Where Should You Not Hang Mirrors?

This article discusses where you should not hang mirrors. If you are searching for answers to this question, you have come to the right place. Mirrors have many uses in the home. It opens up space, enhances decorations, and reflects light. On the other hand, there are a few guidelines that you need to follow when hanging mirrors around your home. There are some places wherein hanging mirrors are not a good idea. We will talk about those places below.

Where should you not hang mirrors? Feng Shui experts advise not to place mirrors in bedrooms, kitchens, above beds, sofas, or chairs. These places invite negative energies into space. Moreover, interior designers do not advise hanging mirrors on more than two walls because they can look awkward and uncomfortable. Do not go overboard with displaying mirrors in your home because it can look crowded and unbalanced.

Where should you not hang mirrors, according to interior designers? What places do feng shui experts advise avoiding? These are some of the questions that we will talk about in this article. If you want to know more about the different guidelines for hanging mirrors, you can check out the rest of the article below.

Where should you not hang mirrors
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Where Should You not Hang Mirrors According to Feng Shui?

Feng shui expert advises not to hang mirrors in kitchens and living room because it radiates negative energy. Moreover, avoid hanging mirrors that face the stove, bathroom door, or bed. These create imbalance and produce negative energy. When used correctly, mirrors can multiply abundance and good luck in your home. On the other hand, mirrors hanging in the wrong places can cause negative energy and bad luck.

Facing the Window

Mirrors can bring anything from the outside into the house, so you need to be careful where you place them. According to feng shui experts, placing a mirror can bring the outside into your home, which is not always a good thing. Bad forms outside the window like electric wires, pipes, and electric poles can be reflected by the mirror, bringing negative energies.


Another place to avoid hanging a mirror is the kitchen because it has negative feng shui energies. Take note that if mirrors can double the energy of the space, a mirror in the kitchen can also increase negative energy.

Facing the Stove

A mirror that is hung in front of the stove creates a Yin Yang imbalance. According to feng shui, kitchen stoves provide string energies of Yang fire. This applies to all kinds of stoves since they give energy in the form of heat and light. When the mirror faces the stove, the Yang energies, and fire element greatly increase, shifting the house’s Yin and Yang’s balance.

Faces the Bathroom Door

Avoid hanging mirrors anywhere within your house that face towards the bathroom door. Bathrooms and restrooms produce negative Qi because it is the place where we rid ourselves of our waste. If mirrors are hanging facing both rooms, the negative Qi can increase and scatter to other places within your home. For more information, check out this article that discusses where bathroom mirrors should be placed.

Facing the Bed

Modern bedrooms are often designed with mirrors. These are not generally a bad thing unless the mirror is facing the bed. Some feng shui experts say that when a mirror is hung facing the bed, it can cause bad dreams and restless nights.

Living Room

Some feng shui experts say that hanging a mirror in the living room makes gatherings and parties more festive because it can create an illusion of more people. On the other hand, other feng shui experts say that the mirror can amplify the energy brought by the guests, especially the negative ones.

Behind the Sofa

The back of the sofa is usually placed against a wall for a sense of security. Some experts say that if a mirror is hung behind the sofa, that sense of security is lost. This is also the same for mirrors hanging behind the bed.

Facing the Front Door

Feng shui experts agree that hanging a mirror that faces the front door is bad. They say that the Qi entering the house will be reflected and repelled right out the door. Others say that the Qi can still enter the house but would be stuck and not circulate.

✅ Video – Feng Shui Tips for Mirrors in your Home

Julie Khuu shared the video below on her YouTube channel. She talks about where to place mirrors to create more harmony, wealth, and abundance in your home and life, according to feng shui. If you are interested in feng shui and how it can attract positive energy into your home by simply hanging your mirrors in the right place, you can watch the video below for more tips and information.

Places Where Not to Hang Mirrors According to Designers

The ceiling, kitchen, and bedroom are places where designers discourage the use of mirrors. Also, the advice is not to use mirrors across a wall that reflects random things in your home. You need to strategically place the mirror and use it to your advantage to create a spacious and balanced space for your home.

Reflecting Random Things in Your Home

While it might be tempting to hang a mirror to decorate a space, make sure that it reflects something worth looking at. Do not hang a mirror opposite random things in your home. For instance, do not hang a mirror in an area where it reflects unattractive furniture or a pile of clutter.

Kitchen and Bedroom

Mirrors are not ideal in kitchens. While you can have a mirrored backsplash, it is not ideal because it causes watermarks that need constant maintenance. Moreover, a mirror should not be placed in the bedroom and reflects the bed.


Mirrors at the ceiling of your home can look tacky. Moreover, it can be dangerous in case of an earthquake. Aside from that, it can also be expensive to install.

Common Mirror Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

The common mistakes that homeowners do when decorating using mirror include hanging mirrors without a plan, hanging mirrors on more than two walls, and placing them in an area where there are moisture and humidity. You need to carefully plan where you should place your mirror so that you can take advantage of it and create a stunning décor that will make your space look attractive and spacious.

Placing Mirrors without a Plan        

Mirrors are usually used as decorations and to fill up space. However, you need to place mirrors accordingly and creatively to enhance the look of your home and create balance. Make sure that the mirror is in the right place and reflects the best features in your home.

Hanging Mirrors on More than Two Walls

While mirrors can make the room look bigger, avoid hanging mirrors on every wall. This will not widen the size of the room. As a matter of fact, having many mirrors in one room makes people feel uncomfortable. Limit the mirrors on your wall to at least two.

Overexposure to Moisture and Humidity

Placing mirrors in areas with high moisture and humidity levels like the bathroom and kitchen is not ideal. It can cause black spots in front of the mirror. Also, moisture trapped between the mirror and wall can cause dark stains. Avoid hanging mirrored tiles in the shower stall or placing them too close where water splashes. This can cause watermarks that need maintenance. 

Related Questions

Which Direction Should a Mirror be Placed?

Avoid placing mirrors in the north or east direction. This may stop the positive energy that enters your home from the east or north direction. Moreover, avoid placing the mirror in the bedroom if you want to have good health and peaceful sleep. You can also check out this article that discusses which direction should a mirror be placed. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

Where to Put Mirror in the Bedroom?

According to feng shui, it is not ideal to place a mirror in the bedroom. However, if there is one, make sure that it does not reflect any body part or else, that body part will develop medical trouble or a third person will enter your relationship. You can cover the mirror when you are lying on the bed. You can also check out this article that talks about where mirrors should be placed in a bedroom for more tips and information.

Can I Hang the Mirror Above the Fireplace?

Hanging a mirror above the fireplace is not ideal because the point of the mirror is completely lost. Since it is on the fireplace, it will be hung too high and can reflect awkward parts of the room like the ceiling. As an alternative, you can hang colorful art pieces above the fireplace mantel for an eye-catching decoration. Check out this article on how to choose a bathroom mirror for helpful tips and information.


Thank you for reading this article that discusses where not to hang mirrors. Most of the time, mirrors are used as decorative pieces and are hang almost everywhere which is not ideal. Above, we have shared the different places in your home where you should avoid hanging mirrors. Not only do these areas attract negative vibes, but they also create an imbalance in your home decoration.

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