What Wallpaper Does Not Damage Walls?

You might be wondering if there is any wallpaper that does not damage walls. Nowadays, wallpaper is a popular covering that homeowners would like to have for their walls because it is easy to install. Moreover, it is a good choice for those who are renting and would like to make their living space cozier and aesthetically pleasing. However, a lot of homeowners ask about the type of wallpaper that will not damage walls. Let us learn more about the topic below.

What wallpaper does not damage walls? Removable wallpaper and those that are peel and stick does not damage walls. These kinds of wallpaper are easy to install and remove. They are the perfect option because they remove cleanly without leaving glue or chipping away paint from the wall.

Does removable wallpaper damage paint? What are the differences between removable and regular wallpaper? Does wallpaper ruin your walls? Can wallpaper stick on painted walls? These are some of the questions that we will discuss. If you want to wallpaper your walls and are searching for the best kind that will not damage your walls, you can check out the rest of the article for more tips and information.

Does Wallpaper Ruin Your Walls?

There are certain types of wallpaper that does not cause any damage to the wall. In general, removable wallpaper is your best choice because they are made with low to high-tack adhesives which make them easily removable. Moreover, removable wallpaper is easier to install and remove as compared to regular wallpaper. The reason for this is that regular wallpapers need to be applied to the wall with the use of wet paste. As it dries, wet paste can tear your wall apart when the wallpaper is removed.

Does Removable Wallpaper Damage Paint?

Removable wallpaper will not cause any damage to the surface of the wall provided that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed during the installation and removal of the wallpaper. The good thing about using removable wallpaper is that the leftover residue that comes from the glue or adhesive can be removed with soap and water.

In general, manufacturers include recommendations when it comes to the type of surfaces or painted walls that can best work with wallpaper. Make sure that you read the instructions included in the package so that you can determine if the surface of your wall is compatible with the wallpaper. If you are still unsure, you can do a test application. To do this, choose a discreet location in the wall and apply a small piece of wallpaper on it.

Does Peel and Stick Wallpaper Ruin Walls?

In general, peel and stick wallpaper does not ruin walls. However, there are a few factors that can contribute to the walls being damaged when the wallpaper is applied. For instance, applying peel and stick wallpaper into a freshly painted wall that have not properly dried, the paint will stick to the adhesive of the wallpaper which stops it from adhering into the wall and damaging the paint. Moreover, if the wall is not properly primed, the wallpaper will not thoroughly stick into it. See to it that you prime the wall before adding wallpaper so that you will avoid the risk of peeling the wall paint or leaving a residue when removing the wallpaper.

Peel and stick wallpaper does not ruin walls as long as it is installed properly. There is a wide array of wallpaper available on the market and it can be confusing to choose one that is ideal for your walls especially if all products advertise that they do not cause any damage to the wall. It is ideal that you compare one product to another and that you read some reviews shared by those who have used the type of wallpaper so that you can find out what they have to say about it. You can also check out this article that we have shared that discusses if wallpapers are worth it. Read the article to learn about the advantages of using wallpaper in your home.

Difference between Removable and Regular Wallpaper

The major difference between removable and regular wallpaper is in their application. When it comes to applying regular wallpaper, you apply the paste on the wall first. The paste takes some time to dry so you can freely adjust the position of the wallpaper so that it is placed ideally on the wall. On the other hand, removable wallpapers are peel and stick which means that they already have paste applied into them. Because of this, you need to be very careful in placing the wallpaper on the wall because once it is applied; it can be difficult to remove. Moreover, you need to be precise and careful about bubbles and wrinkles while applying the wallpaper.

How Can Wallpaper Damage Walls?

While removable wallpaper is damage-free, there are a few factors that can affect the removal of the wallpaper. Applying the wallpaper on matte painted and flat surfaces can make them difficult to remove. Moreover, applying wallpaper in a freshly painted wall can also damage the paint and the wall. Let us learn more about the factors that contributes to wallpaper damaging the walls below.

