Is Wallpaper Hard to Maintain?

There are many things that need to be considered when using wallpaper to cover your walls and one of them is whether or not it is hard to maintain. Because you have taken time, money and effort to make sure that wallpaper is properly installed, you would want to make sure that it stays looking new and fresh. Is wallpaper hard to maintain and what kind of maintenance does it need? We will answer these questions below.

Is wallpaper hard to maintain? Wallpaper is not hard to maintain. Most wallpaper can be washed with plain water and a piece of cloth. There are also solutions and products that are used to maintain the fresh and new look of the wallpaper no matter how long it has been installed on the wall. See to it that you check and carefully follow the cleaning instructions in the manual. Some wallpaper is made with delicate materials and can get damaged if not cleaned according to the method that is specified in the manual.

Wallpapers can transform the look of the room as well as the ambiance. Like every other wall covering, it needs to be properly maintained. Maintaining the wallpaper will make sure that it lasts for a long time and is worth the investment that you have made. If you are wondering how to maintain and clean wallpaper, you can check out the rest of the article below for more tips and information.

How to Maintain Wallpaper?

Wallpaper is easy to maintain. They can be cleaned using dry and wet methods. You can use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt that sticks in the surface of the wallpaper. Moreover, you can use a damp sponge or cloth for dirt that cannot be removed by the vacuum. Avoid using abrasive cleaners when cleaning the wallpaper because it causes stains, tears, and other damages to the wallpaper. When using the vacuum, use a soft brush attachment and maneuver it carefully to avoid damaging the wallpaper texture.

Tips on How to Clean Wallpaper

When cleaning the wallpaper, there are a few steps that you need to consider like checking the material of the wallpaper to ensure that you use the proper cleaning tools and solution. You also need to use the right tools to avoid damaging the wallpaper. Do not get intimidated when cleaning the wallpaper. With proper techniques and knowledge, removing dirt, dust, grime, and stains can be an easy breezy task. Below are some tips on how to clean wallpaper.

Tip 1 – Check the Material of the Wallpaper

The first thing that you need to do when cleaning the wallpaper is to find out which material it is made from. The cleaning method that you will use is based on the material of the wallpaper. If the wallpaper is made from vinyl, you can use water and cleaning chemicals. On the other hand, if the wallpaper is made from fabric-based materials, you need to be careful when wiping it with wet cloth. For simple wallpapers that are paper-based, do not use water when cleaning it.

Tip 2 – Use Proper Cleaners

You also need to make sure that you use proper cleaners when cleaning the wallpaper. Make sure that you do not overuse the cleaning solution because it can cause dirt to stick into the walls and damage the wallpaper. It is also recommended that you use plain white cloth when cleaning to avoid any stains and color marks on the wallpaper. Moreover, do not use scrubbing pads and other hard cleaning tools because it can cause tears and damage. Check the label to find out which cleaning solution should be used for the wallpaper.

Tip 3 – Rinse and Thoroughly Dry

Once you have wiped the cleaning solution on the wallpaper, leave it for a few minutes and use clean water to wipe off the solution. Use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe the water on the wallpaper. See to it that you control the amount of water that gets in contact with the wallpaper to avoid having wet or damp walls. Use a rag or tissue paper to soak up dampness and remove excess water from the wallpaper.

✅ Video – How to Clean Wallpaper

Spencer Colgan Wallpaper & Painting shared the video below on YouTube. In the video, how to clean wallpaper is discussed. Using a damp cloth, you can wipe the wallpaper to remove dust and dirt on the surface. Watch the video below for more tips and information.

How to Remove Fingerprints from Wallpaper?

You can use a gum eraser to remove fingerprints from wallpaper. Rub the eraser carefully against the surface of the wallpaper. Do not put a lot of pressure because you might end up tearing the wallpaper. The eraser will effectively absorb the fingerprints. If the wallpaper is made from vinyl, you can use a cleaner and water to remove the fingerprints. To create a cleaning solution, mix dishwashing liquid and warm water. Soak a clean cloth into the solution for five minutes and wipe the cloth on the wallpaper.  You can also read this article that we have shared that discusses if wallpaper is bad for walls. Check out the article to learn more about the pros and cons of using wallpaper.

