Can You Hang a Garden Mirror on a Fence?

Are you planning to hang a garden mirror on your fence and are wondering how to do it properly? There are many benefits of using a mirror in the garden. It makes the area more spacious and also provides illumination. If you want to hang mirrors on your fence, but are hesitant because it might be dangerous, we have shared tips and ideas below that you can refer to.

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Can you hang a garden mirror on a fence? You can hang a garden mirror on a fence. On the other hand, you need to be very careful and make sure that it is properly attached. Secure the mirror into the fence so that it will not sway or fall in case of strong wind. Moreover, use the right material to attach the mirror depending on what the fence is made of.

How do you hang garden mirrors on a brick fence? Is it possible to hang mirrors without screws? How do you hang a garden mirror on a fence? Where to position a garden mirror? These are some of the questions that we will discuss. Read the rest of the post below to learn more about the topic.

Can you hang a garden mirror on a fence
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How to Hang a Garden Mirror on a Fence?

To hang a garden mirror on a fence, there are steps that you need to follow which includes determining the material of the fence and placing the mirror using the right hardware. Mirrors are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes, so it is vital that you determine which area in your garden you would like to place them so that you can make the right purchase.

Determine the Fence Material

The first step that you need to do when hanging a garden mirror on a fence is to determine the material of the fence. It is an important factor that will help you decide about the type of tools and hardware that you need to use. Fencing material varies and you should make sure that you attach the mirror into it securely.

Place the Mirror

Once you have found out the material of the fence, the next step is to properly place the mirror. Hanging a large mirror requires sturdy hardware like brackets and cleats. Moreover, the right anchor should be used so that it is storing enough to hold the mirror. Mark the area on the fence where you want the mirror to be installed then place the anchor and the hardware. For fences that are made of bricks or concrete, you need to use a specialty drill to avoid damaging the fence and also to make sure that the mirror is securely attached.

How to Hang Garden Mirrors on Brick Fences

When it comes to hanging garden mirrors on brick fences, you need to use the right hardware and make sure to securely attach the mirror in the fence. Use metal brick clamps according to the size of the bricks. The clip holds the brick at the top and bottom while its tips rest against the mortar. You first need to measure the width, height, and spaces between the bricks. Purchase clamps that are specifically made for bricks.

Choosing the Right Hardware

It is recommended that you choose a clip that features a spring at the bottom. The clip can be adjusted to fit various sizes of bricks. Moreover, use clips that can handle the weight of the mirror that you will install. Check your local hardware store for some options that you can choose from.

Attach the Hardware

To attach the clips into the bricks, start by clip the teeth of the clamps over the brick at the top and bottom. Next, place the spring end of the clip towards the bottom of the brick. You need to push the clip upwards so that it depresses the spring until the teeth goes over the top of the brick.

Attach the Mirror

Once you have attached the clips to the bricks, the next step is to attach the mirror. Make sure that you properly hand the mirror to the brick clamp by placing the frame to the hook of the clamp. If you have a small mirror, using one clamp is enough. On the other hand, you need to use two clamps when hanging large and heavy mirrors. Make sure that the mirror is straight by adjusting the clamps.

How to Hang Garden Mirrors on a Fence without Using Nails

Screws, clips, and brackets are some of the alternatives that you use if you do not want to use nails on your fence. Moreover, you can also opt for adhesive mirrors. These are lightweight and easy to install. They are also great for outdoor use. Adhesive mirrors have a sticky and non-penetrating backing that is pressed to the wall.

Mirrors provide an aesthetic look into your outdoors. If you do not want to use nails or drill holes into your fence, you do not have to worry because there are many ways to hang a mirror without damaging your fence. You can also check out this article that discusses how to brighten a shady garden. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

✅ Video – Hang Mirror without Nail or Screw

Simple Living shared the video below on YouTube. It shows how to hang a mirror without nail or screw. If you are planning to hang your mirror in a fence and so not like to use nails, watch the video for the step-by-step process.

Can You Hang Mirrors without Using Screws?

It is possible to hang mirrors without screws. You can use brackets, nails, and adhesives. Another option is to use Velcro which is a fast, convenient, and easy alternative. Using Velcro, you can hang different sizes, shapes, and weights of mirrors without putting holes. To hang the mirror using the Velcro, you need to attach half of the Velcro to the wall and another half to the mirror. Stick the mirror to the wall and press for a few seconds making sure that it is firmly attached. You need to wait for about an hour or so for the adhesive to stick firmly with the mirror and the wall.

How Do You Hang a Heavy Mirror with Command Strips?

To hang a heavy mirror, you need to use 3-meter Command strips. They are easy to apply to the wall and the mirror because you do not have to drill holes. You can find the instructions on the packaging. Start by measuring the area where you plan to hang the mirror. Make sure that you choose the right spot because you can only use the command strip once. It is best that you purchase a variety kit that comes with different strip sizes in case you made a mistake.

How to Properly Place Mirrors in Your Garden?

There are a few things that you need to consider when placing mirrors in your garden which include the placement and size of the mirror. Aside from that, you also need to consider what the mirror reflects back.  You should place the mirror in a location where it reflects beautiful things outdoors like the flower bed or the fountain. Try different locations in your garden until you find the one that provides the best view. We have also shared this article titled, can mirror increase sunlight for plants? You can check out the article for more tips and information.

Where to Position a Garden Mirror?

You can position your mirror wherever you think is best. You can place it where it reflects colorful flower beds or a stunning fountain. Avoid placing the mirror in areas where it reflects a compost pile or other unattractive parts of the garden. If you have a small garden, you can hang a large mirror in one section to make it look spacious and to add depth. Moreover, you can also place the mirror in the shady areas of your garden to help reflect light. On the other hand, do not place the mirror in direct sunlight because it can cause fire and can also be dangerous to birds. You can also read this article that discusses if sunlight off a mirror can start a fire. We have shared helpful information that you can refer to.

Tips in Painting the Mirror Frame to Match the Fence

You can incorporate the mirror into the fence by painting it in the same color. When you choose the match the colors, it allows the mirror to be the focal point. However, you can make the frame stand out and be the center of attention by painting it with a different color. If you have a white fence, you can paint the frame black or red to make it pop out. Make sure that you consider the color palette in your garden when choosing a color for the frame.


In this article, we have discussed if you can hang a garden mirror on a fence. We have found out that it is possible to hang a garden mirror on a fence. There are a few things that you need to consider like the material of the fence so you can determine how to properly hang the mirror. Thank you for reading!

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