Are LED Mirrors Good for Makeup?

In this article, we’ll be discussing whether LED mirrors are ideal for makeup routines. Lighted mirrors give a lovely effect in the rooms they’re in, but could there be more to these mirrors than meets the eye? We investigated and here’s what we learned.

Are LED mirrors good for makeup? Absolutely! Mirrors with LED lights are great for putting on makeup, along with other grooming activities. LED mirrors to give off a glow that is bright enough yet not too harsh that it causes shadows to form on the face. The LED lights in the mirrors give off a white light that is a little on the warm side. This warm light closely mimics natural sunlight or daylight, considered to be the most ideal lighting for applying makeup.

What is it about LED mirrors that make them a must-have for your makeup routine? What else are LED mirrors good for? If you’re interested in purchasing an LED mirror, what are your options? We’ll answer all of these questions and more down below.

Are LED Mirrors Good for Makeup
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What Makes LED Mirrors Good for Makeup?

There are three great reasons why LED mirrors are good for makeup. An LED mirror produces light that is bright enough for makeup but not so much that it causes shadows. LED lighting also resembles natural daylight and provides even lighting all over the face. Let’s go over those in detail.

Bright Yet Soft Lighting

LED mirrors cast a bright light that is ideal for makeup application and removal. This lets you check out your reflection clearly and see if there are any spots you missed. LED mirrors also give off a soft, diffused glow that does not create unwanted shadows.

The soft lighting also makes looking into the mirror easier on the eyes. You won’t have to worry about glare, which can strain your eyes and make it difficult to see your reflection.

Resembles Natural Light

Makeup artists agree that when putting makeup on, it’s best to have natural daylight because it’s clear and diffused evenly. This lets you see if you were able to blend your makeup properly or not.

LED lighting mimics natural lighting conditions. Unlike light from fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs produce a kind of warm, white light that closely resembles natural light. LED lighting is recommended for makeup in the absence of natural daylight because it helps render colors more accurately.

With an LED mirror, you will be able to see the actual color of the pigments you’re picking up. It makes it easier for you to pick the colors that match your skin tone perfectly and see if you blended everything properly. In short, LED lighting gives you the most realistic view in terms of how your makeup will look when you head out. You can also check out this article that discusses if LED makeup mirror is bad for the eyes. We have shared an in-depth discussion about the topic.

Balanced Illumination

LED mirrors not only offer ideal lighting conditions for makeup, but they also distribute light evenly across your entire face. In a way they’re like ring lights, but with the bonus of a reflective surface. This allows you to see your entire face clearly without you having to move a light source this way and that.

What are the Different Uses of LED Mirrors?

LED mirrors aren’t just for makeup. They can also be used for other grooming tasks such as shaving and hairstyling. They can also be used as decorative elements in the home and as a source of primary or secondary lighting.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming Routines

Good lighting is important when doing other grooming tasks where a bright and evenly lit reflection is necessary. Hairstyling, brushing and flossing teeth, shaving, washing the face, and other activities can be more satisfying and enjoyable with an LED mirror because the lighting ensures that you can do these tasks in the best indoor light.

Home Decor

LED mirrors are attractive and versatile pieces that can fit with every style or add flair to a room. If you want to brighten up an area, make a small room look bigger, or make a drab-looking room more appealing, you can simply hang an LED mirror on a wall. Dark, narrow hallways and entryways also benefit from having an LED mirror because it provides illumination and acts to widen the space.

Light Source

LED mirrors are a great source of energy-efficient, cost-saving light in the home. LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than fluorescent and incandescent lights, plus they consume a lot less energy. LED lights are also sturdy and durable. In addition, LED lights are cool to the touch, so an LED mirror can be left on for hours without incident.

LED mirrors can serve as a secondary source of light in a large room, or in a space where there are already existing light fixtures. For areas like a small bathroom, dressing room, or walk-in closet, an LED mirror can be the sole or primary source of light. You can also check out this article that we have written which discusses if LED or fluorescent is better for makeup. We have shared useful information that you can use when choosing lights for your mirrors.

