Are Bath Mats Dangerous?

Have you ever wondered if bath mats are dangerous? Bath mats are used on the bathroom floors and inside the tub or shower to reduce the risk of falling. They are also used in outdoor pools, saunas, and hot tubs to avoid falls that can be caused by slippery surfaces. These mats are made from various materials and are equipped with many features. In this article, we will discuss the potential dangers of using bath mats. Check out the rest of the article below for more information.

Are bath mats dangerous? One of the dangers that come from using bath mats is that they can be difficult to clean especially under the mats which can cause the growth of mold. Mold and mildew thrive in moist and humid environments and bathroom mats are one of them. This can cause health issues especially to those who have mold allergies.

What are the harmful effects of bath mats? Why are bath mats dangerous? Are bath mats sanitary? These are some of the questions that we will answer. While the benefits of having a bath mat are well known, you also need to know the potential dangers that it can offer so that you will know how to avoid and deal with such dangers.

Are bath mats dangerous
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Why are Bath Mats Dangerous?

Bath mats can be dangerous because they can be a cause of accidental tripping and they can be a place where mold and mildew thrive. The mats are created to prevent slips and falls due to the wet and slippery bathroom floor. However, there are also instances wherein bath mats can cause danger. Below are the hidden dangers of bath mats that you need to consider.


Traditional rubber bath mats have suction pads that keep them in place but also make them hard to clean. Without proper care and maintenance, blackish mold can start to grow which can be a danger to those with mold allergies. The mold can also be difficult to get rid of and you might end up spending money to purchase a new one. You can also check out this article that talks about why bath mats get moldy. We have shared different causes of molds on bath mats.

Accidental Tripping

Another potential hazard of using a bath mat is that it can cause accidental tripping. In some instances, you, your family members, or your guests might have forgotten that there is a bath mat on the floor and will not pay attention to where they are stepping. The edge of the non-slip bath mat can cause tripping.

What are the Harmful Effects of Bath Mats?

Bath mats contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health. They can contain chemicals that include dioxins, formaldehyde, and chlorine. While these chemicals are in small amounts, some are considered to be potent. Hence, you need to be careful when choosing a material for your bath mats.

  • Dioxins – This chemical can affect the skin, immune system, reproduction, and development of organs.
  • Chlorine – It affects the lungs, nose, and eyes.
  • Formaldehyde – This affects the digestive system, immune system, skin, lungs, and nose.

Non-Toxic Bath Mats

There are two kinds of non-toxic bath mats that you can choose from. These are organic cotton and mats without backing. Non-toxic bath mats are easy to find and are also worth the money that you will pay if you want to have bath mats that will not put your health at risk.

Organic Cotton

This type of bath mat is made from cotton that does not use any chemicals in the growing process. Some bath mats are made from petroleum byproducts like nylon and polyester that can cause health risks. Organic cotton bath mats are widely available and can be purchased at your local home depot or online. You can also find bath mats made from natural fibers like hemp, linen, and bamboo which are also a good choice. You can also check out this article that we have written titled, is bamboo good in bathrooms? We have shared the advantages and disadvantages of various bamboo bathroom products.

Bath Mats without Backing

Another option that you have is bath mats without backing. Usually, the anti-slide backings are made from PVC or polyurethane foam which are made from chemicals and can be toxic to your health. You can choose cotton and organic cotton bath mats that do not have the backing and are made from heavy and thick cotton.

Safe Bathroom Rugs for Elderly

Look for safe bathroom rugs for the elderly that are anti-slip, easy to clean, anti-bacterial, dries fast, and have a comfortable texture. Let us take a look at each of these features below.

Easy to Clean

The bathroom is a humid and moist place where bacteria and germs can easily thrive. When choosing a bath mat, look for those that do not require everyday cleaning and maintenance. You can choose textured mats that are machine washable. Rubber mats are also a good option.


Choosing a bath mat with anti-slip features is a must for the elderly. Check out the type and number of suction pads that are located under the mat. Make sure to also choose a material that will provide extra grips like rubber. There are also bath mats with drain holes that allow water to flow and ensure that minimal water is left on the surface of the mat.


