Are Smokeless Grills Healthy?

In this article, we will discuss if smokeless grills are healthy. Manufacturers introduced the smokeless grill for indoor use. It aims to provide the same authentic barbecue taste for those who are certified BBQ lovers. These smokeless grills claim to virtually eliminate the smoke to make indoor grilling possible. Learn more about smokeless grills and if they are healthier options as compared to charcoal or gas grills below.

Are smokeless grills healthy? A smokeless grill is meant to eliminate the harmful smoke that can cause various problems, especially for those breathing the air around it. Smokeless grills usually have built-in fans that remove any smoke from cooking. Hence, it reduces the amount of smoke that escapes into the air. Exposure to charcoal, gas, pellet, or wood smoke can trigger asthma and other respiratory health issues, making BBQ grilling a health hazard. This can be avoided by using a smokeless grill.

When it comes to purchasing smokeless grills, one of the questions people usually ask is if the grills provide a healthier way to prepare food. Is indoor grilling healthier? How do smokeless grills work? Are smokeless grills safe? These are some of the questions that we will discuss in this article. Read the rest of the article for helpful tips and information.

Are smokeless grills healthy
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Is Indoor Grilling Healthier?

Indoor grilling can be healthier as compared to the traditional methods of cooking. It provides health benefits than outdoor grilling. However, it does not mean that everything that you grill indoors will be good for your body. Indoor grilling usually uses electric grills which can get rid of harmful gasses that can contaminate your food. As compared to a charcoal grill, an electric grill can prevent soot and excess carbon from contaminating your cooking. Moreover, it can minimize the amount of oil that goes into your food.

How Do Smokeless Grills Work?

Smokeless grills are designed with a nonstick grilling surface which makes it ideal to grill food indoors. These kinds of grillers are powered by electricity and claim not to produce smoke. Smokeless grills are designed with a slanted grilling grate that directs the fat and oils that come from the food to the drip pan underneath it. This gets rid of oil and fat before they can create smoke.

Is Electric Grilling Healthy?

Electric grilling is healthier. Most electric grills feature drip trays which reduce the amount of fat and calories that you consume. An electric grill is an ideal substitute for charcoal or gas grills. Moreover, if your live in an apartment where gas and charcoal grills are prohibited, you can opt for a smokeless electric grill. Furthermore, you will have more cooking options than a gas or charcoal grill. This is because electric grills are designed with different plates, making it possible to cook different items. You can also check out this article that we have shared that discusses if BBQ smoke kills. We have talked about the dangers of BBQ smoke exposure.

Benefits of Electric Grilling

The main benefit of electric grills is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use an electric grill as long as you have access to a power outlet. It makes cooking easier and more convenient. An electric grill is also safer and can provide you with healthier food. Below is a list of benefits that you can get from using an electric grill.

  • It makes cooking easier and more convenient because there is no need to worry about lighting a fire with gas or charcoal.
  • No open flame or hot coals which make it safer.
  • Gets rid of harmful gases and that can contaminate food.
  • It is suitable for indoor grillings like apartments and condo units.
  • Using an electric grill means that there is no need to store fuel.
  • It reduces the number of oils and fats when cooking foods.

You can also check out this article titled, what is the point of an indoor grill? We have discussed the pros and cons that you can get from using an indoor grill.

Charcoal VS Electric Grill Health Issues

If you want a healthier and safer way to cook outdoors, choose an electric grill. These types of grills do not produce carcinogens. Moreover, electric grills do not use gas fuels that can harm the environment. If your main concern in cooking is your health, an electric grill is your best option compared to charcoal or gas. Electric grills are also ideal for indoor use. You can find electric grills that are smokeless and are perfect for apartments and condos. You can also check out this article titled, can I line the bottom of my grill with foil? We have shared the pros and cons of using foil when grilling.

✅ Video – Electric Grill Review From BBQ Guys

BBQGuys shared the video below on YouTube. It is a review of an electric grill. In the video, Chef Tony talks about the stainless steel electric grill. He runs through a list of tests and shows every detail such as the pre-heating and temperature control of the grill. Check out the video below to learn more about what he has to say about the grill.

Does Indoor Grilling Cause Cancer?

Regardless you are having a BBQ indoors or outdoors, the process of grilling meat is still the same and can cause cancer. The reason for this is that the charring or burning of meat over high temperatures can result in the formation of heterocyclic amines or HCAs. These HCAs can damage the genes of a person which raises the risk for stomach and colorectal cancers.

How to Avoid HCAs?

  • It is ideal to pre-cook the food. Before grilling, pre-cook the poultry, meat, or fish in the microwave or oven. Take note that the lesser the grill time, the lesser the exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.
  • It is best to grill fish. Fish contains less fat and also cooks faster as compared to poultry and meat
  • Oil the grill lightly. This will keep charred particles from sticking to your food.
  • Make sure to lower the temperature. If you are using a charcoal grill, spread the coals thinly or prop the grill rack on the bricks. By doing this, you will reduce the heat and increase the distance between the food and the coals. It is also recommended that you use barbecue briquettes and hardwood products like hickory and maple. These materials burn at a much lower temperature than softwood.
  • Do not forget to scrub the grill. Cleaning and scrubbing the grill after every use prevents harmful chemicals from building up and contaminating your food.

Is Grilling with Charcoal Bad for You?

A lot of people would say that grilling with the use of charcoal is bad for your health. However, the problem is not the charcoal but the char that it produces. The fat, oil, and juices that drip from the grill onto the charcoal beneath allow the compounds to quickly vaporize. As a result, these rise back to the food and create the char. A lot of people love charring on their food because it adds a crisp layer that is flavorful and that is also what most people aim for when grilling. On the other hand, this can be a health hazard. During the process, the charcoal releases polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, while the food produces heterocyclic amines. Both of these compounds can increase the risk of colorectal cancers.

Are Smokeless Grills Safe?

As compared to cooking using charcoal and gas grillers, smokeless grills are safer. Smokeless grills are using electricity which is convenient and safe to use. You do not have to deal with fire and coals while cooking. Moreover, you will not risk accidental fires or burning yourself while grilling. For more information about this topic, you can check out the article that we have shared titled, are smokeless grills safe? We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

Are Indoor Smokeless Grills Worth It?

If you are a fan of BBQ parties and outdoor grilling, a smokeless grill is worth the money that you will pay. A smokeless grill allows you to conveniently cook indoors no matter what the weather is outside. This means grill throughout the year is possible. You can choose from different sizes of smokeless grills that are available on the market. There are portable sizes that you can store in a cabinet.

Moreover, electric grills not only grill meats and vegetables, but also make press sandwiches, pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Indoor grilling is made possible without all the unwanted smoke filling your kitchen. Smokeless grills are easier to clean as compared to gas or charcoal grills. Are you wondering how often to clean your grill? Check out this article that we have shared that discusses if you should clean the grill after every use. We have shared information about the importance of maintaining a clean grill as well as tips on how to properly clean it.


Using a smokeless grill is a better way to prepare food As compared to using charcoal and gas grills. Grilled foods contain less fat than fried foods. It is also a safer alternative for indoor grilling. A smokeless grill reduces the risk of carcinogenic compounds in food. By choosing the best smokeless grill, you can cook healthier and safer. Thank you for reading!

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