Methods to Remove Dust from Wallpaper

Using a vacuum cleaner, a cloth, or a floor brush are some of the ways to remove dust from wallpaper. Dust build-up can go unnoticed especially if the wallpaper is textured and have intricate design. However, dust build-up can make the wallpaper look old, dull, and damaged. Make sure that you dust your wallpapers once or twice a month to maintain a fresh and new look. Below are some of the dusting methods that you can use.

Use a Floor Brush

Remove dust from the wallpaper with the use of a floor brush. It is a convenient, easy, and cheap dusting method that you can use. To do this, put a clean cloth over a floor brush and swipe it over the wallpaper. The floor brush has a long handle so it makes it easier to reach high places. We have also shared this article that discusses if bathroom wallpaper is cheaper than tile. You can check out the article for more information about the topic.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

This method is considered to be the most effective when it comes to dusting wallpapers. To do this method, connect a wallpaper brush to the vacuum and start dusting the wallpaper. Start from the top to bottom making sure that all areas are dusted. You can use a vacuum cleaner to dust off any type of wallpaper.

Use a Clean Cloth

You can also use a clean cloth to remove dust from the wallpaper. You can use any old cloth that you have lying around the house. Start from the top to bottom. Make sure that you check the cloth once in a while to make sure that it is not excessively dirty. Wiping a dirty cloth into the wall will only smear the dust around. We have also shared this article titled, what wallpaper does not damage walls? You can check out the article for tips and information about the best wallpaper for walls.

Can You Remove Grease Stain from Wallpaper?

You can remove grease stains from wallpaper. To do this, place a paper-based cloth over the stain and use an iron to apply low temperature heat on the cloth. The grease will saturate into the cloth. You can also use the face powder method. Apply face powder on a clean cloth and place the cloth against the stain for about ten minutes. Use a dry sponge to remove the powder from the wallpaper.

Does Wallpaper Last Long?

High-quality wallpaper lasts for many years. It can last longer than paint. Wallpaper is a cost-effective and durable way to decorate your rooms. Of course, how the wallpaper is installed and the maintenance that is done will affect its lifespan. If you want the wallpaper to last, make sure that it is properly installed and regularly maintained. You can also check out this article that we have shared that discusses if wallpaper is good for damp walls. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

How Long Can Wallpaper Last?

How long wallpaper can last will have to depend on a few factors which include material, installation and maintenance. High-quality wallpaper can last for about 15 years or more. Cheaper wallpapers can easily get damaged and will not last for long. To find out more about this topic, you can check out this article that we have shared titled, is wallpaper cheaper than paint?

How Can I Protect My Wallpaper?

You can protect your wallpaper from getting damaged by sealing it with a wallpaper protection fluid or foil. These products can only be used for washable non-woven or water-resistant paper-based wallpapers. We have also written this article that discusses if you can wallpaper over damp wall. Read the article for more information about the topic.

How to Clean Non Washable Wallpaper?

You can clean non-washable wallpaper using a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution. The first step that you need to do is to wipe the wallpaper with a microfiber cloth to remove dust and debris on its surface. Do not rub the wallpaper or you might end up damaging it. Rather, wipe slowly in a vertical motion.

Once the wallpaper is clean, create a cleaning solution by mixing water, baking soda, and white vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray the solution into the wallpaper and wipe carefully. Make sure that you do not overspray the solution or rub too hard. Remove the solution with a microfiber cloth and let it air dry.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses if wallpaper is hard to maintain. We have found out that wallpaper is easy to maintain but there are a few factors that you need to consider before you clean it. Make sure that you check the label of the wallpaper to find out which material it is made from. Take note that the material of the wallpaper will determine the methods and cleaning solution that should be used. With proper cleaning and maintenance, wallpaper can last for a long time which makes it a worth it investment for your home. Thank you for reading!

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