What is an Acrylic Mirror?

In this article, we will discuss what an acrylic mirror is. It is one of the most popular mirrors and is known for being impact-resistant, cost-effective, and lightweight. Acrylic mirrors can be used in bathrooms, gardens, living rooms, and even in cameras. It is also possible to replace cracked, old, and unsafe glass mirrors with acrylic ones. What is an acrylic mirror, what are its benefits, and why is it a good choice for mirrors? Let us find out below.

What is an acrylic mirror? Also known as glassless mirrors, acrylic mirrors are metalized in a vacuum chamber and treated with a tough coating. These kinds of mirrors are strong but lightweight. They are an ideal alternative to glass mirrors especially in areas wherein safety is the main priority. Acrylic mirrors have ten times break resistance as compared to glass mirrors. They are flexible which makes them ideal for DIY projects.

Are acrylic mirrors as good as glass? What are the benefits of acrylic mirrors? Does acrylic mirrors scratch? These are some of the questions that we will discuss in this article. Using acrylic mirrors as an alternative to glass mirrors is popular nowadays. Let us find out more about acrylic mirrors and what makes them popular by reading the rest of the article below.

what is an acrylic mirror
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What is Acrylic Mirror Made Of?

Acrylic mirror is made from extruded acrylic sheets. It is an economical but high-quality material with narrow thickness tolerance. Acrylic mirror is made by an extrusion process. During the process, acrylic resin pellets are heated to turn into a molten mass. The molten mass is then continuously pushed through a die, the position of which determines the thickness of the sheets that are made. Once the molten mass has gotten through the die, it loses its temperature and can be cut and trimmed to different sheet sizes.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Mirrors?

Acrylic mirrors are safer and more resilient as compared to glass mirrors. They are also easy to work with, lightweight, flexible, and have high impact resistance. Moreover, acrylic mirrors are low-cost as compared to other mirrors. Let us discuss further the benefits that you can get from acrylic mirrors.

Safe and Resilient

One of the benefits of an acrylic mirror is that it is 17 times stronger as compared to glass. This means that it can be able to withstand and survive impacts like bangs and collisions. It is the strength of acrylic mirrors which makes them ideal to use for areas wherein safety is the main priority or where glass can crack and shatter. Acrylic mirrors are also resilient. In case the surface of the mirror becomes scratched, an acrylic polish can be applied to restore it.

Easy to Fit

Handling and working with acrylic mirrors are easier compared to glass. Fitting acrylic mirrors are also easier. For best results, acrylic mirrors should be mounted on a flat surface so that they will not warp. If a wall is not available, it can be fitted into something rigid like wood. Acrylic mirrors can be wall-mounted with the use of an acrylic mirror adhesive or with the use of screws.

Flexible and Lightweight

Another benefit of an acrylic mirror is that while it is strong, it is lightweight. Moreover, it is also more flexible as compared to glass mirrors. Acrylic mirrors can bend when you work with them. This makes them easier to lift and handle as compared to glass mirrors.

Impact Resistance

Acrylic mirrors are made from strong material that is resistant to impacts. These kinds of mirrors are ideal to use in areas where glass may crack or shatter. Because they have high impact resistance, acrylic mirrors are usually used to replace glass mirrors in setting such as schools and stables wherein safety is the main priority.


Acrylic mirrors are also affordable. They are less expensive and because of their durability and ease of fitting, they are proven to be the economical choice. With acrylic mirrors, less maintenance is required. They can easily be cleaned with the use of household detergent mixed in warm water and applied with a soft cotton cloth.

Are Acrylic Mirrors as Good As Glass?

Acrylic mirrors are better than glass. The problem with glass mirrors is that they are fragile. A mishandling while installing the glass mirror will cause it to easily break. Glass can also cause injury when it is broken. On the other hand, acrylic mirrors are plastic. If you drop an acrylic mirror, the worst that can happen is for it to get scratched.  Acrylic mirrors have high impact resistance and are also shatterproof.

