Which is Better: Hemp or Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Hemp and bamboo toilet paper are sustainable and eco-friendly, but which o them is better? We will find out in this article. Both toilet papers are made from renewable sources so they are safe for the environment and your septic system as well. However, you need to choose between the two. To help you get started, we have discussed each type of toilet paper below.

Which is better, hemp or bamboo toilet paper? Both hemp and bamboo toilet paper are environment-friendly alternatives to regular toilet paper. Also, both materials provide soft but strong toilet paper that is biodegradable and easily dissolves in water. Hemp and bamboo toilet paper also have antibacterial properties that are ideal for sensitive skin. Moreover, both materials are renewable and sustainable. However, the only downside of hemp toilet paper is that it is not widely available. Because hemp is made from a controversial plant and linked with the marijuana family, it does not have sufficient scale production to fulfill the demand of the market.

What is help toilet paper? Is bamboo toilet paper better? What are the advantages of using hemp toilet paper? Where can you purchase hemp toilet paper? These are some of the questions that we will discuss in this article. To learn more about this topic, check out the rest of this article.

which is better hemp or bamboo toilet paper
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What is Hemp Toilet Paper?

Hemp toilet paper is made from hemp plants. It is made up of hemp cellulose fibers that are renewable and sustainable. The cellulose fibers are derived from plants like Abaca, Manila hemp, cannabis Sativa Indica, Sisal hemp, and various other hemp fibers. Using hemp plants for toilet paper is more economical as compared to using toilet paper made from trees.

Moreover, cellulose hemp fibers produce more hemp tissues s compared to normal trees. The reason for this is that hemp plants have higher cellulose. Hemp also has less lignin which is removed by pre-pulping. It is an eco-friendly choice that will surely benefit the planet.

Benefits of Using Hemp Toilet Paper

Hemp toilet paper has naturally soft fibers, tougher than regular toilet paper, highly-biodegradable, has anti-fungal properties, and uses fewer chemicals which makes it beneficial to the environment and the sewage system as well. It is also made from a highly renewable and sustainable plant.

Soft and Natural Fibers

When you cut the stem of a hemp plant, you will notice the inside feels soft. Hemp is softer as compared to wood or even the stems of other kinds of shrubs. The fibers of hemp make it an excellent resource for producing naturally soft paper without the need for many chemicals in the production.

Tougher than Regular Toilet Paper

While the fibers of hemp are naturally soft, it is also stronger than regular toilet paper. They can absorb five times their weight in water which makes it ideal for toilet use.


Another benefit of hemp for toilet paper is that it is one of the most naturally concentrated plants with the most bioactive components. Much of these bioactive components provide antibacterial benefits that can help avoid infections like UTI. You can also check out this article that we have written that talks about if bamboo toilet paper causes allergies. We have shared in-depth information about the topic.


All toilet paper is biodegradable and will disintegrate over time. However, hemp toilet paper contains fewer chemicals from the initial processing which makes it break down and degrade faster as compared to regular toilet paper.

Fewer Chemicals Used

All forms of paper manufacturing use varying amounts of chemicals which include the processing of recycled paper. On the other hand, the soft and fine fibers in hemp require less bleaching. This means that there is less chemical waste in the environment.


Hemp is a fast-growing resource. It can be harvested in about twenty weeks in ideal growing conditions. Every acre of land that is cultivated with hemp can be able to produce four times as much hemp toilet paper as compared to trees.


Another benefit that you can get from hemp is that it is a sustainable plant. They do not drain the nutrients of the soil and the unused leaves can quickly degrade and feed nutrients back into the soil.

What is Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is a sustainable and renewable alternative to regular wood pulp toilet paper. While it is made from bamboo which is grass and not a tree, it has similar properties to hardwood that are commonly mixed with softwoods to produce regular toilet paper. It is soft yet strong, has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and does not use chemicals in its production. There are many reasons why you should use bamboo toilet paper, you can check out this article titled, why use bamboo toilet paper for more information.

