Are Beveled Mirrors Better?

While choosing a mirror for your home, you might have asked if beveled mirrors are better than flat ones. Beveled mirrors have frame-like edges which makes them a popular choice. They are usually used as a centerpiece or focal point of the room. Beveled mirrors are a great addition above the headboard of your bedroom. They are also ideal for bathrooms because they provide the illusion of more space.

Are beveled mirrors better? Beveled mirrors are aesthetically superior compared to other mirrors. The edges of the beveled mirrors reflect and refract light which creates a rainbow effect that adds more depth to a room. The bevel on a mirror creates the effect of a frame which makes the mirror elegant and stylish enough to be a focal point in a room. They are also more artistic and traditional as compared to flat mirrors.

What are the advantages that you can get from beveled mirrors? Are beveled mirrors more expensive? What is the best width for a beveled mirror? Find out the answers to these questions below. If you have a flat mirror at home and are thinking about purchasing a beveled one, but are hesitant to make a decision, you can read the rest of the post below for helpful information.

Are beveled mirrors better
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Why are Beveled Mirrors Better?

Aesthetically, bevel mirrors are better as compared to other mirrors. The edges of the beveled mirror reflect and refract light which provides a rainbow effect. Beveled mirrors are ground and polished so they do not have sharp edges. They are safer to handle as compared to other mirror edges. Moreover, bevel mirrors have a frame-like effect which provides an elegant look. They can be used without framing without compromising aesthetics.

Take note that there is no difference in quality between beveled and flat mirrors since they all start flat and are then beveled for a decorative effect. However, aesthetically, bevel mirrors are better when compared to flat or any other kind of mirror.

What are the Advantages of Beveled Mirrors?

Beveled mirrors are safe, valuable, aesthetically pleasing, complement any room, and create the illusion of space. No wonder they are a popular choice in home decorating. They make a stunning centerpiece or focal point to any room. Their beveled edges create a frame-like look without an actual heavy frame weighing it down.

Below are some of the advantages that you can get from beveled mirrors.

Complement any Home Décor

If you need the perfect mirror without having extra colors for the interior design of your home, a beveled mirror is your best choice. They come in a wide array of styles, shapes, and sizes that you can choose from.

They are Safe

Beveled mirrors are a safer option as compared to regular mirrors. This is because the edges of the mirror have been polished and any small imperfections have been ground out. The process of creating the bevel slant will also remove any sharp corners so rest assured that no sharp edges are present that can hurt anyone.

Creates the Illusion of Space

If you want to make a small room appear bigger, a beveled mirror can do that. It is a popular option for homeowners who have a small room and wanted to make it bigger and more stylish.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Beveled mirrors have a polished and sophisticated finish than regular mirrors because of the way that they catch the light. They do not require frames because of their slanted edges. Beveled mirrors make a stunning centerpiece in your wall.

They are Valuable

Through the years, mirrors eventually become antiques. Beveled mirrors can increase in value because they are hand-cut with pumice as compared to straight-edged mirrors.

Beveled Vs. Polished Edge Mirror

The difference between beveled and polished edge mirrors is their edges. The surface level of a polished edge mirror is uniform from one side to another. The edge is polished smooth for a simple and functional look.  On the other hand, a beveled mirror is made by cutting a bevel along the perimeter of the mirror. It is bordered by glass that angles downward and has a thin polished edge.

What is a Polished Edge Mirror?

A polished edge mirror is commonly used on glass tops with their thickness ranging from ¼ to ¾ inches. The polished look is achieved by running the edges through a glass edging polishing machine. Once the polish is created on the edge, the glass approaches two wheels angled at 45 degrees to create the top and bottom arris which makes sure that the edges of the mirror are smooth.

Where to Use Polished Edge Mirrors?

Polished mirrors are usually used in creating framed bathroom mirrors or mirror walls. They are popular for being simple, functional, and works well with many decorating styles. These kinds of mirrors usually complement decors that are casual, contemporary, industrial, minimalist, transitional, and mid-century modern.

What is a Beveled Mirror?

Beveled edge mirrors are commonly found on glass tops and mirrors hanging on the walls. They have a framed look which makes them ideal for decorating any room. Beveled mirrors are bordered by glass that angles downward and finishes in a polished and thin edge. This embellishes the mirror and provides character. You can also check out this article titled, why are mirrors beveled for more information about the topic.

Where to Use Bevel Mirrors?

Beveled mirrors are commonly used for designs that require frameless mirrors with a frame-like finish. They work well with eclectic and traditional bathrooms. Beveled mirrors also complement many color schemes and bathroom themes. They are usually used for decorative purposes because of their stylish and elegant edges.

Video – Beveling Glass Demo

Isaac D Smith Studio shared the video below on YouTube. In the video, the first four stages of hand beveling glass are demonstrated. If you want to learn more about how bevel mirrors are done, you can watch the video below.

Is Beveled Mirror Expensive?

Beveled mirrors are more expensive than flat mirrors. However, modern production has made them more affordable. This is especially true for straight-line bevels because they are not economically made on automatic beveling machines. Moreover, the cost of straight-line bevels increases with the width of the beveled edge. The reason for this is that wider bevels need the removal of more materials.

¼ or ½ inch bevels are the least expensive to purchase. Bevel mirrors that measure 1 inch wide are the standard width, and 1 ¾ to 2 inches wide bevels are considered to be top of the line which requires premium pricing. If you are wondering why some mirrors are expensive, you can check out this article that talks about why bathroom mirrors are so expensive for more information.

Related Questions

Are Beveled Mirrors in Style?

Mirrored bevels are in style and a popular choice for home decoration. They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles which make them blend easily into any theme or design. Bevel mirrors have frame-like edges so there is no need to add a heavy frame into them. They are the best type of mirror to add to walls where unframed mirrors are required.

You can also customize bevel mirrors according to your preferences and style. Some manufacturers offer mirror customization at a reasonable price. If you want a specific look for a beveled mirror, you can create your own design and have it made by a trusted manufacturer.

What is the Best Width of Beveled Mirror?

The best width for beveled mirrors is the widest. Wide bevels look more luxurious than those made with narrow ½ inch wide bevels. Also, the standard beveled edge is 1 inch. This width looks good but a 1 ¾ bevel will look amazing on your walls. The best width of bevel mirrors is the one that suits your needs and preferences. Consider the look that you want to achieve for your home decoration and decide on the best width of bevel mirror that you can purchase.

Can You Frame a Beveled Mirror?

Beveled mirrors can be framed just like a regular mirror. You can use any kind of material for the frame. Since beveled mirrors already have frame-like edges, you can decide to fully cover the edge of the mirror or to place the frame around the edges. There are many tutorials and instructions that you can find online if you are looking for more ideas. You can also check out this article that discusses if beveled mirrors can be framed. We have shared helpful tips and information on how to successfully frame a beveled mirror.


In this article, we have discussed why beveled mirrors are better. We have found out that when it comes to quality, there is no difference between a beveled mirror and a flat mirror because all mirrors started flat and are then beveled. However, aesthetically speaking, beveled mirrors are superior to regular mirrors. Beveled mirrors have frame-like edges which add elegance and sophistication to the mirror.

Beveled mirrors are usually used as decoration because they easily complement any theme or décor in a room. They can also add depth and make the room appear larger than it is. We hope that this article has helped you learn more about beveled mirrors and the advantages that you can get from them. Thank you for reading!

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