What Can I Replace My Medicine Cabinet With?

This article discusses what alternatives you can use to replace your medicine cabinet. If your medicine cabinet is damaged and you do not want to purchase a new one, do not worry because are plenty of ways to add extra storage in your bathroom. If you need inspiration, below are some solutions and projects to try.

What can I replace my medicine cabinet with? An easy solution is to frame a mirror and add matching open shelves that can hold toiletries and makeup.  Another option is to use a mirror that also doubles as a functional shelf for daily items.

A medicine cabinet is where medicines and toiletries are usually stored in the bathroom. But what if your bathroom has no medicine cabinet? Rather than piling your bathroom products in a plastic bin or scattering them around the countertop, there are many possibilities in even the smallest of bathrooms. Using a few unconventional tools and a whole lot of creativity, you can easily organize and store everything from toilet paper to shampoo and makeup.

What can I replace my medicine cabinet with
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Medicine Cabinet Alternatives

A few alternatives that you can use for a medicine cabinet include open shelving, the side table, wire baskets, the toilet cabinet, and even a rustic ladder. Using these things, you can organize your toiletries in one specific area so that they will not scatter around your bathroom.

Open Shelves

One option that you can use is open shelves. You can purchase one or even look around your local thrift stores for some interesting open shelving that you can find. If you want, you can also create your open shelves with the use of some wood or even mirrors.

Wire Baskets

You can also take advantage of your empty wall space and hang wire baskets to keep the clutter off the bathroom counter. There are affordable yet stylish wire baskets that are sold on the market. Using wire baskets also makes it easy to find and grab what you need when you’re getting ready.

Toilet Cabinet

For small bathrooms, the area above the toilet is a good place to store items. Purchase an over-the-toilet cabinet to save space. You can use it to store hand towels, shower supplies, daily essentials. It can also be used to display candles and plants.

Side Table

If you do not want to add another cabinet to your bathroom, you can use a small side table to store your toiletries in one place. It is a good option to organize some of your necessities. You can also choose a side table that features a drawer where you can keep extra toiletries.


For something rustic and creative, you can use a ladder. Paint the ladder and lean it against the bathroom wall. You can use it to place toilet paper and towels.

Hidden Shelves

A hidden shelf is an excellent way to store creams, pimple medication, tampons, and other personal hygiene products.

Narrow Shelving

If you do not have enough space to put a cabinet in your bathroom, you can still use narrow shelving. These shelves can be placed in the corner of the bathroom and they do not take a lot of space.

Where Should I Store My Medicine without a Medicine Cabinet?

If you do not have a medicine cabinet, you can keep medicines in the linen closet, the bathroom cabinet, the kitchen cabinet, or the bedroom drawer. Storing your medicines can be tricky. They should be stored properly and away from children and pets.

The Bathroom Cabinet

Most people keep vitamins, pills, and other medicines in the bathroom because it is a place that they frequently go to which makes it easier for them to remember to take the medicines every day. The bathroom cabinet is a good alternative if you do not have a medicine cabinet. On the other hand, without proper ventilation, the high temperature and steam that comes from the shower and bath are not good for the medicines.

Linen Closet

The linen closet is an ideal place to store medications. Make sure that you use the top shelves to keep medicines away from children and pets as well. You can use different containers to group medicines together according to your preferences.

Kitchen Cabinet

You can also use the pantry or the kitchen cabinet to set up a pill station. Another option is to store your pills and vitamins on the kitchen counter just as long as you do not keep them near the sink or stove.

Bedroom Drawer

Another option is to store the medicines in your bedroom drawer. It is a place where you can keep your medication close to you and under safe watch. The bedroom drawer is a dry and cool place ad also easy to reach. It is a convenient place to store medicines that you need to take during the night so that you do not need to get up and walk to your bathroom to take them.

How do I Replace an Old Medicine Cabinet?

There are many methods on how to replace an old medicine cabinet. If you have a recessed medicine cabinet, the best option is to choose a replacement cabinet that has the same or close to the same size as the original cabinet. This will make sure that it fits in the existing wall cavity. Another option is to get a larger cabinet that you can install once the opening on the wall is enlarged. Make sure to measure the opening on the wall as well as the size of your old medicine cabinet so that you will get the right dimensions. By cutting the wallboard with a drywall saw and modifying the wall framing, it is easy to measure the additional space required and enlarge the opening on the wall.

✅ Video – Replace a Medicine Cabinet

Mike Klimek shared the video below on YouTube. It shows a simple method of installing a medicine cabinet into the wall. The recessed medicine cabinet has a mirrored door that takes a little time to complete. Check out the video for the step-by-step process.

How Can I Update My Medicine Cabinet without Replacing It?

To update a medicine cabinet without replacing it, you can change the door of the cabinet with a mirror. You can also cover it with artwork or wallpaper to give it a new look. Moreover, painting the medicine cabinet is also a quick and affordable way to update its appearance. For more information about this topic, you can check out this article that we have written titled, how can I update my medicine cabinet without replacing it? We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

Is it Easy to Replace a Medicine Cabinet?

How easy the replacement of the medicine cabinet will depend on your skills as well as the amount of work that needs to be done. Different steps are required to remove and replace the medicine cabinet. It starts with the removal of the existing cabinet. Using a screwdriver, pry bar, and hammer, you need to remove the screws or nails that are located at either side of the interior cabinet. Once the cabinet is removed, you need to measure the opening on the wall and the size of your existing medicine cabinet to search for the right size of the medicine cabinet that you will install. We have shared this article that discusses the different tips on how to replace medicine cabinets with shelves. You can check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

What Can I Do with an Old Medicine Cabinet?

If you have an old medicine cabinet, you can add a mirror to it to give it a new look. You can also add decorative hardware to add flair and to make it pop out from the wall. Moreover, you can hang artwork over it to keep it hidden.

Add a Mirror into It

Some medicine cabinets have mirrored doors for added functionality. However, you can also add mirrors inside the medicine cabinet. It makes the interior of the cabinet look spacious and also makes it easier to find products that are hiding in the back of the cabinet.

Install Decorative Hardware

Adding decorative hardware into the medicine cabinet will make it pop out from the wall. You can replace the old knobs with a stylish one that easily catches attention.

Cover it with an Artwork

You can easily disguise your medicine cabinet by covering it with artwork. A recessed medicine cabinet will hide nicely behind a hinged artwork. Choose an artwork that matches the overall theme of your bathroom. We have also shared this article titled, what to do with medicine cabinet hole? You can check out the article for tips and ideas on what you can do to cover a medicine cabinet hole.

Use Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

Using a coat of magnetic chalkboard paint you can be able to stretch your storage space. You can keep small necessities at hand like cosmetics and contact lens containers by gluing large magnets directly to them. Moreover, the chalkboard paint can be used as a ready canvas for daily reminders.


In this article, we have discussed the alternatives that you can use to replace the medicine cabinet. We have shared some options above for easy storage and to keep toiletries and cosmetics from scattering around your bathroom. We hope that this article has given you more ideas on the best alternative that you can use if you do not have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Thank you for reading!

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