Look for anti-bacterial bath mats. Mildew and mold can quickly build up on a wet bath mat especially those that are under constant water flow. To make sure that no germs or bacteria can thrive in the mat, choose those with anti-bacterial properties.

Comfortable Texture

A bath mat should provide comfort to the feet. Choose a soft yet sturdy material. However, do not compromise your safety for comfort. You can check our reviews online for the best products that you can choose from.

Dries Fast

While bath mats have drain holes that speed up the drying process, mold can still be an issue. Choose a bath mat that is not only super absorbent but is also fast drying. Check out this article on how to keep bath mats from getting moldy for useful tips and information.

✅ Video – How to Make the Bathroom Safer for Your Elderly Parent

Visiting Nurse Service of New York shared the video below on YouTube. It discusses how to make the bathroom safer for elderly parents. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to safety-proof the bathroom to keep the elderly out of harm’s way.

What is the Best Non-Slip Bath Mat?

The best non-slip mat is the one that has the right suction cups. Always look for non-slip mats that have many suction cups underneath to make sure that it stays securely in place. Moreover, the best anti-lip mat should be resistant to bacteria and prevents the growth of mold. While choosing mats that are machine-washed can be convenient, you can also opt for the rubber ones so you do not have to deal with soggy fabric when you step on them.

Best Non-Slip Bath Mat

Anti-slip bath mats are designed for adding traction to the floor. They have many suction cups underneath to properly stick on the surface of the floor. Once placed on the floor, the bath mats will not move despite the amount of pressure that you put on them. Below are some of the common materials for anti-slip bath mats.

PVC and Vinyl

These materials are durable and thicker as compared to plastic mats. PVC and vinyl anti-slip bath mats lay flat on the floor without curling up. On the other hand, both materials raise potential health risks especially to those who are exposed to high amounts of vinyl chloride.

Thermoplastic Elastomers

This material is BPA and phthalates-free. Anti-slip bath mats that are made from thermoplastic elastomers are embedded by suction cups that are attached to the floor with a strong grip. This provides padding and safety.

Foam Mats

This material is beneficial for those with foot issues or general pains and aches because is comfortable to step on. On the other hand, foam mats are not always slip-resistant. For safety purposes, you can apply non-slip stickers on the floor and place the mat on top to make sure that it stays in place.


This material has a natural non-slip feature and is also non-toxic. Bath mats made from rubber can be able to withstand daily use, is durable, and can also last for a long time. Rubber bath mats are easy to clean and can also feature anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. On the other hand, they can be dangerous for those who have latex allergies.

Are Bathtub Mats Sanitary?

When properly cleaned and maintained, bathtub mats are sanitary. Make sure to wash the mats once or twice a month depending on how soiled and dirty they are. Immediately clean spills and stains from the mats to maintain their appearance. Follow the instruction in the care tag when washing the mats. 

What is the Safest Bath Mat?

The safest bath mats do not slide on the floor or in the rub. Bath mats for kids should not be made from small pieces that can easily detach and get swallowed. It should also be soft and comfortable to step and stand on. A safe bath mat also features anti-slip suction cups at the bottom which allows it to stay in place no matter how much pressure is put on it. Choose a bath mat with some type of grip on the top surface because some materials like plastic can still become slippery when wet even if it remains stationary. 

How Dirty are Bath Mats? 

Bath mats can accumulate grime, dirt, debris, mold, and bacteria. Mats that are placed in front of the toilet can also contain feces particles and urine. Bath mats do not only get dirty but smelly as well. When not properly cleaned, these dirty mats can pose a health risk to anyone using the bathroom. We have also written this article that discusses if you should put a rug in front of the toilet. Check out the article for an in-depth discussion about the topic.


You have reached the end of this article that discusses if bath mats are dangerous. We have learned that there are possible hazards that are caused by bath mats which include accidental tripping and mold. Some bath mats are also made from materials that are toxic when exposed to in high amounts.

Hence, you need to make sure that you choose the right material for your bath mats. To avoid these possible dangers, see to it that you maintain the cleanliness not only for your mats but in your bathroom as well. It is also recommended that you purchase anti-slip bath mats to keep them in place. Thank you for reading!

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