Can I Add Remote Control to My Blinds?

In this article, we will discuss if you can add remote control to our blinds. You can not only save yourself a lot of time by resorting to motorized shades but you can also protect the little ones in your house. Since they don’t have any dangling cord lifts, they help reduce hazards in the home. They are safe, convenient, practical, functional, and available in a wide variety of budget-friendly options concerning color, design, size, and type.

Can I add remote control to my blinds? You can add remote control to your blinds to make them more convenient to use. On the other hand, take note that this does not apply to all blinds. You need to consider the material and brand of the blinds to determine if a remote control can be added to them.

It had become quite irritating to resort to pulling cords to operate blinds over some time. If you belong to an area with fluctuating temperatures, there is a constant need to change the direction of the shades. The wooden slats have to be adjusted at different angles depending on the situation. Sometimes you wish to read in natural light, for which they have to be tilted at a greater angle to let the sunlight in. However, the sunlight can become a pain during scorching summers, during which time the blinds need to be shut. So the task of walking over to the shades at different times of the day was painstaking and often felt unproductive.

Can I add remote control to my blinds
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Why Choose Remote Control Operated Blinds?

Adding remote control to your blinds makes them more convenient and flexible, they are also ideal for windows that are hard to reach, and they are safe to use especially when you have kids and pets at home. Moreover, remote control operated blinds are energy-efficient and create a neat appearance for the windows. Let us learn more about these below.

Convenient and Flexible

Possibly the greatest benefit on paper one would derive from remote-controlled shades. You have the option of operating them from a comfortable couch or a bed, besides entailing a system wherein of a single channel remote. You can have a smartphone-enabled setup wherein you can operate these shades from anywhere, preschedule them, decide the level at which you want to adjust them, and decide their movement through the day, all from a single place.

Simple Setup for Hard-to-Reach Windows

A remote is very convenient for taller windows where it may be difficult to reach the headrail unless you have a ladder or a stool to open or close your shades completely. Besides, many homeowners have skylights installed on their roofs. These are very sensitive window spaces that directly impact the temperature inside the house.

So if you have extreme weather conditions outside, the windows must be secured by insulated window treatments. A cord-controlled or one-touch cordless setup is out of the question here, as you would constantly need to scramble your way using a ladder throughout the day. That is an extremely impractical prospect.

Safe for Kids

Even as many people in today’s times prefer cords in their window treatments, this setup is not very safe, especially if you have kids or pets in the house. When these cords are within your little ones’ grasp, they can twist and damage them by chewing on them and pulling at them repeatedly. This may also pose danger to their safety, as they can get strangulated or choke themselves. For the modern user, a remote-controlled setup in blinds entails extreme safety, and it also complements your modern decor elements perfectly.

Sleek and Neat Appearance

In the absence of cords and loops of fabric dangling beside the shade, your window treatments will offer a rather neat and appealing look. A window treatment that looks good complements the existing decor rather well and is one the finest additions to any room. Modern decor calls for modern window treatments, where a remote-controlled setup is the preferred one.

Energy Efficiency

Modern remote-controlled shades help to control the temperature indoors by adjusting and closing themselves automatically when the need arises. They thus keep the home at room temperature, avoiding the need for you to switch on the air conditioner when you begin to feel the heat. They can be set to schedules, according to time of day, or even used in conjunction with other smart devices such as a smart thermostat.

✅ Video – Automate Your Window Blinds

Smart Home Solver shared the video below on YouTube. It discusses how you can easily automate your window blinds. Watch the video for product reviews as well as to find out more about what motorized blinds are.

What is Remote Controlled Blinds?

Remote-controlled blinds operate on batteries. The blinds have a receiver made of a motorized tubular design located at the top panel or headrail of the blinds. Pointing the remote control to the infrared sensor of the receiver will operate the window blinds. You can move the blind up and down and close and open the blinds using the control buttons.

Some remotes can use regular double A (AA) or triple-A (AAA) batteries. However, the receiver may use a long-lasting battery such as a D battery. It is better to use a longer-lasting battery on the receiver so that you do not have to replace the battery often, especially if the height of the blinds is too high. You might pay more upfront. However, you save money in the long run by fewer battery changes.

How Does Remote Controlled Blinds Work?

The blind operates via remote control by pointing the transmitter portion of the remote, usually at the front, toward the direction of the top of the blinds. The remote control can reach up to a maximum of 40 to 50 feet of distance. You can press the control to open and close the slats and move them to different angles to control the lights.

You can also control the blinds by rolling them up or down. Some remote controls can handle up to five blinds at the same time, especially if the blinds are on the same row or columns in the same room. It is advisable to get a separate remote control for each room. It also helps prevent misplacing the remote.

Why Choose Remote Controlled Blinds?

Remote-controlled blinds are useful in controlling the amount of light that you want in your home. Higher windows are no longer a problem to cover because of the remote control’s ability to do the work without the need to climb tall ladders. In odd areas such as a sunroof located in bathrooms, kitchens, and sunrooms, you can use remote-controlled blinds to operate the blinds from a distance.

What are the Available Types of Remote Controlled Blinds?

Remote-controlled window blinds come in regular-sized 2-inch blinds, miniblinds, silhouette, and Levolor blinds. You can opt for multidirectional window blinds. There are even blinds that can split into two sections or that roll in the middle. You can also choose to have vertical or horizontal blinds. Certain motorized blinds are fan-shaped or arched. The odder the window shapes, the more expensive due to the difficulty in creating them and locating the right spot for the control receiver. You can connect the blinds to a sun sensor, thermostat, or timer to make adjustments more automated.

What is the Difference between Smart Blinds and Remote Controlled Blinds?

Smart blinds and remote blinds are sometimes terms that are used synonymously with one another. However, the truth is that while both types of blinds can be raised and closed from a distance, there are a few significant differences that set them apart from one another. The miracle of technology should not go unnoticed, for it was mere decades ago when even remote blinds were a distant dream. And today, they’re nearly obsolete. And yet remote-controlled vertical blinds have been in the world and on every home decorator’s mind for a long time, and continue to do so today.

Remote-Controlled Blinds

Remote blinds first came into being at a time when going wireless was all the rage. The miracle of Marconi’s wireless designs had become widespread at this point and everyone wanted in on the new tech craze apart from a few nay-sayers of course. But as amazing as remote blinds were and some remote-controlled shades still are, they did indeed have their limitations.

Smart Blinds

Smart is a term that is nowadays attributed to any device that connects to the internet and comes with additional properties. Most smart devices are meant to sync up with your laptop or your smartphone and can be operated from anywhere. Smart blinds and shades are no different. The key behind their operation is that they can be controlled through your smartphone. And if you have other smart devices set up then the smart blinds can simply be added to the same app that controls the rest provided they are compatible.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses if you can add remote control to your blinds. Having blinds that are motorized is even more important in windows that are hard to reach. Many homes have window treatments that have never moved since they were installed because they are too high up or they are blocked by a piece of furniture. This means the homeowners aren’t getting the most out of their window treatments. Motorized blinds or shades can easily be adjusted regardless of their location because you don’t have to reach them to open or close them. Thank you for reading!

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