What is an LED Mirror?

In this post, we’ll be talking all about what an LED mirror is and what makes it such a hot item to have at home. You’ve probably admired your reflection in a LED mirror without knowing that’s what it was. Today we’re sharing with you all there is to know about LED mirrors and what makes them super trendy.

What is an LED mirror? An LED mirror is a type of mirror that gives off light. It is equipped with LEDs or light-emitting diodes. LEDs are light bulbs that produce light from electricity. LED mirrors to give off light so that objects in front of the mirror are illuminated well and reflected clearly in the mirror. LED mirrors are not only practical but stylish as well, which makes them great to have in the home.

We’ll be discussing more LED mirrors, their characteristics, and features, their uses, and the different kinds of designs of LED mirrors available on the market. All of these factor into why LED mirrors are steadily rising in popularity as a home must-have. Eager to learn more? Keep reading!

What Is an LED Mirror
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Characteristics and Features of An LED Mirror

An LED mirror is a mirror that has a built-in lighting system made up of light-emitting diodes or LEDs. The lights are placed around the mirror, either at a base behind the mirror or at the edges, like a frame. The lights cast a soft, diffuse glow that illuminates nearby objects with a balanced light. Some LED mirrors have added features such as a demister, a dimmer, and a color temperature adjuster. Here’s a closer look at the attributes and features of an LED mirror that distinguish it from a regular mirror.

LED Lighting

An LED mirror’s lighting system is made up of LED strip lights, which are several light-emitting diodes or LEDs arranged in a row on a length of a flexible circuit board. The LED strip is connected to a power supply unit, which then connects to a power source such as a wall outlet. LEDs are small bulbs that emit light when an electric current passes through them. An LED mirror may have its lights placed behind it or closer to the surface along the edges of the mirror glass.

LED Mirror Lighting Effect

The light from an LED mirror is sufficiently bright, yet diffuse and won’t cast harsh shadows. And because the lights go around the mirror, when you stand in front of an LED mirror your face will be illuminated evenly from all angles. This kind of soft, balanced lighting is ideal for when you’re putting on makeup.

LED light is also similar to natural light, so you can easily see the actual colors of your makeup and check when something isn’t properly blended.

Demister Pad

Many LED mirrors are available with a demister pad, which prevents mist or fog from building upon the surface of the mirror. This feature is specially designed for LED mirrors for bathrooms. An LED mirror with this anti-fog feature saves you from having to wipe down the mirror or open a window or the bathroom door to get rid of the steam after a hot bath or shower.


There are also LED mirrors with a dimmer function so you can adjust the brightness of the LED lights. A brighter light allows you to see how you’ll look in daylight, while a softer more subdued light lets you see how you’ll look in low-light settings.

A dimmer also lets you set a more relaxed, romantic mood if you have an LED mirror in the bedroom.

Color Temperature Adjuster

Many LED mirrors are also available with a color temperature adjuster. This feature lets you change the color of the LEDs from warm to cool to complement your skin tone so you can apply makeup that would suit you the best. Most LED mirror lights come with a warm white color temperature, which closely resembles natural daylight.

Uses of LED Mirrors

The characteristics and features of LED mirrors we’ve discussed above allow them to be used in different ways. LED mirrors are mainly used for grooming in bathrooms and dressing rooms, but they also work well as a source of lighting in other parts of the home, and as a stylish piece of home decor that can also make small spaces look larger.

Grooming Companion

The primary purpose of an LED mirror is to help you with grooming tasks where a well-lit reflection is not only appreciated, but oftentimes necessary. When applying makeup, for example, lighting can spell the difference between a flawless finish and a disaster.

The diffuse, balanced, and warm white LED lighting helps you make sure that the colors you choose for your makeup suit your complexion perfectly and that everything is blended properly. Poor lighting can often result in the overapplication or underapplication of makeup.

Cleaning your teeth, shaving, and styling your hair are other grooming tasks that a lighted mirror can be of great help with.