Hemp Vs. Bamboo Toilet Paper

If you want to reduce your global footprint, hemp and bamboo toilet paper is good alternative that you can use. Both kinds of toilet paper are made from materials that are sustainable and renewable. Moreover, they both have antibacterial properties that can benefit those who have sensitive skin and those who are suffering from toilet paper allergies. Hemp and bamboo toilet paper are also fast-growing plants and making toilet paper from such materials can help reduce deforestation.

The main difference between hemp and bamboo toilet paper is that bamboo toilet paper is common and easier to find as compared to hemp toilet paper. You can find bamboo toilet paper in supermarkets, and also purchase it online.

Is Hemp Paper Better?

The quality of paper made from hemp is higher as compared to wood and hemp pulp is much better for paper as compared to wood. Fiber paper is thin, tough, rough, and brittle. The composition of hemp hurds is the same as that of wood which makes hemp an ideal choice as a raw material for manufacturing paper.

Is Hemp Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

Hemp toilet paper is septic safe. It is way better for the septic system as compared to toilet paper. Hemp toilet paper is biodegradable and does not clog up septic systems. This saves you time and money for plumbing repairs and maintenance.

Is Hemp Toilet Paper Hard to Find?

Hemp toilet paper can be hard to find. Other nations like China are using hemp toilet paper. On the other hand, the U.S. has not yet introduced the concept into the mass market because companies are hesitating to abandon their long-standing business models. However, because more states are beginning to legalize marijuana, the overall attitude towards hemp products may change. If major toilet manufacturers begin to grasp the benefits of hemp products, they might begin to make the change.

Why is Hemp Paper so Expensive?

Hemp pulp is six times more expensive as compared to wood pulp. This is mostly because of the outdated and small-size equipment of the few hemp processing plants. Another reason is that hemp is harvested once a year which is usually in August and should be stored to feed the mill throughout the year.

✅ Video – How to Make Hemp Paper

Obelisk Farm shared the video below on YouTube. It shows how to make paper from the hemp cannabis Sativa plant. Check out how hemp is steamed, peeled, cooked, and beaten to make pulp for a sheet of paper by watching the video below.

Where to Buy Hemp Toilet Paper?

There are many places to purchase hemp toilet paper but it is rather difficult to find hemp toilet paper for sale in the U.S. Most products that are sold are not 100% hemp toilet paper but a blend of hemp and other recyclable materials.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better?

Bamboo toilet paper is a better choice when it comes to the environment. As compared to toilet papers made of virgin pulp and recycled pulp, bamboo toilet paper is an excellent choice. It is not only beneficial to the environment but also the septic system. It is easy to dissolve when flushed down the toilet and does not cause any clogging. We have also shared this article about how bamboo toilet paper impacts the sewage systems. You can check out the article for more information.

Is Hemp Toilet Paper Eco-Friendly?

Hemp toilet paper is eco-friendly. It can be harvested in about four months as compared to trees that take up to 20 years. The process of making toilet paper from hemp also requires less water. Fewer chemicals are also required for production. Moreover, hemp has 70% more cellulose than trees which only have 30% cellulose.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Flushable?

Bamboo toilet paper is flushable. It will dissolve easily when it is flushed down the toilet and will disintegrate faster to prevent clogging. If you want to know more about this topic, you can check out this article that we have written titled, is bamboo toilet paper flushable?


You have reached the end of this article that discusses if hemp or bamboo toilet paper is a better choice. We have found out that both materials offer almost the same benefits and the only difference is availability. As compared to bamboo toilet paper, hemp toilet paper is limited and not widely available. This means that you may not find it when you shop at your local store and a few options are only available online.

Both hemp and bamboo toilet paper are environmentally friendly and help lessen deforestation. They are sustainable and renewable materials with natural fibers that make soft but strong toilet paper. Hemp and bamboo toilet paper are also antibacterial and do not use any chemicals in their production. Both are ideal alternatives for regular toilet paper. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about hemp and bamboo toilet paper and why they are safe to use for your septic system and or the environment as well. Thank you for reading!

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