Are Pool Lights Worth It?

Pool lights are popular additions to both residential and commercial pools, but are they worth it? If you are thinking of installing pool lights into your pool, there are some factors that you need to consider. There is a wide array of pool lights that you can choose from, so rest assured that you will find pool lights according to your specifications and budget. Are pool lights a worthy investment? We will find out the answer below.

Are pool lights worth it? Pool lights are worth it because they provide the necessary lighting for a pool especially during the night, which prevents accidents because you can see every area of your pool. Moreover, they are considered a necessity most especially if you want to get maximum usage out of your pool. Pool lights can also set the ambiance and make your pool aesthetically beautiful. They are a good investment that you can purchase for your swimming pool.

Why do you need pool lights? Are pool lights necessary? Why are pool lights worth it? What are the different types of pool lights that you can choose from? These are some of the questions that we will discuss. The high demand for pool lights enables manufacturers to improve the quality and features of the products that they offer. Because of this, you can reap a lot of benefits from installing these lights in your pool. Read the rest of this article for more information.

Why are Pool Lights Worth It?

Pool lights are worth it because having the right lighting provides both aesthetic and practical benefits for your pool and also for the rest of your yard. Installing pool lights can improve the night-time visibility in the pool area. Having adequate lighting is important especially if you have kids and pets. Pool lights are also considered an important safety element for the exterior of your home. This is because the pool light enables you to use the pool anytime. Furthermore, pool lights can highlight the special elements and water features in your backyard like the fountains and ponds. Lastly, you can purchase pool lights that feature mood-enhancing lighting which makes the area more festive. These lights are available in various colors that can create different kinds of ambiance for the pool area.

Why Do You Need Pool Lights?

Pool lights provide the right lighting for your pool area which allows you to take full advantage of the pool anytime. Because the pool is properly lighted, you can take a swim even in the middle of the night and not worry about the dark surroundings. Moreover, lighting your pool gives you peace of mind when watching kids swim after dark because the light adds better visibility for the entire pool area. You can also check out this buying guide that we have shared about the best LED underwater submersible pool lights. We have shared a list of products that you can choose from.

Are Pool Lights Necessary?

Pool lights are necessary if you love to swim during the night. Swimming during the night can be dangerous if you do not have proper lighting. Take note that the pool is slippery, and without proper lighting, you might accidentally slip and fall. To avoid this, see to it that the pool is properly illuminated while you take a swim by installing pool lights. You can also check out this article that we have shared titled, can I put an LED bulb in my pool lights? We have shared helpful tips and information about LED pool light installation that you can refer to.

What are the Types of Pool Lights?

Incandescent, LED, and halogen is the different types of pool lights that you can choose from. Each of these lights has its pros and cons so you need to weigh out your options before you you’re your purchase. Before, incandescent lights are popular when it comes to lighting, but innovations in lighting technology have provided consumers with more choices. Let us find out more about the different types of pool lights below.

Incandescent Pool Light

Before, these types of lights are considered the most affordable option for lighting a permanent pool. Light is produced in the bulbs through the heating of a filament while heat is radiated from the bulb. Incandescent bulbs emit a yellow shade of light. For this reason, the color of the pool can turn greenish when you turn on the incandescent bulbs. These bulbs used to have a lifespan of about one year. However, the changes in the manufacturing process require that you change the bulbs at least two times a year especially if you use them often. Because of this, maintaining an incandescent pool light can be expensive.

LED Pool Light

This type of lighting is considered the most popular for pools. The reason for this is because LED lights can be used for both in-ground and above-ground pools. LED pool lights are available in various colors. These lights are so bright that you might only need a few bulbs to have adequate lighting depending on the size of your pool. The good thing is that some LED lights come with a warranty of 7 to 15 years. These lights are also cheaper as compared to other lighting options. On the other hand, changing an LED bulb can be challenging. Depending on the housing that your pool has, it can take 30 minutes or more to change the bulbs.

Halogen Pool Light

These types of pool lights can be installed both in-ground and above the ground. Halogen pool lights are ideal if you want to light up the entire pool for many hours. It is also easy to change halogen bulbs than changing LED bulbs. On the other hand, halogen lights have limited color options. The color colors that are available are yellow or blue bulbs. The limited color options are a drawback especially if you want to create a different ambiance for your pool. Moreover, halogen lights use more energy.

Are LED Pool Lights Worth It?

LED pool lights are a popular choice for consumers because they are considered a worth it investment when it comes to pool lighting. LED lights are flexible, save more energy, and are easy to install. Learn more about the benefits of having LED pool lights below.

Saves Energy

LED lights are energy saving as compared to other types of pool lights. These types of lights let you save up to 50% of energy and they are also cost-effective as compared to others. While they initially cost more, take note that their long-term benefits are worthwhile because they offer value for money. Moreover, LED lights are durable and long-lasting as compared to other pool lights. Halogen pool lights can only last for 1000 hours, while LED lights can stay up to 30000 hours or more.


Another benefit that you can get from having LED pool lights is that they are flexible and versatile. They are available in a broad spectrum of colors. LED pool lights are automatic and can be able to change colors while in the pool. Furthermore, you can choose a color according to your taste and preference. LED pool lights can match the theme color of your backyard. You can also check out this article that discusses if pool lights are submerged. We have shared the different types of pool lights that you can choose from.

Easy to Install

LED pool lights have low voltage alternatives. Low voltage LED lights are popular because they are safe to put in place as compared to high voltage lights. Furthermore, LED pool lights are also easy to fix.

✅ Video – Installing an LED Pool Light

AZ Pool Techs shared the video below on how to install an LED pool light. If you are wondering how to install an LED light for your pool, you can watch the video below for a demonstration.

Are Pool Lights Expensive to Run?

The cost of running a pool light will have to depend on the type of light that you have installed. As a matter of fact, the amount of electricity that the pool lights use varies according to their wattage. Halogen and incandescent bulbs are more affordable lighting options. However, LED lighting is the best choice when it comes to energy efficiency. LED pool lights have a bit expensive upfront costs, but you can end up saving money in the long run because the cost to run it is much lower as compared to other types of lighting. If you are looking for a lighting option that will provide you with long-term savings, LED pool lighting is an ideal choice.

Do Pool Lights Burn Out?

Pool lights can burn out just like any light. The good thing is that they can easily be replaced. You can do the replacement by yourself. On the other hand, it is best to hire the services of a professional to change the light especially if you are not familiar with the process. Take note that you are also dealing with wiring and electricity which can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. We have also shared this article titled, how can I light my pool without electricity? Check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Pool Light?

The cost of replacing a pool light will depend on the type of light that you have installed in your pool. Usually, the replacement cost is 625 dollars each. On the other hand, the cost of repairing a pool light is more affordable. The average price is about 65 to 150 dollars each. If you only need to replace the bulbs, the average cost is between 20 to 100 dollars each depending on their type and functions. You can also check out this article that we have shared that discusses what happens to outdoor lights when it rains. We have shared tips and information that you can refer to.


In this article, we have discusses if pool lights are worth it. We have found out that the best pool light can make your pool area more entertaining and safe for swimmers. By installing the right pool light, it can make your pool more beautiful and also safe especially during the night. You can find a wide array of pool lights available on the market. Compare one product to another to make the best choice. Thank you for reading!

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