Is Exposed Brick Trendy, or Going Out of Style?

This article discusses if an exposed brick is trendy or going out of style. Exposed bricks are a popular interior design that a lot of people want to have for their homes. Exposed brick walls add texture, warmth, and character to a room.  Over the years, exposed brick designs have improved. Most of the time, they have left raw a natural look while others are painted to match the theme of the room. Let us find out more about the trend and style of exposed bricks below.

Is exposed brick trendy, or going out of style? Exposed brick is still trendy and in style. Regardless the exposed bricks are old or newly constructed, naturally red or painted, they never seem to go out of style. They have a timeless and natural look that people would love to have in their homes. Exposed bricks are available in different forms and hues that suit different styles from industrial and shabby chic to vintage and contemporary.

Is exposed brick popular? Why is exposed brick trendy? Does exposed brick suit all kinds of homes? Is ted brick out of style? These are some of the questions that we will discuss. Read the rest of this article to learn more about the topic.

Why is Exposed Brick Trendy?

Exposed brick is trendy because it adds warmth and character to a room. It is also an interior trend that provides a timeless look into any space. If your home is made of bricks, you can expose them to create a trendy and unique look that will make the room more attractive and inviting.

Is Exposed Brick Popular?

Exposed brick walls are considered among the most popular home design nowadays. They are attractive and a good addition if you want to transform a dull space so that it looks warm and appealing. The exposed bricks also have a unique look that is great to have in the living room, dining room, and other frequently used parts of the house.

Expose Brick Wall Design

Using an exposed brick wall, you can create a postmodern, modern, and traditional design for your home. However, see to it that this type of decor suits the current style of your home decor. Exposed brick is versatile but there are architectural styles and home decor that will not look good with it. Let us discuss more the different exposed brick wall designs below.

Post-Modern Design

This home design will contemplate the look of exposed bricks. This is because post-modern design combines aspects of both modern and traditional designs. The addition of exposed bricks to a room that has a post-modern design will make it look more appealing. Using exposed bricks will allow homeowners to create the perfect post-modern interior decor. The exposed brick wall can be used as a backdrop for the rest of the design choices for a unique and natural look.

Modern Design

Exposed bricks also look good in a home that has a modern design. Usually, modern homes incorporate both concrete and glass in their designs. Adding exposed brick can make space look cozier and also provide a homey feeling. Exposed brick walls look great in a modern home with a minimalist design. The exposed bricks can serve as a backdrop or an accent alls that provides a rustic look into the room. You can use the wall to hang photos and artwork. Aside from that, you can also use the wall to highlight interesting pieces of furniture by placing them against the wall.

Traditional Design

If you have a home with a traditional design, you can add an exposed brick wall to make it look more appealing. However, there are some limitations when it comes to incorporating exposed bricks with a traditionally-designed home. Take note that some traditional styles and designs will not suit an exposed brick. The good news is that while exposed bricks do not suit all rooms, there are some rooms and spaces that will benefit from it. For instance, exposed bricks will look great in a traditional wine cellar. Mixed with wood, exposed bricks will provide a timeless look into the room.

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Decor Puzzle shared the video below on YouTube. It shows the top 100 brick wall decorating design ideas for a modern home. In the video, brick walls are discussed and also how to clean and maintain them. Watch the video below for more information.

Disadvantages of Exposed Brick Walls

The drawback of exposed brick walls is that they are prone to dirt and water, and they are also not energy efficient. Exposed brick walls are not ideal for every home and do not benefit certain spaces. Let us learn more about these disadvantages below.

Dirt and Water Exposure

Exposed bricks are vulnerable to dirt and water. Water can seep into the brick and cause it to crack and decay. Dirt can also get stuck between the bricks which can be hard to remove. To avoid such problems, it is recommended that you apply a sealant on the exposed brick wall to protect it from moisture and dirt.

Not Energy Efficient

Another disadvantage of exposed bricks is that they are not energy efficient. One of the reasons why brick walls in older homes are covered with drywall and plaster is to provide insulation. When you expose bricks in your walls, it can reduce the energy efficiency of your home depending on how large and wide the exposed brick wall is.

Is Red Brick Out of Style?

Red bricks are always in style and are chosen for their classic and natural look. However, gray and limewashed bricks are also trendy because they provide a vintage whitewashed look. You can also customize the look of your exposed brick walls by choosing from a wide array of mortar colors that are available on the market.

Why is Exposed Brick Good?

Exposed brick is a good addition to a home because it provides warmth, character, and texture. Moreover, exposed bricks show the history of a house. To learn more about this topic, you can check out this article that we have shared titled, why is exposed brick good? We have shared the different benefits that you can get from having exposed brick walls in your home.

Which Interior Design Styles Suit the Exposed Brick Look?

Aside from the industrial style, there are different interior design styles that suit the exposed brick look which includes rustic and farmhouse, and rural styles. If you are planning to add an exposed brick wall to your home, you also need to consider your furniture and flooring. It should also coordinate with the exposed bricks aside from the decorations and theme that you have in your home. We have also written this article that discusses if exposed brick adds value. Check out the article to find out how exposed bricks can affect the value of your home.

Does Exposed Brick Suit All Kinds of Home?

Unfortunately, exposed bricks do not suit all kinds of homes. If you want to have an exposed brick wall in your home, it should be older. This is because older properties often have brick walls that are covered in plaster or drywall. You can easily strip the walls to have the brick exposed. If your home does not have brick foundations, you can use brick slips, tiles, or cladding to achieve the look. You can also use brick wallpaper for an affordable and easy-to-install option.

How to Care for Brick Walls

Exposed brick walls should be properly cared for and maintained so that they last for a long time and to make sure that they are in good condition. Once you have removed the plaster and exposed the bricks, there is additional work that needs to be done. Make sure to clean the bricks to remove debris, dirt, mold, and dust that sticks into them. Moreover, you need to repair any cracks, gaps, or other damages. It is recommended that you replace damaged bricks and fill missing bricks as well.

Once you have cleaned and repaired the bricks, they need to be sealed to reduce disintegration and to have a smoother look. Sealing the exposed brick wall is also necessary to keep out dust and insects. You can choose from a wide array of sealants that are available on the market. Read this article that we have shared that discusses if brick sealing is necessary. We have shared tips on how to properly seal exposed brick walls.

Is Exposed Brick Right for You?

Exposed brick is versatile and appealing but it is not right for everyone. Some homes will not benefit from having exposed bricks. If there are no bricks to expose in your home, adding a new one can be expensive, and time-consuming. However, if you want to have an exposed brick wall without all the construction, there are alternatives that you can use. These alternatives include wallpaper, brick veneers, stencil, and paint. You can choose these affordable options that are also easy to install if your home is not made of bricks. We have also shared this article that discusses if you can add exposed brick to a wall. You can check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses if an exposed brick is trendy, going out of style. We have learned that the natural and timeless look of exposed bricks makes it a stylish trend that never goes out of style. Exposed brick walls are a beautiful design element that can make the room look more appealing. We hope that this article has answered your questions. Thank you for reading!

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