Are Medicine Cabinets Outdated?

A bathroom with limited space and countless products requires medicine cabinets, but with the popularity of open shelving, are medicine cabinets outdated? Medicine cabinets have become a necessity because they can store a variety of accessories and products. These cabinets can also serve as the perfect bathroom storage cabinets for all of your essential items like toiletries, pills, vitamins, and cosmetics.

Are medicine cabinets outdated? Medicine cabinets are not outdated because there is still a need for them. On the other hand, open shelves are popular nowadays and the demand for medicine cabinets is not as big. Medicine cabinets are still in style, but the modern ones are integrated with the design of the bathroom. Today, you can find updated modern medicine cabinets with built-in lighting, stylish designs, and high-tech functionality.

Medicine cabinets avoid the clutter and scatter of toiletries and cosmetics on the countertop. It offers a convenient and concealed area to keep products you use regularly. Medicine cabinets are now equipped with high-technology features so that will benefit any bathroom. Most bathrooms still have a medicine cabinet on their walls to keep products within easy reach.

Are medicine cabinets outdated
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Are Medicine Cabinets Out of Style?

Medicine cabinets are still in style and are upgraded to suit modern bathroom designs. Old designs of medicine cabinets are simple with a shallow set of shelves that sits behind a door which also acts as a mirror. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide array of styles, sizes, designs, materials, and available features.

What are the Benefits of Having a Medicine Cabinet?

Medicine cabinets provide more storage, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to the bathroom. There has always been a debate regarding the relevance of medicine cabinets. Some people think that cabinets are already outdated thanks to the popularity of cabinets and open shelving. However, this is not true because a lot of bathrooms are still using medicine cabinets because of the benefits that they can provide. Let us learn more about these benefits below.

More Storage Space

One of the main benefits that a medicine cabinet brings to the bathroom is adding more storage space. Installing a medicine cabinet automatically provides you with additional space. You can hide toiletries, pills, vitamins, and cosmetics while still keeping them at easy reach.

Wide Design Options

If you think that medicine cabinets have limited styles, think again. Modern medicine cabinets are now come in a wide array of designs and styles to suit any bathroom. You can choose between recessed cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets. They are also equipped with high-tech features like backlighting.


You need sturdy and reliable cabinets in the bathroom. Take note that the bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in your home. Hence, without proper storage, it can quickly get cluttered by many products. Medicine cabinets are the ideal place to keep and organize small items that you need daily but would rather not display in the open. Moreover, keeping small products in the medicine cabinet also frees up more space in your vanity and countertop. Is a medicine cabinet a bathroom necessity? Check out this article that discusses if bathrooms need medicine cabinets for more information.

Aesthetic Appeal

A medicine cabinet also provides aesthetic appeal. A clean and efficient bathroom means you do not have to waste time trying to find what you need. Moreover, a stylish medicine cabinet can put together the entire look of your bathroom. Choose the right size of medicine cabinet so that it perfectly fits into the available space in your bathroom.

What are the Different Types of Medicine Cabinets?

The two main types of medicine cabinets are the surface mount and recessed cabinets. Both types are good choices for your bathroom. However, your preferences and the functionality of your bathroom will influence the type of medicine cabinet that you choose. Let us take a closer look at the two types of medicine cabinets below.

Surface Mount Medicine Cabinets

This type of medicine cabinet is also referred to as the wall-mounted medicine cabinet. This means that they simply mount on your bathroom wall and there is no need to dig into the wall to install them. They are considered easy DIY projects because they are easy to install. You can do the installation without the help of a professional.

Surface mount medicine cabinets are also the best choice if you can to cut on your labor costs. Depending on your skills, it usually takes a few hours to complete the installation. Furthermore, surface mount medicine cabinets also offer adequate bathroom storage space. They extend out which means that you get more room to keep all your toiletries, cosmetics, and medication.

Recessed Mount Medicine Cabinets

This type of medicine cabinet is popular when it comes to built-in designs. However, they are less spacious as compared to the surface mount medicine cabinets. It can be an elegant and aesthetically pleasing medicine cabinet because it blends in with the wall rather than sticking out. On the other hand, recessed mount medicine cabinets require extensive planning because they require effort and time to install.

To install a recessed mount medicine cabinet, you may need to dig out a section of the bathroom wall to fit the cabinet. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the design of the cabinet perfectly blends with the theme and architecture of your bathroom. As compared to surface-mounted cabinets, the installation of recessed cabinets takes more planning. Make sure that you keep it into consideration when planning your bathroom renovation because you may also have to work around existing wires and piping.

✅ Video – How To Install a 24 Inch Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Get It Done Home Repair shared the video below on YouTube. It demonstrates how to install a 24 inch recessed medicine cabinet. How to cut into the wall and frame how to frame out the wall opening are also discussed below. Watch the video for the visual demonstration.

What Can I Do With an Old Medicine Cabinet?

If you have an old medicine cabinet, you can update its look by installing a mirror inside the cabinet. You can also add light fixtures for added backlighting. Furthermore, you can cover it with artwork so that it stays hidden. A medicine cabinet is functional but it does not mean that it should look dull and Spartan. You can do a few decorative touches to transform it into an eye-catching décor for your bathroom.

Install an Interior Mirror

Some medicine cabinets have mirrored doors. You can also install an interior mirror for a sleek and sophisticated look. Adding a mirror inside the medicine cabinet also makes it spacious and easier to find products that are hidden at the back.

Lighting Fixtures

Brighten up your medicine cabinet and its surrounding by adding lighting fixtures. You can add a backlight or sconces for a warm ambiance. There are also LED light strips that are sold on the market which you can easily install.

Additional Hardware

To make your medicine cabinet stand out, you can also add hardware to it. For instance, replace the knob of the cabinet with metallic ones to make them sparkle and attractive.

Artwork for Frame

One way to draw attention to your medicine cabinet is to center it between paintings. Choose two paintings to frame the medicine cabinet or you can also use them to cover the door of a recessed cabinet.

What Can I Use Instead of a Medicine Cabinet?

If you do not have a medicine cabinet, there are alternatives that you can use which includes narrow cabinets, toilet cabinet, wire baskets, and even a ladder. Without a medicine cabinet, it may seem like your bathroom has no potential for stylish and functional storage. However, that is not always the case. There are many ways that you add extra storage in the bathroom. For more information about this topic, you can check out this article that we have shared titled, what can I replace my medicine cabinet with? We have shared a list of alternatives that you can consider using for your bathroom.

How Can I Make My Old Medicine Cabinet Look New?

To make your old cabinet look new, you can clean it to get rid of expired medicines and toiletries and those that are no longer in use. If your medicine cabinet is made of wood, you can paint it to give it a new look. Choose a paint that suits the color of your bathroom. On the other hand, if your medicine cabinet is made of plastic, you can remove the shelves and apply wrapping paper, wallpaper, or fabric to the back of the cabinet to add a splash of color. We have also written this article that discusses how you can update your medicine cabinet without replacing it. You can check out the article for more tips and information about the topic.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses if medicine cabinets are outdated. We have found out that medicine cabinets are still in style and are even updated with high-tech functions to suit any type of bathroom. If you have a lot of medication, toiletries, and other products, you need to have a medicine cabinet where you can store them all. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of stylish medicine cabinets to choose from. Thank you for reading!

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