Does the Mirror Have to Match the Vanity?

One of the common questions asked by homeowners when decorating their bathrooms is if the mirrors have to match the vanity. The mirror and vanity that you choose will have an impact on the overall look of the bathroom. Choosing designs that suit your bathroom style will create a stunning ensemble and help another décor look balanced and consistent.

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Does the mirror have to match the vanity? The mirror does not always have to match the vanity, but it should blend with it. If the vanity has a black marble surface, the mirror should be framed in black as well. For stark and minimalist vanities, choose a mirror that either match the design or blends with it. To make sure that the vanity and mirror complement each other, you can choose a mirror with a frame that matches the vanity and blends with your bathroom’s overall theme.

You can also have the option to purchase a set that includes a vanity with matching mirrors. Choosing a mirror that matches or blends with the theme of your bathroom can be fun and challenging. There are many things that you need to keep in mind before you make a decision. To help you get started, we have shared helpful tips and information below.

Matching the Mirror to the Vanity

Choose a mirror that provides the vanity space with style and visual interest. The characteristics of the sink and vanity play a great role in your choice of mirror. You can start by evaluating the features of the sink and vanity, which include the vanity top, sink edge, and cabinet doors. Also, consider the materials of the sink and countertop, general style, and finish.

A vanity top with a marble counter will look great with a large mirror with an elegant gilt frame. For sinks with a circular edge, choose a rectangular or square mirror. There are many possibilities that you can consider. However, make sure that you choose a mirror that adds and highlights your vanity’s best aspects.

Upgrading Your Mirror to Match the Vanity

There are four factors that you need to consider if you want to upgrade the look of your mirror to match the vanity. These are the edgework, installation, frames, and dimensions. Below is a short description of each factor.


You can choose from a wide array of dimensions for your mirror. There are large mirrors for a wide vanity that can fit on irregular wall space. You can also choose mirrors with circular or teardrop shapes for a unique look.


You also need to consider the edgework of the mirror. It can have a polished edge, a beveled edge, or a frame. You can have wide options when it comes to frame designs.


You can have the option of ordering framed mirrors in various sizes. There are many frame styles, so you can find the one that suits your preferences. Moreover, most standard-size mirrors that are attached to your walls can be retrofitted with a frame. We have also written this article that discusses if a beveled mirror can be framed. Check out the article for more tips and information.


Make sure that your mirror stands out from the walls rather than merely adhering to the surface behind it. You can do this using spacer, which allows the mirror to pop out from the wall.

How to Pick the Right Mirror that Matches Your Vanity

To make sure that you choose the right mirror that matches or blends well with your vanity, there are four things that you need to consider. These are the style, the number of mirrors, the size of the mirror, and the placement. Choosing the ideal mirror will be easier when you take these four things into consideration.


The style of the vanity mirror mainly depends on the shape of the mirror and the frame. Traditional and antique vanities tend to have round mirrors with wooden frames usually mounted on the vanity table. For this style, you can choose many options for frames. The frames can have elaborate designs carved into the wood or have a smooth finish.

Contemporary vanities tend to have large square, frameless mirrors. Some have minimalistic metallic frames. If you want something unique, you can paint your vanity with a unique color and place a round mirror for a soft and cool aesthetic.

Number of Mirrors

You can choose to install a single mirror or multiple mirrors depending on the available space. Multiple mirrors can be arranged to look like infinity mirrors, ideal for seeing angles that you cannot see with one mirror. If you want to do a wall-to-wall mirror, you need to get multiple panes of glass to achieve a wide coverage.


You also need to consider the size of the mirror. If you plan to have multiple mirrors, you can choose small to medium-sized mirrors and strategically place them on the wall. On the other hand, you can choose to install a single mirror that matches the length of the vanity or is slightly smaller. A smaller mirror can provide space. You can also choose mirrors with LED lights, which enhance the visibility of the mirror.


Another thing to consider is the placement of the mirror. You can choose to mount it on the wall, place it on a surface, or be suspended. Take note that not all mirrors need to be mounted on the walls. If you cannot hang the mirror on the wall, you can hang it from the ceiling or the top of the window post. When mounting on the wall, you can choose a creative option to add flare. By inserting it into the rest of the wall, you can create a floating mirror. Some mirrors can also be placed on top of the vanity.

Different Shapes of Mirrors for Your Vanity

The shape of the mirror can set the tone for the rest of the space. There is so much that you can do with different shapes of bathroom mirrors when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. Below are some of the popular shapes of bathroom mirrors that you can choose from.

Round, Oval, or Curved

With or without frames, round mirrors, or those with curves instantly appeal into the bathroom and create softness in the room. As compared to shapes with sharp lines, round mirrors do not take up much space and are ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Rectangular or Square

These shapes of mirrors are ideal for their wide angles, which reflect more light. They can open up small bathroom spaces and add more functionality. The sharp lines can be blended with various décor styles.

Ornate and Unique Shapes

Mirrors with unique shapes can add a statement piece to your bathroom. It also gives the bathroom more character. Their distinctive shapes are commonly used for old fashion bathrooms with classic or antique-style fittings.

✅ Video – How to Pick the Best Bathroom Mirror to Match Your Vanity

BathroomVanitiesHelp shared the video above on YouTube. In the video, Julia talked about how to match the bathroom mirror to the vanity cabinet. You can check out the video below for more tips and information.

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There are different sizes of bathroom mirrors that you can choose from. Experts recommend mirrors to be at least 4 to 6 inches smaller or wider than the vanity. You can also have the mirror be the same width as your vanity. You can also check out this article titled, should a bathroom mirror be wider than the sink? We have shared helpful details when choosing the right size of mirror for your bathroom.

Should I Choose a Framed or Frameless Mirror?

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Can I Choose Lighted Mirrors for the Vanity?

Yes, you can choose lighted mirrors for the vanity. There is a wide array of lighted mirrors that you can choose from. You can choose either backlit or edge-lit mirrors. Lighted mirrors provide the light that makes shaving, hair styling, and putting on makeup easier. For more information about bathroom lighting, you can check out this article titled, should vanity lights hang over mirrors?


Coordinating the look of your mirror with the vanity will create a balanced and stunning aesthetic. Vanity mirrors have evolved throughout the years, and you can find a wide array of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Take note of our tips above when shopping for a vanity mirror so that you can find the right one that suits your preferences and needs.

You can match the frame of the mirror with the style, design, or color of the vanity. On the other hand, you can also choose a frameless mirror with a shape that looks stunning against the design of the vanity. Thank you for reading!

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