What Size Should a Bathroom Mirror Be?

In this article, we will talk about what size a bathroom mirror should be. If chosen correctly, the mirror can make space appear larger, but when chosen wrongly, you may not achieve the eye-pleasing aesthetic that you are looking for. There are many sizes that you can choose from, but with a bit of direction, you can have the right mirror for your bathroom.

What size should a bathroom mirror be? Vanity or countertop mirrors should not be wider than the vanity or countertop itself. Measure the vanity and subtract 4 to 6 inches to get the ideal size of the mirror. For small bathrooms, removing a few inches from the vanity’s length should provide the best size.

How big should the bathroom mirror be? What are the things that you need to consider when searching for the right size of the bathroom mirror? How tall should the mirror be? These are some of the questions that we will talk about in this article. A good mirror is an important part of many rooms, especially the bathroom. We have put together this guide to help you get started on your search for the right size mirror for your bathroom.

What size should a bathroom mirror be
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How Big Should a Bathroom Vanity Mirror Be?

The width of your vanity or countertop will help determine how big your vanity mirror should be. The length of the countertop is the measurement of where you should base your mirror on. Choose a mirror that is a few inches shorter or wider than the vanity. Measuring space will allow you to choose a mirror that is suitable for your bathroom. Take note that while you may want a specific look for your mirror, the desired look may not complement your bathroom space.

Below are the popular bathroom vanity sizes and the specific measurement of a mirror you need to look for.

  • 24-inch vanity – 22 to 23 Inch Mirrors
  • 30-inch vanity – 28 to 29 Inch Mirrors
  • 36-inch vanity – 34 to 35 Inch Mirrors
  • 48-inch vanity – 46 to 47 Inch Mirrors
  • 60-inch vanity – 58 to 59 Inch Mirrors
  • 72-inch vanity – 70 to 71 Inch Mirrors

How to Determine the Size of Your Mirror

There are three things that you need to consider when determining the size of your mirror. These are the size of the vanity, the height of the ceiling, and the room’s size. Below is more information about these three factors.

Vanity Size

Make sure that you choose a mirror that is a few inches wider or smaller than your vanity. Having a mirror that is the same size as your vanity will create a long straight line on both sides, not recommended. If you opt for a smaller mirror than your vanity, see to it that the frame does not finish too close to the sink. You can also check out this article to find out why bathroom mirrors should be framed. We have shared tips and information that you can refer to.

For large vanities, you can choose two regular mirrors. Large mirrors are ideal for families sharing the same bathroom. For single sink vanities, a 24×36 inches mirror placed at the correct height above the vanity will provide maximum viewing.

Ceiling Height

Another factor that will determine the size of the mirror is the height of your ceiling. If you have a tall ceiling, you can choose a large mirror to create more fluid lines. Moreover, large mirrors will not be overwhelmed by high ceilings and wall space. Take note that a strategically-size mirror can make even the smallest space look more open and spacious.

Size of the Room

Choose a mirror that does not only complement the size of your bathroom. While bigger is not always better, you would not want the mirror to be overwhelmed by the vanity or the surrounding walls. Hence, do not forget to consider the overall size of the bathroom when looking for a mirror.

How Tall Should the Mirror Be?

The mirror should be tall enough so that your head does not get cut off when you look into it. You can do this by purchasing a tall mirror or installing the mirror a bit higher above the vanity. Ensure that you carefully consider the height of the mirror, especially if you have a shared bathroom and your family members are tall. It can be uncomfortable to slouch in front of the mirror just to see your whole reflection, especially when shaving or putting on makeup.

How Wide Should the Mirror Be?

You can have a smaller or wider mirror by a few inches than your vanity or countertop. Having a mirror of the same width or longer than the vanity is not common because if the mirror is too long, it can look awkward in the bathroom. For wider mirrors, you can choose one that is 1 to 2 inches wider than the vanity.

Sizing Mirrors According to Shape

Bathroom mirrors are available in many shapes. You can purchase a shape that works best for your space and personal preferences. When choosing an oval or circular mirror, a popular width would be the sink’s width or slightly wider. Issues about the size of the mirror arise when you choose a unique shape. Regardless of the shape, make sure to purchase large enough mirrors for all of your daily needs.

When choosing a bigger-sized mirror, see to it that it does not pass the vanity length. If the mirror becomes longer, the proportion becomes an issue, and most of the time, it gives the bathroom an unappealing look. You can also check out this article that we have written that discusses if frameless mirrors are in style. Read the article and learn more about frameless mirrors and if they are an ideal choice for bathrooms.

Best Mirror Sizes for Large Bathrooms

Choosing the right size of mirrors for large bathrooms is not a difficult task. Some master baths are large and feature double-sink vanities. If you have double sinks, your best choice would be to install two identical mirrors of the same size. Choose a size according to your preference and around the size of the width of your sink.

Note that having a large wall surface does not mean that the entire space should be filled with the mirror. You can add two mirrors side by side for a proportional finish. By doing this, you will also leave space for decorating touches. We have also written this article that discusses if LED bathroom mirrors are any good. Check out the article for more information about these kinds of mirrors and the benefits that they provide.

Measuring the Length and Height of Bathroom Mirrors

Measure the length and height of the mirror to make sure that they perfectly fit your allotted space. Decide on the right length and height that will provide a stunning look into the bathroom and make it look balanced and proportioned.


The size of the bathroom mirror will depend on the length of the vanity. Designers advise mirrors to have at least 2 inches smaller in length than the vanity. In most bathrooms, this could be up to 4 inches. The space on each side of the mirror eliminates the box look that does not look good in bathrooms.


You also need to consider the height of the mirror. It should not be taller than the vanity and should be placed at least 4 to 6 inches from the ceiling. In case lighting is placed directly above the mirror, then this must also be added to the height of the mirror.

✅ Video – How To Choose the Perfect Sized Vanity Mirror

BathroomVanitiesHelp shared the video below on YouTube. In the video, Julia talked about choosing the perfect-sized vanity mirror that will go with your bathroom vanity. Check out the video for more tips and information.

Related Questions

Can a Bathroom Mirror be too Big?

Yes, a bathroom mirror can be too big, especially if you have a small bathroom with limited space. Make sure to measure your mirror a few inches within or outside the countertop. You also need to consider the height of the mirror. The height of your ceiling is a big factor in how tall the mirror should be.

Should Mirror be the Same Size as the Vanity?

To maintain a balanced and clean look, the mirror should be several inches less or more than the vanity area. For instance, if you have a vanity that measured 50 inches wide, you need to choose a mirror that does is a few inches less or more than 50 inches. Make sure that the mirror will not overpower the room but will not stand out from the vanity.

Should the Vanity Light be Smaller than the Mirror?

When it comes to lighting, single light fixtures placed above the mirror should be about a third of the mirror’s width. On the other hand, multi-light fixtures and horizontal light styles can extend beyond the mirror’s width but should not be longer than the vanity itself. We have also written this article that talks about the best lighting for a vanity mirror. You can check out the article for more information about the topic.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses what size a bathroom mirror should be. We have talked about the height and weight of the mirror and the different factors that you need to consider when choosing the size of the mirror. We hope that the information that we have shared in this article has helped you learn more about selecting the right size of mirror for your bathroom. Thank you for reading!

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