, you can choose glossy or metallic wallpaper. You can also check out this article that discusses how to choose wallpaper. We have shared tips and ideas on how to choose the best wallpaper for every room.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

The bedroom is a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Hence, it is a room where you want to feel comfortable and pampered. Choosing the right wallpaper is important to set the mood in the room. Below are bedroom wallpaper ideas that you can consider.

Tip 1 – Go for Stripes

There is a wide array of bedroom wallpaper that it can be confusing to choose a design for your room. Why not choose something traditional for your bedroom? You can choose wallpaper that has stripes pattern. This design can be paired with minimal and modern home decoration. For a unique look, you can hang wallpaper in stripes in a wall that is painted with a different color. To create a featured wall, you can paint the wall in a dark color and add bold patterned wallpaper into it.

Tip 2 – Decorate the Ceiling

Most often than not, the ceiling is forgotten or not included when decorating a room. Aside from painting and hanging a chandelier or fan, there is not much done in the ceiling. If you want something that is fun and different, you can wallpaper your ceiling to make it blend into the four walls of the room. The interesting design of the ceiling will dramatically change the aesthetic and ambiance of the room. Moreover, it makes an interesting visual design that you can stare at when you lay on the bed. You can choose an interesting design or pattern for the ceiling wallpaper. Choose from a wide array of options that are available on the market.

Tip 3 – Add Texture

If you think that the walls of your bedroom are looking plain and dull, why not add texture into it? Hanging textured wallpaper into the bedroom will add depth into the room without having to paint the walls. The right textured wallpaper will make the room feel more spacious and comforting. You can use textured wallpaper for a featured wall in your bedroom. It will draw attention and also provide your room with a comfortable and cozy ambiance.

Tip 4 – Use Geometric Patterns

If you want to have something fun and unique for your bedroom walls, you can use geometric patterns. You can make the bedroom feel more luxurious and classy by adding wallpaper with geometric pattern and metallic accents. The metallic accents will reflect light making the room look more glamorous.

Tip 5 – Think about Wood Effect

If you want to have a rustic feel into your bedroom, you can hang wood printed wallpaper into your walls. By hanging wood printed wallpapers, you can achieve a wood effect into your walls which will provide the necessary texture and the feel of being outdoors without having to spend a lot of money using wood paneling. You can choose from a wide array of designs and patterns that are available. Create a contrast between the walls and your furniture by adding light or soft pattern wallpaper into the walls.  

Tip 6 – Choose Retro Prints

Have a unique and fun bedroom design by choosing retro printed wallpaper. You can choose from a wide array of colors that are available. Retro prints are ideal if you want to have a mid-century modern feel into your home. Pair up the wallpaper with wooden furniture that is medium toned.

✅ Video – 29+ Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

RunmanReCords Design shared the video below on YouTube. It shows wallpaper ideas for different bedroom designs. If you want to redecorate your bedroom and are looking for wallpapering ideas, you can check out the video below.

How to Use Wallpaper in the Bedroom

You can use wallpaper to cover all walls in your bedroom or to have a featured wall. Another way to use it is with a chair rail. Each bedroom is different so you need to consider your existing theme, décor, and the furniture that you have so that you can choose the best wallpaper. Below are some tips on how to use wallpaper in the bedroom.

Use Wallpaper to Cover All Walls

You can go all in and cover the entire four walls of your bedroom. You can hang the wallpaper horizontally or vertically to give your walls a fresh look. There are many styles and designs that you can choose from. The right wallpaper can dramatically change the look of your look so you need to consider all options that you have. You can also check out this article that discusses if you can wallpaper 2 walls. We have shared tips and ideas that you can refer to.

Use Wallpaper to Feature One Wall

If you think that covering all walls with wallpaper is not ideal for the room, you can have a featured wall instead. Choose wallpaper with bold and dramatic designs to highlight the featured wall. The wallpaper will also serve as a backdrop for your furniture or you can use it to draw attention to photographs and artworks.

Should I Wallpaper My Bedroom?

The choice between wallpapering a wall or not depends on your preferences, budget, and the look that you would like to achieve for the room. Covering your walls with wallpaper can easily yet dramatically change the look and ambiance of the bedroom. You can choose from a wide array of designs and styles that are available. Wallpapering a bedroom is a quick and easy solution to give it a new look. It is an ideal alternative if you do not want to use paint. You can also check out this article titled, can you sleep in a room after wallpapering? We have shared more information about the topic.

Can Wallpaper Make the Room Look Bigger?

Wallpaper can make the room look bigger or smaller. The pattern and design of wallpaper that you choose can change the feel and look of the room. Choosing the right pattern will make a small room look bigger and more spacious. If you have a small room, you can choose simple patterns and designs of wallpaper. Do not use big or extravagant designs or patterns for smaller rooms because it can make the room look crowded and even smaller.

What Color Wallpaper Make the Room Look Bigger?

If you want to make your bedroom look bigger, choose soft tones such as blue, green, and off-white. Moreover, choose brighter colors because it can make the room feel more spacious and inviting. The right wallpaper can even make your ceiling appear taller than it actually is. We have also shared this article titled; can you use fabric instead of wallpaper? You can check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

Which Wall Do I Wallpaper in My Bedroom?

The best wall to wallpaper in the bedroom is the one that usually catches the attention of people when they enter the room. This is usually the wall where the bed is placed. As you enter your bedroom, consider the wall which draws your attention first and use that as your featured wall. Use bold and vibrant wallpaper to cover the wall and make it more interesting.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses which wallpaper is best for bedrooms. To cater to the needs of consumers, there is a wide array of wallpaper design and patterns that are available on the market. You can even customize your own wallpaper by choosing a design that you want. Consider different factors in the bedroom like the existing theme and the look that you would like to achieve. The right wallpaper will make your bedroom feel more relaxing, comfortable, and cozy. Thank you for reading!

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