How Do I Block My Neighbors Motion Sensor?

This article discusses how to block your neighbor’s motion sensor. Motion sensors are a useful way to save light and energy. It is a popular feature used in a lighting fixture. On the other hand, there are instances wherein a neighbor’s motion sensor can be a nuisance. To help you solve this problem, we will share effective ways on how to block your neighbor’s motion sensor below.

How do I block my neighbors motion sensor? There are different ways to block your neighbor’s motion sensor. An effective way to do it would be to cover your window so that you will not get distracted by turning on and off the lights. If the motion sensor is located near your property, you can make your fence higher by adding a trellis into it.

Motions sensors are sensitive and it can be tricky to get past them without triggering the lights. On the other hand, understanding the areas of its coverage as well as its placement, you can sneak around without setting them off. Take note that while motion sensors are designed to be responsive movements, they have limited coverage. Read the rest of the article below to find out more about the topic.

How do I block my neighbors motion sensor
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What is a Motion Sensor Alarm?

A motion sensor alarm or also referred to as a motion detector is a device that uses infrared or sensor technology to detect motion within its coverage. It is mainly created for security purposes. The motion sensor will activate if it senses movements within its range.

How to Block a Neighbor’s Motion Sensor

There are different ways on how to block your neighbor’s motion sensor which includes finding out its scope as well as using different materials like cardboard. Let us learn more about this below.

Use Cardboards

You can block motion sensors using cardboard. Take note that while this may not work for all motion sensors, it can be effective in an area where it is not much free from their line of sight. Slowly place the cardboard in front of the sensors and attach it.

Evaluate the Area

If you notice a motion sensor in the property, make sure that you evaluate the area first. This way, you can be familiar with the environment and choose the areas where you can pass without setting it off.

Determine the Location

Check where the motion sensors are located and how many there are. Usually, motion sensors are mounted on the ceilings so that it covers a wide area. Determining the location of the motion sensors will give you an idea of the possible path that is included in their range.

Walk In Blind Spot Areas

Take note that most motion sensors have a blind spot which is usually the area beneath where they are installed. It is hard for them to detect motion underneath them. You can move slowly under the walls where the sensor is located.

What are the Components of a Motion Sensor Alarm?

A motion sensor alarm has three components which are the detector, the control panel, and the application software. Let us learn more about the function of each component below.

Motion Detector

One component of the motion sensor is the motion detector. It is the external as well as the obvious part of the alarm. The motion detector usually looks like a white block that features a translucent panel on the surface. This panel contains a passive infrared sensor that reads IR radiation.

Electronic Control Panel

Another component of the motion sensor alarm is the electronic control panel. This is the panel that is integrated into the device. It controls the different sensors as well as interprets the IR radiation signals.

Application or Software

The application or software for the mobile or desktop displays the data that is collected by the motion detector. It is also the one that translates it for easy reading. The application or software is usually an online platform or a cloud-based system. You can also check out this article that discusses how to block your neighbor’s light. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

✅ Video – Motion Sensors as Fast As Possible

Techquickie shared the video below on YouTube. It discusses motion sensors. A lot of homeowners are using motion sensors in their property for safety and security purposes. If you are thinking about purchasing one and are wondering about how it works, check out the video below for the explanation.

How Do Motion Sensor Lights Work?

The common motion sensor lights make use of passive motion sensors so that they can detect sudden temperature changes that usually happen if a person walks within its coverage area. The sensor can pick up infrared heat. In residential areas, motion sensors are usually connected to the power path to the light fixture which triggers the lights on. On the other hand, advanced systems feature triggered motion sensors that can send alarms to the other security components.

How to Set Motion Sensor Sensitivity?

Motion sensor lights feature a sensitivity setting that is expressed as a range. This indicates that it will detect motion that happens farther away from the sensor when placed at the highest setting. This terminology can be misleading. Take note that motions sensors are not about distance, but about the heat.

Motion sensors that are set at the highest range set it to its greatest heat sensitivity. By setting the sensitivity level of the motion sensor to a maximum, it means that it can be triggered by almost everything. Squirrels, birds, and even the heat waves that rise from the pavement can cause the alarm to set off. On the other hand, setting the sensitivity of the motion sensor to a minimum level does the opposite. This means that almost nothing will set it off. Make sure that you properly set the sensitivity level of the motion sensor so that it will work best.

What are the Types of Motion Sensors?

There are different types of motion sensors which are active, passive, and dual technology. You can choose from these three types of motion sensors for your property. Let us find out more about them below.


This type of motion sensor makes use of radar technology such as microwaves, ultrasonic waves, microwaves, and lasers so that it can be able to detect movement. Active sensors send and receive signals constantly. The alarm triggers when there is an object that interferes with the signal.


Another type of motion sensor is passive. It uses an infrared sensor so that it can be able to detect body heat. The detector triggers the alarm if the sensor detects infrared energy. Moreover, infrared sensors can be set in a way so that it ignores moving objects within a specific weight. Meaning, you can set it so that it does not detect your pets. You do not have to stress about the alarm getting off when your pets pass by them.

Dual technology

Dual technology is a type of motion sensor that is designed to have an active and passive technology sensor. The good thing about this type of motion sensor is that the dual technology detectors need both of the sensors to trip before it sets off the alarm. As a result, it has fewer false alarms as compared to the passive and active sensors. The bad thing is that intruders can easily fool one sensor to prevent the alarm from setting off.

How to Disable Motion Sensors?

To disable a motion sensor, look for a switch that reads “on time”. It is usually located directly under the motion sensor. Make sure to set any position aside from the test position. Next, flip off the switch where the light is connected to. You can also check out this article that discusses what a fully shielded light fixture is. We have shared tips that you can refer to.

Can You Override a Motion Sensor?

You can override a motion sensor. Most motion sensors are designed in a way that you can override the function and operate the light manually. Do this by quickly turning the light switch off and on twice. This will prompt the light to remain on until you manually turn it off at the switch.

Why Do Motion Lights Stay On?

Many things can cause a motion light to stay on. This includes power surge, wrong installation, storm damage, and wrong settings. The good thing is that you can easily turn it off without hiring the services of a professional. Read this article that discusses if there are any lights that do not cause light pollution. Check out the article for more information about the topic.

What Triggers a Motion Sensor?

A motion sensor is triggered when it detects something moving past the camera. The first sensor intercepts the heat signature which activates the camera, sets off the alarm, and sends an alert.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses how to block your neighbor’s motion sensor. We have shared different ways that prevent the motion sensor from setting off. Moreover, we have answered common questions about motions sensors. You can always tell your neighbor about your issue with their motion sensor so that they can place it in another location. Thank you for reading!

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