Does Toilet Paper Really Clean?

Welcome to this article that discusses if toilet paper really cleans. Toilet paper is commonly used for cleaning after the toilet. It quickly breaks down to easily go down the drain without causing any clog. On the other hand, wiping with toilet paper is not enough because there are residues left that can irritate. Let us find out if toilet paper can provide adequate cleaning or not by reading the rest of the article below.

Does toilet paper really clean? Toilet paper does not provide a thorough cleaning and can cause health problems like hemorrhoids and UTI. Wiping with only toilet paper does not actually clean up poop residue and just smears it around.

Toilet paper is the go-to product when it comes to cleaning up after using the bathroom. On the other hand, a lot of people do not clean up properly which leads to itchy, uncomfortable, and smelly behinds. How to properly clean with the use of toilet paper? Is toilet paper sanitary? We will discuss these questions and more. Read the rest of this article for more tips and information.

Does toilet paper really clean
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Does Toilet Paper Clean Properly?

Toilet paper does not clean properly. As a matter of fact, constantly wiping using toilet paper can irritate the skin and lead to rashes. Moreover, toilet paper still leaves residue because what it actually does is just smearing rather than thoroughly clean. Aside from that, toilet papers are harmful to the environment and can cause plumbing issues.

How to Properly Clean Yourself Using Toilet Paper

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to properly clean with the use of toilet paper. Learn how to properly clean using toilet paper after using the toilet to avoid skin irritation and other health problems.

  • Once you are done using the toilet, remain seated for a thorough wipe. Get a reasonable amount of toilet paper. About three rounded square is enough.
  • Take the paper behind your bum and lean it to the facing cheek. Clean up using the index, second, and ring fingers. Next, raise your middle finger by half inches while your index and ring finger slightly rests behind you.
  • Make sure to apply a reasonable amount of pressure and wipe slowly from the front to the back. Repeat the process of wiping and stop when the level of fecal matter has reduced.
  • Using two fresh squares of toilet paper; continue wiping but add more pressure with each wipe. Continue doing so until the quantity of fecal matter on the paper reduces to a lesser amount.
  • Use a fresh piece of tissue paper. Repeat the wiping but with moderate pressure. With the use of your middle finger, push the toilet paper into the opening of your anus and sustain this movement until there is no fecal residue on the tissue.
  • Using a wet wipe, repeat wiping until your bum is thoroughly clean.

✅ Video – 5 Ways to Use Toilet Paper (Wiping Techniques)

Matzcis Retro Werkstatt shared the video below on YouTube. He shared 5 ways on how to use toilet paper. Proper use of toilet paper to clean your behind after going to the toilet is important as it will prevent irritation and other health issues. Check out the video below for the wiping techniques that you can follow.

Wipe or Wash After Pooping?

Washing with water is an efficient way to clean after using the toilet and also prevents the spread of bacteria in your private parts. You can use a bidet to avoid direct hand contact which is also more sanitary. Urine or fecal residue is bad and can irritate. After cleaning with water, use a towel or toilet paper to dry yourself. While toilet paper is a convenient way to clean when using public toilets, water is a more effective option that gets the job done.

Is Toilet Paper Sanitary?

Toilet paper is a common tool for wiping after pooping but it is not the healthiest or a more sanitary way. Using water is not only gentler but is also more hygienic. Toilet paper smears around poo and leaves residue. On the other hand, water rinses leftover fecal matters. Also, toilet paper is rough, dry, and can be uncomfortable to use. You can wet the tissue but it can be tricky since it becomes softer and easily tears. Furthermore, there are also instances wherein a toilet paper gets broken up or stuck into your behind while you are wiping. It can be very uncomfortable and can lead to irritation. Check out this article that we have shared that talks about the history of toilet paper. We shared interesting facts about TP that you might not be aware of.

Using Water Instead of Toilet Paper

A lot of people are using water for post-toilet cleaning. Water is used across Asia. There are different methods of cleaning using water and it varies according to cultures, places, and religions. Moreover, there are many ways to incorporate the use of water into the washroom. For instance, there is the bidet which can either be stand-alone or handheld. If a bidet is not available, a small container is used to pour water into the bum. For more information about how water is used for post-toilet cleaning across the globe, you can check out this article that we have written titled,  guide to using water instead of toilet paper.

Bidet vs. Toilet Paper

While toilet paper is the go-to product after going to the toilet, the bidet provides more thorough cleaning. Rather than wiping away leftover feces, a bidet clean with the use of water. Meaning, it does not only remove fecal residues but also bacteria like salmonella. Moreover, bidets are considered as gentler as compared to toilet paper that can cause anal fissures. Take note that wiping too hard or too much with toilet paper can damage the skin around your anus. Furthermore, those who are suffering from constipation are more at risk of developing anal tears.

Bidets are Eco-Friendly

If you want an eco-friendly solution or you want to lessen your household waste, a bidet is an ideal option. Most people think that using a bidet waste a lot of water but this is not true at all. As a matter of fact, you will only use about 0.375 gallons of water a week depending on how many times you use the toilet. This is an eco-friendly solution as compared to the estimated 37 gallons of water required to produce a single roll of toilet paper. We have also written this article that discusses if bidets are bad. Check out the article to learn the downsides of using a bidet.

Toilet Paper Clogs the Plumbing System

Another issue with toilet paper is that it can clog the plumbing system. Thick toilet papers take some time to dissolve. The more toilet paper that you use the more likely your plumbing system will get clogged. Furthermore, the risk of plumbing issues is higher if you have older fixtures. For instance, older toilets have weak flush which is the reason why they cannot dissolve the toilet paper right away. You can also check out this article that we have written titled, why is toilet paper bad? We have shared the bad effects of toilet paper on the environment, health, and the plumbing system.

Is Water More Hygienic than Toilet Paper?

Water is a more hygienic option as compared to toilet paper. Considered the universal solvent, water is a better cleaning agent. Using toilet paper will just smear around poop and can also lead to injuries. Take note that the skin on the anus is delicate and thin which can easily tear and bleed. Moreover, dry toilet paper is rough and abrasive. Excessive wiping or any harsh actions can lead to painful tears and bleeding. Using water is a more comfortable option and is also gentle on your skin. Water is especially helpful to those who have just given birth, undergone surgery, and those who have irritable bowel movements.

Why You Should Stop Using Toiler Paper?

Toilet paper does not provide thorough cleaning. Aside from that, toilet paper is also bad for the environment because it results in deforestation. Toilet paper is also bad for the plumbing system and can cause clogs and damage. Wiping your bottom with toilet paper only spreads around feces. If this area is not properly cleaned, then you will be more at risk of health issues such as anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and UTI.

Are Bidets More Sanitary?

Bidets provide a more sanitary way to clean after using the toilet. There are different kinds of bidet that you can choose from. It conveniently sprays the right water pressure to remove and clean fecal matters without using your hands. For more information about this topic, you can check out this article that we have written titled, are bidets really sanitary?


In this article, we have discussed if toilet paper really clean. While it is considered an essential item for cleaning, there are health risks if toilet paper is not properly used. There are many alternatives for toilet paper and bidets are on the top of the list. They are equipped with high-quality features to provide efficient and thorough cleaning. Thank you for reading!

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