It is also very risky and dangerous to cut glass mirrors. It is recommended that you let a professional cut the glass mirror to avoid injuries and also to avoid damaging the mirror. Cutting glass mirrors the wrong way will cause them to have jagged edges which can cause you to injure yourself. In contrast, acrylic mirrors can be easily cut into small and unique shapes. You can cut acrylic sheets by yourself and fit them into a wall or DIY craft that you are working with.

How does acrylic mirror compare to glass? Check out this article that we have written titled, are acrylic mirrors as good as glass? We have talked about the differences between acrylic and glass mirrors.

Does Acrylic Mirror Scratch?

While acrylic mirrors are shatterproof, they can get scratched. However, worry not because the scratch can easily be remedied and there is no need for you to purchase another mirror. In case there is a scratch in your acrylic mirror, you can use acrylic polish to restore the surface.

Are Acrylic Mirrors Any Good?

Acrylic mirrors are not only good but are also a great alternative to glass mirrors. These kinds of mirrors are lightweight, impact-resistant, flexible, and durable. Another advantage of the acrylic mirror is that it is affordable. Acrylic mirrors are your best choice for use where glass is too heavy or may crack easily. This plastic mirror is a durable and affordable alternative to traditional mirrors.

How do You Clean an Acrylic Mirror?

You can use an ordinary household detergent and a piece of cloth to carefully wipe the mirror and eliminate dirt and dust that sticks into it. Acrylic mirrors are a popular substitute for glass mirrors because they are impact-resistant and shatterproof. They make a good value for your money. Moreover, these kinds of mirrors can be cut to any size with the use of any conventional tool. They are easy to clean and maintain. Below are some tips on how to clean acrylic mirrors.

  • With the use of lint-free cloth, wipe the mirror to remove dust particles.
  • Add a splash of liquid detergent into warm water and wipe down with a cloth for a streak-free shine.
  • Wipe the mirror dry using a soft cloth.
  • Avoid using solvents like methylated spirits when cleaning the mirror. These products can cause irreversible damage to the surface of the mirror.

Are Acrylic Mirrors Shatterproof?

Acrylic mirrors are shatterproof and are an excellent choice for many indoor and outdoor applications. These types of mirrors are durable and are also easy to work with. It is perfect for settings wherein glass mirrors can be dangerous to install. Acrylic mirrors are also impact-resistant.

✅ Video – How to Install Acrylic Mirror

TAP Plastics shared the video below on YouTube. It discusses how to install an acrylic mirror. In the video, the advantages and benefits of acrylic mirrors are also discussed. Check out the video for more tips and information.

Is Acrylic Better than Glass?

Acrylic is better than glass. Not only are acrylics stronger, but they are also lighter as compared to glass. Acrylics are easy to process and you do not have to worry about breaking them while installing. They are the ideal choice for DIY projects. Moreover, clear acrylic is translucent which allows light to pass through like real glass. Another advantage of acrylic is that it is hard-wearing and will not discolor through the years.

Can You Drill Acrylic Mirrors?

Acrylic mirrors can be drilled with the use of a commercial power drill. It is ideal to use a drill that is designed for acrylic or steel. When drilling holes into the mirror, you need to place a scrap of wood under the acrylic so that you will have something to drill into. You can also check out this article that we have written that discusses if a convex mirror makes things bigger. We have shared interesting information about convex mirrors.

Which is Cheaper, Acrylic or Glass?

Acrylic is cheaper than glass. The price of acrylic mirrors depends on factors like size. You can compare one product to another so that you can get the best value for your money. Look online for some of the best products that are available. You can have the mirrors delivered right at your doorsteps.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses what an acrylic mirror is. We have found out that acrylic mirrors are a durable, flexible, impact-resistant, and lightweight alternative to glass mirrors. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Acrylic mirrors are also affordable and easy to work with. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about acrylic mirrors and how you can benefit from using them. Thank you for reading!

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