Wallpaper on Matte Painted Surface

It is recommended that you avoid applying wallpaper in matte painted surfaces because it can damage the wall when the wallpaper is removed. This is because the water-based adhesive that comes from the wallpaper can get absorbed into the matte paint. Because of this, the paint can get pulled off from the wall when the wallpaper is removed.  We have also shared this article that discusses if you can use fabric instead of wallpaper. Check out the article to find out more about fabric wallpaper and the benefits that you can get from using it.

Wallpaper on Walls that are Freshly Painted

If you use wallpaper on freshly painted walls without allowing it to completely dry, moisture can get trapped between the paint and wallpaper which can cause the paint to stick into the wallpaper and cause damage into the wall when the wallpaper is removed.

Wallpaper on Textured Surfaces

It is best to avoid using wallpaper on textured surfaces. If in case you do not have a choice but to cover a textured surface with wallpaper, you need to do a test first. Take note that there are some surface textures that can cause air to get trapped behind the paper. As a result, the wallpaper can get air bubbles and can also peel off from the wall.

How Do You Remove Wallpaper Without Damaging Walls?

To remove wallpaper without damaging the walls, you can use a chemical treatment or heat. It is also best that you opt for strippable wallpaper that is easy to apply and remove without damaging walls. Find out more about how to effectively remove wallpaper below.

Method 1 – Using Chemical Treatment

One way to remove wallpaper without damaging the wall is to use chemical treatments. These are available at wallpaper stores. Follow the manufacturer’s direction on how to use the chemical treatment. Mix the chemical treatment with water according to the measurement that is specified on the product. Apply the solution to the wallpaper with the use of a spray bottle or a brush. Allow the solution to soak into the wallpaper for a few minutes before you start peeling it off. In case your wallpaper has a protective water resistant layer, use sandpaper to score the wallpaper before soaking it with the solution. You can also check out this article that discusses if bathroom wallpaper is cheaper than tile. We have shared the differences between the two materials.

Method 2 – Using Heat

Another method that you can use to remove wallpaper without damaging the wall is to use heat. Take note that there are some types of wallpaper that should be removed with the use of a heat treatment. For instance, heavy duty wallpaper needs heat to soften the hardened glue that attaches the wallpaper to the wall. You can use an ordinary electric steamer to do the job. Removing wallpaper using heat treatment takes a lot of patience and effort because you need to remove the wallpaper while it is still warm. This means that you need to use steamer while you remove the wallpaper. To make the task easier, you can ask someone to do the steaming while you remove the wallpaper.

✅ Video – How to Remove Wallpaper

HGTV shared the video below on YouTube. It discusses how to remove wallpaper. In the video, the step by step process on removing wallpaper is discussed. The best methods in removing wallpaper without damaging the wall are also shown. You can watch the video for more tips and information.

What Wallpaper Does Not Ruin Paint?

Peel and stick removable wallpaper does not ruin paint, damage walls, and it is also easy to remove. This is your best option if you are renting and would like to decorate your space. You can choose from a wide array of designs and patterns that are available.

Can Wallpaper Stick on Painted Walls?

Wallpaper can stick to any kind of painted wall. However, this does not mean that you should apply it to any painted wall. Take note that there are some painted walls that are not ideal for wallpaper. Moreover, make sure that wall is primed before you paint and add wallpaper. The primer will serve as a base so that wallpaper will not absorb water.

Does Adhesive Wallpaper Damage Walls?

Adhesive wallpaper can damage walls upon removal. There are instances where the paint can get pulled off when the wallpaper is removed. Make sure that you carefully check the wall and do proper priming before you attach wallpaper to avoid damages when you decide to remove it. You can also check out this article that we have shared titled, do I need to prime my walls before wallpapering? We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.


In this article we have discusses what wallpaper does not damage walls. We have also found out that the majority of problems that happens when removing wallpaper is completely avoidable. Using the right installation and following the manufacturer’s instructions will make it easier to install and remove wallpaper without damaging the wall. Thank you for reading!

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