What are the Different Kinds of LED Mirrors?

LED mirrors are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and styles. LED mirrors can be grouped into three categories: backlit mirrors, front-lit or edge-lit mirrors, and portable makeup mirrors.

Backlit LED Mirrors

A backlit mirror is a kind of LED mirror that has its lights situated on a base behind the glass of the mirror. Backlit mirrors are mounted on walls, but only the base of the mirror is attached to the wall frame. This creates a space between the glass and the mirror. When the lights on the base are switched on, the light projects outward from this space. The light gets reflected on the wall and falls evenly on the surroundings.

Some backlit mirrors have a portion of the mirror glass edges sandblasted, removing the protective coating and reflective layer and leaving behind a frosted area. The light from the LED bulbs can then pass through this part of the mirror, adding to its design and giving a front-lit effect. Check out this article that talks about what backlit mirrors are for more information.

Frontlit/Edge Lit LED Mirrors

Frontlit and edge-lit mirrors are the same in that they refer to the same lighting effect and placement of the LED bulbs. If backlit mirrors have their LEDs behind them, front and edge-lit mirrors have theirs on top of or bordering the edges of the mirror. The LEDs are enclosed within the body of the mirror, so there is no lighting effect as with a backlit mirror.

Portable Makeup Mirrors

The third category of LED mirrors comprises portable makeup mirrors or vanity mirrors. These LED mirrors are also lighted from the front or edges but are designed to be more compact. As such, these are mirrors you can place on a table and even tuck in your bag for grooming on the go.

Portable makeup mirrors also offer several features, such as rechargeable batteries, dimmable lights, color adjustment buttons, and touch sensors. Some models can be tilted in different angles, providing a more comfortable grooming experience. These adjustable LED mirrors can also function as night lights, reading lamps, and ring lights.

✅ Video – Top 5: Best Vanity Makeup Mirror 2019

The video below shows five different models of portable LED mirrors. They are extremely versatile and they also enable users to adjust the brightness and tilt the mirrors from different angles. These LED mirrors are specifically designed with makeup application in mind, so you can see how good they are for this purpose. The video also demonstrates how a particular LED mirror model can be used as a ring light and even a reading light or bedside lamp.

Related Questions

What is the Best Lighted Mirror for Makeup?

The best-lighted mirror for makeu bathes your face in an even and natural-looking glow. LED lighted mirrors are recommended because they provide lighting that is closest to natural light, which is the most ideal light for putting on makeup. You can also check out this article that talks about the best kind of lighting for makeup for more information

Are Backlit Mirrors Good for Makeup?

Backlit mirrors, like other LED lighted mirrors, are good for makeup. Backlit mirrors light up the face evenly and give off the kind of light that shows colors accurately. This helps you see what you’re doing more clearly and lets you choose the right colors you want for your makeup. We have also written this article that discusses whether or not backlit mirrors are good for makeup. You can check it out to find out more about the topic.

Is LED or Fluorescent Better for Makeup?

LED is better than fluorescent for makeup. Fluorescent lighting can be overly bright and unforgiving, giving you a washed-out look. As a result, it can cause you to overdo your makeup to compensate for the seeming lack of color on your face. In contrast, LED lighting is closest to natural light, allowing you to see your makeup as it would look when you step out. You can also check out this article that talks about if LED mirrors are bad for the eyes. We have shared information that you can use in choosing the best lighting.


Are LED mirrors good for makeup? We can confidently say that yes, LED lighted mirrors are good for makeup. We’ve discussed the qualities of LED mirrors that make them ideal not only for makeup application but also for anything that requires a well-illuminated reflection.

LED mirrors can be used in other ways as well, such as room lighting and decor. We’ve also mentioned the different kinds of LED mirrors that are available in the market. We hope this article helps you know more about LED mirrors and how they can make your makeup routine a whole lot easier.

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