Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Environment Friendly?

In this article, we will discuss if bamboo toilet paper is environmentally friendly. We are aware that regular toilet paper is not good for the environment because it contributes to deforestation and adds to the increasing waste problem. Tons of toilet paper can cause damage to the planet. So, we search for alternatives and we come across bamboo toilet paper. What is it and is it environment friendly?

Is bamboo toilet paper environment friendly? Bamboo toilet paper is environmentally friendly like every other bamboo product. They are made from sustainable materials and can break down fully and quickly. Bamboo toilet paper is a renewable source that is soft and strong which is perfect for all your hygiene needs. They are versatile and renewable which have a smaller impact on the environment.

What is bamboo toilet paper? How is it made? Why is it environment friendly? How does it compare to ordinary toilet paper? These are some of the questions that we will discuss in this article. If you are looking for an alternative product that is eco-friendly, why not choose bamboo toilet paper? Check out this article for more information about this product.

Is bamboo toilet paper environment friendly
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What is Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is a sustainable alternative to regular or recycled toilet paper. It is made from bamboo and despite being grass, it has the same properties as hardwoods like maple, oak, or birch.

How is Bamboo Toilet Paper Made?

The process of making toilet paper from bamboo is straightforward. The raw bamboo is turned into a pulp and pressed into paper in giant-sized rolls. These rolls are then later divided into smaller rolls. No bleach is used for making bamboo toilet paper.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Good for the Environment?

Bamboo toilet paper is good for the environment. As compared to regular toilet paper, it does not contribute to the problem of deforestation. Bamboo is also known to be adaptable and resilient. They can grow in harsh conditions and do not need many nutrients as compared to other plants or trees. The good thing about bamboo is that it is renewable. It can re-grow after being harvested and does not need replanting. Moreover bamboo does not need much water to grow.

Why is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better?

Bamboo toilet paper is a strong, cool, and soft material. It cuts down deforestation and is also safer to use as compared to recycled toilet paper. Moreover, it easily gets broken in water and quickly decomposed into the soil. It causes no global warming or soil erosion.

It Saves Trees

By using bamboo toilet paper, you can help save trees. Trees are important in producing oxygen and creating a healthy atmosphere. They also prevent floods, landslides, and soil erosion. Purchasing environment-friendly products can prevent the destruction of trees and help the environment.


Most regular toilet paper has chlorine in them as well as fragrances which can irritate. Using bamboo toilet paper will guarantee that no chemicals are present in the product. You can help the environment by preventing the use of chemicals that are dangerous to humans, animals, and the environment.

Plastic Packaging Reduction

Bamboo toilet paper is produced by environmentally conscious brands and you are less likely to find plastic packaging. When you buy bamboo toilet paper, you are also not wasting non-recyclable materials. One of the benefits that you can get from bamboo toilet paper is sustainable packaging.


While regular toilet paper is recyclable, you also need to consider how valuable that is when it comes to recycling toilet paper which needs water and electricity. Bamboo toilet paper is biodegradable which means that it can disintegrate naturally and is safe for the septic system.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better than Regular Toilet Paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is better than regular toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is soft and thick which provides comfort and the absorbency that you need. It is also eco-friendly as compared to regular toilet paper. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly, does not require much space, and does not need fertilizer or pesticides.

Bamboo also thrives even in soils that are depleted of nutrients and enrich them in the process. Tissue products created from bamboo also release 30% lesser greenhouse gasses as compared to those made from virgin wood. When responsibly sourced, bamboo toilet paper is more sustainable than virgin wood pulp.

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drain?

Bamboo toilet paper does not block drains. It is easy on the plumbing system. Aside from being soft and strong enough for use, bamboo toilet paper will effortlessly break down in the water. This means that water will flow freely through your popes without having clumps of used toilet paper backing them up.

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Break Down?

Bamboo toilet paper easily breaks down as compared to regular and even recycled toilet paper. A thin sheet of bamboo toilet paper will naturally decompose and leave no trace of its existence on your plumbing system or the planet. You can also check out this article that talks about how long it takes for toilet paper to break down for more information about the topic.

Is Bamboo Toiler Paper Flushable?

Bamboo toilet paper is flushable. You can safely flush them down your toilet. They are 100% biodegradable and break well when flushed down the toilet. One of the main complaints about using wet wipes and virgin pulp toilet paper is that they do not fully break down in the water. With bamboo toilet paper, you will not experience that particular problem.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Soft?

Bamboo toilet paper is not only soft, but it is also strong, cool, and highly absorbent. It is soft on your skin and can be used for many hygienic purposes. Some toilet paper is rough to the touch which can irritate the skin. Bamboo toilet paper is soft and comfortable to use.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

Bamboo toilet paper is septic safe. While it is soft and strong, it can easily break down well after use. You do not have to deal with clogged pipes when you use bamboo toilet paper.

Why is Bamboo Toilet Paper Expensive?

Bamboo toilet paper is so expensive because the raw materials have to travel halfway around the globe for production. Check out this article that we have written about why bamboo toilet paper is so expensive for more information.

Why is Bamboo Toilet Paper Eco-Friendly?

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and can easily regenerate. This is the reason why almost all manufacturing companies that sell eco-friendly products are using bamboo as one of their raw materials. Bamboo toilet paper does not include chemicals in its products which makes them environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is a natural and renewable resource and is among the best material that can be used in creating sustainable and eco-friendly products that will not cause harm to the environment as compared to those that are made from plastic materials.

✅ Video – The Case for a Bamboo Pulp Alternative for Paper and Packaging

3BL Media shared the video below on YouTube. It talks about bamboo as an alternative for paper and packaging. The video shows how bamboo combines a sustainable alternative fiber technology that offers a solution to the current issues facing these industries and consumers worldwide. Check out the article for more information.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Bleached?

There is no bleach or chemicals that are added to making bamboo toilet paper. This is why they are considered an environmentally friendly substitute for regular toilet paper.

Is Using Bamboo Bad for the Environment?         

Using bamboo is good for the environment. It is a highly sustainable plant and has naturally renewing properties. Moreover, chemicals and pesticides are not needed when growing and harvesting bamboo.

Is it Better to Use Bamboo Toilet Paper?

It is better to use bamboo toilet paper. They are an eco-friendly alternative that you can use. As compared to other toilet paper made from recycled pulp and virgin pulp, bamboo toilet paper are soft, strong, and absorbent. They are also biodegradable, recyclable, and easily break down when flushed on the toilet so you do not have to worry about clogged drains. You can also check out this article that discusses why you should use bamboo toilet paper. We have shared tips and ideas that you can refer to.


Thank you for reading this article that discusses why bamboo toilet paper is environmentally friendly. We have found out that as compared to other toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper does not have any bleach or chemicals in them. We have also learned that bamboo toilet paper does not clog the drain or get stuck on the septic tank because it easily degenerates. It also breaks down easily when flushed into the toilet.

If you are looking for eco-friendly toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper is your best choice. It is soft, strong, and absorbent. You can use it for all your hygienic needs and it is also perfect for removing your makeup. By purchasing bamboo toilet paper, you can be able to help the planet. Thank you for reading!

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