Light Source

Because an LED mirror has a built-in set of lights, it can serve to help illuminate other parts of your home. You can choose to have one in the bedroom to add to the lighting or serve as a source of soft light that’s perfect for helping you relax at the end of a long day.

An LED mirror is also useful in lighting up cramped or narrow spaces such as entryways and hallways. Plus, when you have an LED mirror in a hallway, you can check your reflection for any last-minute touch-ups on your makeup and outfit.

Home Decor

Mirrors have long been used to provide spaces with some added sparkle and brightness. Mirrors can instantly make a room look more elegant, and an LED mirror functions well as a focal point.

In addition, an LED mirror not only reflects light but also gives off light, so it can also be used to brighten up a small room and make it look larger than it is.

Different Designs of LED Mirrors

LED mirrors come in a variety of designs and sizes. LED mirrors can be categorized into three major types: backlit, edge-lit, and makeup mirrors. Each type has its winning feature, which we’ll be highlighting here.

LED Backlit Mirror

Mirrors with their lights behind them are called backlit mirrors. The lights are attached along the mirror’s base or frame where it is mounted to a wall. The light is projected from behind the mirror, in the space between the mirror’s glass and the wall the mirror is mounted on. The light is bounced off the wall, providing a dramatic backlit effect and illuminating nearby objects with a soft, diffuse glow. You can also check out this article about backlit mirrors for more information.

LED Edge Lit Mirror

An edge-lit LED mirror has its lights installed along its edges or around the front surface of the mirror. This makes it look like the mirror has a frame of light around it. Edge-lit mirrors are also mounted to a wall but they can also be made into floor mirrors or standing mirrors since they do not need to achieve a backlit effect. Standing LED mirrors can be moved around a room, which is great for those who like to rearrange their furniture now and then.

LED Makeup Mirror

An LED makeup mirror is an edge-lit mirror in a more compact size. These tabletop mirrors can run on battery power and let you apply makeup while seated. Some LED makeup mirrors also feature extra panels that offer magnification. Many LED makeup mirrors have foldable designs so you can easily tuck them into a bag for travel.

✅ Video – LED Mirror: Top 10 Best LED Mirrors

This video features 10 different models of LED mirrors. Most of the mirrors in the video are designed specifically for makeup use, so they are smaller than bathroom mirrors and can be placed on top of a table. Watch the video below to help you get a better idea of what an LED mirror is.

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Are LED Mirrors any Good?

LED mirrors are great for several things, primarily for daily grooming tasks such as shaving, hair styling, and applying makeup. The soft and even lighting results in a well-lit reflection. LED mirrors are also great for home decor and as an additional source of lighting for rooms. You can also check out this article that discusses LED mirrors and if they are any good. We have shared useful information that can help you choose the best mirror for your home.

Do LED Mirrors Need to be Plugged In?

LED mirrors need to be connected to a power source for the LED lights and other features to work. Of course, the mirror can still be used without the lights on, provided there is enough ambient light in the room. But to fully enjoy the features of an LED mirror, you need to plug it into an electrical outlet. We have also written this article titled, do LED mirrors need electricity? You can check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

How do You Install a Vanity Mirror with Lights?

The two main things you’ll need to do to install a vanity mirror with lights are to connect the wiring to an electrical outlet and to put the mirror onto a wall mount. You can also put the vanity mirror on top of a desk or dressing table and anchor it with a sturdy base. For more information, you can read this article that talks about how to add light to a mirror.


We’ve reached the end of our article that gives an introduction to LED mirrors. We discussed what an LED mirror is and what its characteristics are. LED mirrors are mirrors with a built-in lighting system, making them great for use as a grooming tool, home decor, and a source of extra lighting. We also showed the different styles of LED mirrors and their features.

We hope this article helps you decide on your next mirror purchase. With the number of different LED mirrors out in the market, we’re sure you’ll find one or more that would meet your needs.

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