Can I Turn My TV Into a Mirror?

In this article, we will discuss if you can turn your TV into a mirror. Nowadays, some systems combine an LCD television with a specially crafted mirror. However, they can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, it is possible to make turn your TV into a mirror. If you are interested in making your own, we have shared step-by-step instructions that you can follow. Check out the rest of the article below for more tips and information.

Can I turn my TV into a mirror? You can turn your TV into a mirror by using a dielectric mirror. You can also use a two-way mirror. Place your TV on a shelf or armoire with the frame and acrylic fastened to the front. Attach the reflective acrylic to the back of the large frame with brackets. Secure the frame to the front of the shelving unit making sure that the back of the mirror is close to being flush with the front of the TV.

What is a smart mirror TV? How can I turn my TV into a mirror? How much does a smart TV cost? These are some of the things that we will discuss in this article. We will also share tips on how to choose the right TV for this DIY project. Let’s get started!

Can I turn my TV into a mirror
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How Does the Mirror TV Work?

A mirrored glass is applied over a TV and built into a stylish timber frame of your choice. When the TV is off, the mirror will reflect your surroundings. When the TV is on, the imagery plays through seamlessly. Not only will it disguise and hide the TV, but the mirror is also functional, and it creates a stunning design for your space.

What Type of TV Can I Turn into a Mirror?

The thickness of the TV is important. Choose a TV that is ultra-bright and thin to make the whole process easier. If you have a TV model that is thinner than two inches, you can use a frame with sufficient depth. You can use any frame molding that you want for your display. Be as creative as you want with the frame.

What Type of Mirror Should I Choose?

You cannot just use any mirror for this DIY project. Your best choice is the Dielectric mirror. It is a semi-transparent mirror that provides a vanishing effect. When your TV is on, you can see the screen through the mirror. When it is off, it completely hides within the mirror which also hides the TV on the wall. You can use other mirrors like the acrylic two-way mirror, glass two-way mirrors, or glass smart mirror. On the other hand, the transparencies of these mirrors are lower so the display quality will not come through as much.

What is a Dielectric Mirror?

A dielectric mirror is also known as a TV mirror. It has a semi-transparent mirror coating which allows it to transform into a mirror when the TV is off. Dielectric mirrors have enhanced optical transmission that provides a better visual comfort when it comes to dual-function TV/mirror applications. It is also ideal for hidden commercial displays, projection screens, bathroom TVs, and electronics.

What is the Recommended Mirror Size?

Make sure to get the mirror the same size as your TV. If the size of your TV is 36” x 20.9” x 2.3”, you should order a mirror with a size of 36” x 20.9” with a thickness of 1/8”. This will hide your television behind the mirror completely.

How to Choose the Right Frame for the Mirror

Choose a frame with a molding of 2.5 inches in width or larger. Ensure that it has enough height so that you can add additional rabbet to create space to hide the bezel of the television. You can also check out this article that discusses if bathroom mirrors should be framed. We have shared an in-depth discussion of the topic.

How do You Make a Smart Mirror?

To turn your TV into a mirror, there are three components that you need to prepare. These are the frame, the display, and the semi-transparent mirror. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to make a TV mirror.

Measure and Cut

Measure the overall size of your TV from the top, bottom, sides, and its thickness. Next, measure and cut the frame sticks four inches larger than the overall size of the TV. To make sure that the bezel of your TV fits, cut the inside of the frame on the table saw. Take note that some bezels may be larger than others so you need to measure carefully to get the right size.

Work on the outside measurements of the frame sticks. You can do this by adding the frame width, times two to the viewable area of the TV. Cut 45-degree angles make sure to test the size of the frame to your TV to make sure that it fits.

Join the Frames

The next step would be to join the frames. Start gluing the frames together. Using a rubber shim, prop up the ends of the frames to bring the corners together. Aim for a tighter, seamless bond. After putting on glue, use long clamps to hold the frame together.

Work on the Back build

Test the front of the frame on top of your TV. Adjust the frame using a handheld router to see if it fits. Lay the frame down and measure the size of the mirror. Cut the mirror and place it within the frame. Measure the size of the back build that you will need by placing the mirror and TV into the frame.

The next step would be to decide on the thickness of the back build. The back of the TV should meet with the back of the frame. Measure the distance and make your cut. The size of the frames should be 1/16” wider than the front four. Join and glue the back build.

Attach the TV

Locate the IR sensor on your TV. Measure the amount of space that you need to create an empty pocket for the sensor to fit. Place the TV back inside to test the space and the sensor. Next, place the aluminum z-bars on all 3-4 sides of the TV. The size of the z-bars will depend on the thickness of your TV. Add corner brackets to attach the front and back of the frame. After you have attached the small IR, allow it to hang down so that it can communicate with the remote. Plug the TV to test it. You can also check out this article that talks about how to add lights to a mirror. We have shared ways on how you can properly add lights to a mirror to make it look more stylish.

Video – Make a Mirror TV: Complete Instructions

Two Way Mirrors shared the video below on how to make a mirror TV. The video discusses the materials and tools that you will need to create the TV mirror. A TV mirror will eliminate the glaring black hole on your wall that is created by a standard television set and replace it with a functional mirror. Watch the video below for the complete guide.

What are the Benefits of a TV Mirror?

A TV mirror is not only practical, but it can also enhance your space with an elegant mirror design. In most living rooms, the furniture placement revolves around the TV. On the other hand, incorporating a TV mirror into your space will create a more social ambiance. The placement of the furniture can gear more towards entertaining and conversation. Moreover, a TV mirror will elevate the interior of your home.

How Do I Maintain a TV Mirror?

To clean and maintain your TV mirror, you should use a non-ammonium glass cleaner as you would use on any mirror or TV. This will keep the glass in pristine condition. Spray the product into a soft cloth or microfiber and gently wipe the surface. Do not spray the glass cleaner directly on the surface of the glass. Also, keep sharp objects away from the glass to avoid cracks and damage. You can also check out this article that discusses if you can connect speakers to a mirror. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

How Much Does a TV in a Mirror Cost?

Mirror TVs are not cheap. Expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars on the TV and installation. You can compare one product to another so that you can get the best choice. You can also check out this article that talks about why mirrors are expensive. We have shared different factors that affect the cost of mirrors.

What Can a Smart Mirror Do?

A smart mirror is a two-way mirror equipped with an electronic display behind the glass. The displays show the viewer various information in the form of widgets like the time, date, news updates, and weather. You can also check out this article that we have written titled, Mirror mirror on the wall – original and pop culture. Learn more about mirrors and how they are used in pop culture.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses is you can turn your TV into a mirror. We have found out that it is possible to turn your TV into a mirror. We have also discussed the best mirrors that you can use and the size of the TV that is ideal. Moreover, we have shared steps on how to turn your TV into a mirror.

If you think that your TV set does not fit your living room décor, you can hide it using a mirror. Not only is the mirror functional, but it also provides a stylish look for your home. We hope that this article that helped you learn more about TV mirrors. Thank you for reading!

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